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Polish Police Hunt for Bad Taste Boorish Brits

terri 1 | 1,634
12 Apr 2019 #31
I'm all for enjoying yourself and these lads were not as bad as the ones some years ago who ran absolutely naked round the Square. At least these lads covered up their manhoods.

The sad thing is that the horse carriage owner (no 19 carriage) will now have his licence taken away and thus will not be able to earn a living from transporting tourist round the Square.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,753
12 Apr 2019 #32
Would that be the same Poland with 24 hour alcohol shops,

Alcohol shops are as responsible for the drunks do as knife manufacturers are for the slashers.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,611
12 Apr 2019 #33
Everywhere in Tri-City. For my Norwegian friends, apparently.

If you both say so, I must believe it. :) [...] it means I must visit an opthalmologist.

No, you don't have to. This is only Doug's propaganda cleverly hidden behind his Norwegian friends. These days, you have to actively search for such shops (at least in Warsaw) if you want to visit one, whereas in the 1990's and later they were practically everywhere. Nowadays, I am always really surprised when I bump into one.

That is a fair point. Soviets are in charge. THAT needs to change.

"Soviets", as you call them in your somewhat old-fashioned PRL-style rhetoric, never advertised them.
mafketis 21 | 7,464
12 Apr 2019 #34
This is only Doug's propaganda

I have the feeling sometimes that he stopped noticing anything new in Poland about 15 (or more) years ago. That's a danger for those in a routine and I've been caught out by changes I hadn't realized had been going on more than once so I sympathize....

After the enforced public semi-puritanism of communism it was normal that a lot of 'sex shops' showed up in the early 90s. But they've been steadily decreasing. There are a few here and there (maybe for tourists more than residents) but nothing like in the past. I do still sometimes see condoms next to the candy by the checkout (a reminder for parents?)

It's the same with rude sales clerks, I actually can't remember the last rude salesclerk I've encountered. Of course it's not smiling cheer all the time and doubtless different from Britain (which seems to bother many Brits) but certainly polite in the Polish way.
jon357 63 | 14,255
12 Apr 2019 #35
These days, you have to actively search for such shops (at least in Warsaw)

Most of that trade has gone online now, however there are stil a few round Warsaw, usually in pavillions.

(maybe for tourists more than residents)

More likely for residents; those shops that exist tend to be dingy and unappealing.

Thinking about the rather daft trope about Brits running nude around Polish tourist attractions; I've only once seen a streaker (in Wrocław), and he was Polish.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,611
12 Apr 2019 #36
Tell us, Bieggers, have you ever seen any stag parties in Kraków? Oooops; I forgot you've never been to Poland.

Shitonya Brits is Bieganski aka Bieggers then? How did you know?
jon357 63 | 14,255
12 Apr 2019 #37
An interesting question, Ziem. The style of writing screamed out loudly, and one or two people (off-forum) had arrived at the same conclusion. Then the themes of the vexatious posts are more or less identical. Finally, he admitted it.

I wonder what he'd think of Poland if he ever came to visit.

He really seems to resent the fact that there are British people who've settled permanently in Poland and have been there longer than he's been alive. That and criticising immigrants' mistakes in Polish (however minor) while not speaking the language himself.

Poland may well be an ideal for many; it's also a reality for millions, not all of whom are ethnic Poles.
OP Shitonya Brits
12 Apr 2019 #38
the themes of the vexatious posts

Vexatious as in anything that doesn't conform to your extreme leftist narrative?

Yes, of course. You can only entertain your extreme leftist narrative over the internet because you would never dare to in public in Poland. Not only does your language barrier prevent you from doing so but you know that many Poles who are conversant in English would never tolerate an elderly British foreigner like you pretending to speak for Poland and how it should change to satisfy your own perverse ideological beliefs.

Poland may well be an ideal for many; it's also a reality for millions

Your 14K+ posts on PolishForums is all the proof needed that your actual interaction regarding Poland and Poles is only virtual.

Your tens of thousands of posts clearly demonstrate your superficial and marginal existence akin to a tourist regarding Poland and Polish matters.

Not only that but you consciously have no skin in the game either.

Indeed, it was you who stated this regarding being a British person who claims to have "settled permanently in Poland":

"however in my case...I wouldn't stick around to watch the mess. Having 3 passports does help us wicked cosmopolitan elites.

Finally, he admitted it.

Admitted to what?

Citations are needed from you because your baseless girly gossip doesn't count.
jon357 63 | 14,255
12 Apr 2019 #39
Vexatious as in anything

Just vexatious.

is all the proof needed that your actual interaction regarding Poland and Poles is only virtua

Perhaps people spending more than half of their life in PL is but a dream...

He's still bitter that his only 'actual interaction' with Poland has been online, and resents the fact that some people who came originally from Britain have a stronger link and greater insights into their home than he ever will (not that it is in any sense his home).

This thread is a good example; he saw something online, and started a thread without any context, knowledge or direct experience of the place in question, with the sole purpose of irritating people who have all three. It didn't work.

At least he didn't start ranting about Jewish people.

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