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Polish Supercar. Do you like it?

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
26 Jan 2017 #1
Arrinera Hussarya.

8.2 litre V8 engine capable of 650 horse power and 810 Nm of torque.

It sounds like this:

Road legal version should cost around 169 thousand dollars.

Do you like it?
Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #2
Price is the only factor to consider a car like that, have you seen interior of it, or a hideous steering wheel with the console? This certainly speaks as a NO... I'm also concerned about the engine, that is 6.2 engine and only V8, we see cars like that from US, they are heavy but not really fast, also it cannot be a super car with domestic V8 under the hood :) bringing the purchase of it to discussion, you would be better of getting a rare porsche or mclaren car instead...
OP NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
27 Jan 2017 #3
Can you provide links to photos of interior? After the company resigned from 2015 old model there was no pictures of the new road version. It still wasn't showed. 6.2 V8 engine is the old concept. Seems your info is a bit outdated.
Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #4

It seems like we could be both wrong, PDF on their site says 7.0l engine, that is from GM group so not so special.
again that's not road legal car version, some of the pics including interior can be found here:, they are also some information on this page:

Regardless of specs, it's a big credit for Polish engineers to make a car like that, it does look nice but I'm not a fun of interior design as well as the selection of engines used. I think they would do much better and would be more successful if they would come up with fully electric car. Now we can observe the trend looking at classic car prices rising up which is great as there is a lot to pick from the "old market", but current super and hyper cars won't have it that easy, they would be very slow and under performed if you take fully electric super car and put it next to it, I think the new super/hypercars will start coming 2020 on wards, we see some now but that would be a real start (we see Formula E developing...) . I really think they should go electric and then they will definitely succeed...
Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #5
P.S. There is a video from June 2016 where you can see the interior of the car, I really cannot find any info about 8.2 engine, even wiki page says 6.2 and 7.0 for GT model... Sources I provided are from 2016 so they are consider as latest... Also their facebook page confirms that new engine used is 7.0 so there is no 8.2: - more pics and recent updates there...
OP NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
27 Jan 2017 #6
There is a video from June 2016 where you can see the interior of the car,

Well I have seen the video but it's the racing version. I wouldn't expect it to be anything special then.
Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #7
true, they should make it nicer for domestic use but who knows, I'm not a fun of that steering wheel, actually hate it :) apart of it car looks nice, mixture between McLaren and Lamborghini... Again nice engineering work... and they sold one already according to their Facebook page and news from couple of days ago
OP NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
27 Jan 2017 #8
Of what I know they're only few steps from showing us normal civilised version. It's one of the GT3 requirements.
Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #9
That would be nice to see, I'm looking forward... Wondering if they show it on Geneva Motor Show in March, I'm planning to find excuses to go there this year :) Not many car enthusiasts on this forum, unless they just don't talk about cars... Enjoy the weekend!
OP NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
27 Jan 2017 #10
First part of the following movie shows the new street legal version. You can also see the new specs

Luke84 7 | 114
27 Jan 2017 #11
Thanks, looks really cool, I noticed that steering wheel doesn't come with ridiculous buttons all over it, it looks simple but I reckon they will get stuff updated, I can see from pics that possibly that steering wheel doesn't have airbag which means this is a just a taste of what we will really see. I like the car from outside, interior -cannot say anymore as I believe it would be good, it has a potential to be good, but the engine, whatever that would be doesn't sound right, V8 is ok for daily cars not for super car, I would expect to see V12 at least, and preferably not a GM motor inside... I'm not a fun of American engineers, there were fine in old cars but not current models... Well, interesting but price seems a bit high for that, I would definitely go for something like McLaren 570S or preferably 650S, these has real heritage and if you are planning to get a super car it would be a better investment both - short and long term... depends if you actually thinking to get one! Anyway everyone has different taste and I respect that, had few cars myself (these good ones too) and I can tell how this looks from this view, if you want to get one I would say wait until this is fully established...
gregy741 4 | 1,204
9 Jul 2017 #12
massive sucess of Arinera on Festival of Speed
for long period Arinera was on first position in general classification. eventually dropped to 4-th,but still,big success.
Scottish driver Anthony Reid is driving our car..:

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