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EM-11C ORKA Polish plane - anyone wants to buy one?

15 Apr 2013 #2
Sorry, I'm neither a pilot nor Pole... just someone in Hawai'i who loves all types of fixed wing aircraft: large,small,civil, and military. These days, anyone transporting anything has to be concerned about fuel consumption. Every island in our archipelago is comfortably in this aircraft's range. If the Piaggio p.180 is a big greyhound, the ORKA is a healthy whippet. Air taxis, air tours, and private owners all would love the attractive lines to this craft, and the view in the forward seats is awesome. On a non-pressurized fuselage, I'm not sure how much quieter a pusher prop plane is inside the cabin, but I would expect it to be a little less noisy than the standard tractor layout. If it performs well enough with an engine out, that would be of great comfort to anyone flying over significant distances over water. I think it would be wise to pitch this plane's advantages to any and all tour/taxi companies in Hawai'i, south Pacific, and the Carribean. All 3 of these regions have the demand for the OKRA, and there are many small airports with very rich people nearby. It is an eye-catching, economical, genius blend of form and function, and with its newer high t-tail and retractible landing gear,quite possibly the most beautiful plane of its size and capacity I've ever seen. I'm dying to see this at an airshow.
johnb121 4 | 183
15 Apr 2013 #3
Beautiful plane - but if they want to sell it, they're going to need some better English subtitles!
4 Nov 2015 #4
Yes. The plane looks like very nice and practical. I do not know the price for diferent configurations. Is there price info?
4 Nov 2015 #5
That's pretty awesome! :)
Thanks for posting that!

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