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Poland - Ukraine. Młodzież Wszechpolska against Ukrainians.

Crow 145 | 7,310    
  22 Oct 2017  #121
If Russia is a serious country how could it allow the "Euro-Maidan" to happen on its doorstep in the first place?

I assure you, if I rule Slavic world, it would be impossible to spark turmoils among Slavs. But, I don`t rule Slavic world. My mister of internal affairs would be Beli Preletacevic. Man knows.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
23 Oct 2017  #122

Awww how cute. Good parenting = )

if I rule Slavic world, it would be impossible to spark turmoils among Slavs.

That'd be nice... I think it'd be hardest to get Russia on board though...
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  7 Dec 2017  #123
We all live in a twilight zone. Some more then rest of us


Sakasvili - `love me, same as I love Ukraine`
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
7 Dec 2017  #124
Saakashvili started eating his tie when Putin counter attacked him...
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  7 Dec 2017  #125
It was first symptom of his madness

Sakasvili is proof that one don`t need to kill his enemies, especially if they are utter morons. You let them live and you profit on their moronism. I mean, man is moron in classical sense, school example, to say even, real imbecile. Behind imbecile.
Sasha 2 | 1,083    
8 Dec 2017  #126

He might well be somewhat schizoid but the former Soviet countries haven't seen a leader who fought corruption as effectively as he did. He managed to transform Georgia. I wish he could serve Russia one day.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
8 Dec 2017  #127
Saaka is corrupt himself. He is now like crazy ***** nympho. Who pays more have him and who refuse to pay, Saaka have him. Look what he doing in Ukraine. Orgies.

Probably Poroshenko pays him to keep people preoccupy with stupid things and not to think how to put him down. Saaka must be in entertainment business.

Saka now wants to sue Ukraine to EU because Ukraine kidnapped him, as he said


massive Nazi demonstrations in Ukraine - they shouting: ``Bandera will come and make order!``





source: b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2018&mm=01&dd=01&nav_category=78&nav_id=1342595

NoToForeigners 6 | 958    
  1 Jan 2018  #128
Their decision, though.
Although ff they gonna start to impose that on Us the blood (mostly their) will shed
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  1 Jan 2018  #129
Its all very sad. Wherever foreigners implemented their ideas on us Slavs, only sad things happening to our people.

Everything is being hijacked and humiliated. Even symbolism of our culture. Nazi cross wasn`t invented by Nazis but by our Sarmatian (ie Slavic) ancestors. Still, it didn`t prevent Germans to ruin beauty of it. Nazis used it as symbol of evil. Now, same way as `svastika` is humiliated, they want to humiliate `kolovrat`. So, that nothing pure remain. Serbian `ocilo` is one of those ancient symbols, variation of cross of solstice. And look how everything Serbian was demonized in Anglo-Franko-Germanic mass media, while they at the same time coordinated with Islamic league and Nazis against us.

But I hope that God have other plans for us and our Slavic people, then to allow our destruction and extinction.

Evolution boosted by EU > Evilution

Before Euromaidan here on this forum we spoke about Polish-Ukrainian joint military force battalion and were happy to see how things naturally develop in direction of Intermarium. Then, western Europeans entered the game in order to organize Slavs as it suits to them.



So, today, thanks to Euromaidan we here talk about Nazi rule in Ukraine.



Crow 145 | 7,310    
  14 Feb 2018  #130
Interesting development with Saaka Saakashvili.

He now goes to Netherlands. God knows what He doing, I always said. Let Saaka f*** western Europeans now.

Saakashvili finds new country

Ukrainian oppositionist Mikhail Saakashvili has arrived in the Netherlands, the homeland of his wife, after being denied entry to Poland from Ukraine.

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  14 Feb 2018  #131
Azov battalion are heros and true patriots laying down their lives everyday for not only Ukranian interests but for Slavdom and the idea of intermarium of which Andriy Biletsky is a huge supporter. It's too bad though that Ukranians and Russians are fighting each other instead of driving out all the foreign invaders coming into Europe illegally and giving the lands back to the native Europeans. We need citizen militias like Ukraine's Azov to patrol the no-go's zones in places like Germany, Sweden, etc. to keep native Europeans safe. The cops sure as hell aren't protecting the populace since they're beholden to the socialists who want to sweep migrant crimes under the rug and pretend everything's okay.

Nazi rule in Ukraine.

I don't see anything wrong with nationalists ruling Ukraine. Maybe they'll finally mop up all the European and Israeli oligarchs who stole millions, even billions from the country and nationalize their assets.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  16 Feb 2018  #132
but why Nazi symbols?

Let me tell you why. Because Germanic factor sponsoring formation of Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian state. And that`s not good neither for ethnic Ukrainians, neither for Slavs in general. Russia made first step in protecting itself from those processes. Now we can only hope that Russia can found way to help to Ukraine. Poland, too, should help to Ukraine. Its shame that Germanics lead the game within Slavic world and they can do that only thanks Poland and Russia fails to coordinate.
kaprys 1 | 1,408    
17 Feb 2018  #133
Poles don't really have good experiences with nationalists from neighbouring countries.
One of the worst is connected with Ukrainian nationalists. How can any Pole approve of that...
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  17 Feb 2018  #134

Poles are fighting mostly on the side of Ukraine in the conflict. Rebel forces use a mix of USSR and 3rd Reich symbols as well. Even the commander of one of the rebel battalions was known for wearing a Wermacht helmet into battle. It's just nationalist symbolism - not because they love Germanic influence. Poland's ONR uses Falangist and 30's nationalist symbols like lightning bolts as well. Actually, Azov's leader Biltesky regularly praises Poland for being a shining symbol of Slavic power and refusing things like migrants, gay marriage, etc. He is a big supporter of an intermarium federation with Poland and other Slavic states as a bulwark against Germany/western EU and Putin's Russia.

Polish & Ukranian Angels = )

This war needs to end though. No more conflict between Slavs.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  18 Feb 2018  #135
Its a little bit sad how official Poland and some circles in Poland, by default decision of western European masters, no matter honesty, no matter what is good or what is bad, always side against Russia. If Poland chose other stance on Russia, more friendly, it wouldn`t be allowed to Poland to live and that way politicians of Poland would lose their jobs.

And when I here on this forum told how Poles profit from Russian support to Serbians, because that way Russia intervening on behalf of Poland, person with nick name Wulkan, person that obviously can`t think out of box, gave insulting sexual message to me.

He is a big supporter of an intermarium federation with Poland and other Slavic states as a bulwark against Germany/western EU and Putin's Russia.

Good that he support Intermarium. If he honestly wishes good to Intermarium he would forget Crimea. Crimea was always Russian realm and only decision of communist changed that, administratively. Now, ironically, western Europeans wants to profit on it.

But, it is much better for Intermarium to get rid of Crimea. With Crimea, Intermarium wouldn`t be even possible because Russia wouldn`t allow for it. With Crimea back in Russia, Intermarium have Russia`s blessings.
Ktos 17 | 461    
18 Feb 2018  #136
This is crazy Slavs against the Slavs, someone out there wants Slavic people to finish each other and to spread hatred among us Slavs. This is bs. Last year I helped Ukrainian man and he was cool about it, he was surprised but said that this is how it is meant to be. We Polish, Ukrainians and Russians and other Slavs should stick together.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  18 Feb 2018  #137
Russians are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Bad is bad, good is good. One must be able to make the difference. So, as long as official Poland can`t support Russia for good things, official Poland would continue to commit sin on Poles and Slavic world in general.

By acting against Nazism, in Ukraine or anywhere else, Russia doing good to Poland, too.
peterweg 36 | 2,321    
18 Feb 2018  #138
We Polish, Ukrainians and Russians

Lol, right. You Russians will never learn.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  18 Feb 2018  #139
What they wouldn`t learn? Power of the dark side? Of Czarnybog?

Yes. They are little bit crazy by insisting that Russia represent third Rome.

We Serbians are wise. We keeping faith in Svetovid alive. At least, we won`t extinct deluded and defeated.

Our duty as Slavs is to fight against Nazi cancer. Poles and Serbians side by side against banderists, again. Spot images from Novorussia




Slavia mati! Sarmatia eterna!

During WWII

Draza, Serbian Chethink commander of Polish regiment in Ukraine, around Lwow



A rare photo of the Draza`s 14th Jazłowiecki Lancers 1st platoon then lead by Stefan Czerwinski (Draza was second in command)

Documentary video about Serbian Chethniks that defended Poles from Ukrainian Nazis during WwII >

Serbian Chetniks these days >


Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
20 Feb 2018  #140
Of course Crimea is part of Russia - was, is, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. E Ukraine eh that's tricky

The vast majority of Poles are fighting on the side of Kiev. Personally, if I was in Ukraine I wouldn't want the country to join EU either so I can understand why the people in the east are resisting. Not that Russia is much better but at least they're not trying to destroy Christian Slav-dom. Ukraine is so foolish to think that the EU and IMF are going to somehow get them out of this crisis and fix their economy. They're just there to pick the bones dry and install their own corrupt bureaucracy to replace the current one.
SigSauer 4 | 446    
20 Feb 2018  #141
Well, no it wasn't. Since 1954 it was part of the Ukrainian SSR, and since 1993 it was recognized BY RUSSIA as part of sovereign Ukraine, they agreed to its borders in 1993, they shouldn't have signed the Budapest Memorandum if they objected. They just DGAF about international norms and the international order, thats all. To the point about Ukraine's East, there is absolutely nothing that would suggest it isn't Ukrainian. Even in the center of Donetsk, there was only 25% native Russian speakers, the rest speak Ukrainian as a native language (my ex g/f is from Donetsk, btw). They identify as Ukrainians, NOT Russians.
mafketis 17 | 6,691    
20 Feb 2018  #142
since 1993 it was recognized BY RUSSIA as part of sovereign Ukraine

Russian promises or oaths are worth nothing. They will break any contract the second it becomes slightly inconvenient for them. More fools in the Ukraine to trust that Russia would ever keep its word.

The whole fight in Eastern Ukraine was part of a move intended to create a land bridge to Crimea (without a natural land bridge it's an expensive white elephant). The local populations immediately organized and fought back except around Donetsk where the people are poorly organized and not fast enough to push back quickly enough.

Putin has kept it on because it's a headache for a new enemy (Ukraine) and the bloodthirsty russian public wants it.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  20 Feb 2018  #143
Funny. And Russians say how they demonstrated their good will back in 1993 when signed Budapest Memorandum. Then, as they said, as we all know, international order collapsed many times on many examples on many meridians, what in Europe culminated by illegal NATO/EU attack on Yugoslavia/Serbia in 1999 and then appearance of Kosova in 2008. So, in a world without order Russians don`t feel obliged to be the only world power that respect non-existent order of past times. Especially not obliged to respect administrative border drawn by communists that set Crimea in Ukraine during Soviet era, what had nothing with history and ethnic reality of the region.

Now, can you blame Russians?

Of course Crimea is part of Russia - was, is, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. E Ukraine eh that's tricky

Then we agree. Crimea is concluded issue but, negotiations are necessary about eastern Ukraine.

Russian promises or oaths are worth nothing.

Oh, they are worth. Russians eat Polish apples, no matter that EU did everything possible to prevent it. They promised they would eat and they eat. See? It just don`t go directly from Poland to Russia but via Serbia and Belarus. And all are happy, except EU.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  20 Feb 2018  #144
Most of the cheese, apples, etc. went through Belarus. Funny, because suddenly the year of the sanctions began Belarus suddenly triple the apple and cheese output lol

They will break any contract the second it becomes slightly inconvenient for them

Kind of like how UK, America, and basically every nation on earth has? You realize the Budapest Memorandum called for the defense of Ukraine should it ever be attacked - which up until Trump's meager weapon shipments was broken by all parties who signed. That's why Ukraine should've kept their nukes or developed them from the waste at Chernobyl. No one ***** invades nuclear power - just look at NK.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
20 Feb 2018  #145
Most of the cheese, apples, etc. went through Belarus.

I don`t know for cheese but for the apples, we Serbians doing our part, too. Believe me. Just google that.

Kind of like how UK, America, and basically every nation on earth has?

Its waste of time to attempt to reason mafketis. He is classical example of man indoctrinated by mass media. He is programed, he decided his side and he knows in advance
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  21 Feb 2018  #146
Well crow a lot of people could use a red pill which would immediately shut down their fallable and oftentimes straight up hypocritical logic and expose them to reality without the pink glasses.

Anyway, im sure the serbians were helping out. You wont see poland getting along with russia anytime soon, even when interests and opportunities align. Its due to history and even more so by eu and nato. There are some poles who respect putin and amire his ballsiness on the world stage. You already know my position slavic countries shouldnt fight much less have a war. It is what it is though. Plus theres a lot of mutual suspicion between russia and nato/poland. Putin recently stationed5 iskander missle systems in kaliningrad. If nato and russia go to war, a serious war not the proxy volunteer war in ukraine, poland will be obliterated. Russians will roll though the baltics without a problem but theyd likely get stopped in poland or atlwast face a huge counterattack in pl before they could get into germany. Poland would be destroyed completely esp warsaw. Americans put missle batteries in our backyard but they dont care that it just provokes an equal response from russia, i.e. iskander and could one day spell destructiin and millions of dead poles. They dont gaf.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
21 Feb 2018  #147
bloodthirsty russian public wants it

If you are deaf, you aren`t stupid. You know very well who are first to molest countries worldwide. USA (before Trump) and EU (ie western Europe).
jon357 65 | 14,389    
21 Feb 2018  #148
You know very well who are first to molest countries worldwide

Russia, of course.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
21 Feb 2018  #149
You know very well who are first to molest countries worldwide

Israel with America's backing.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  21 Feb 2018  #150
Russia, of course.

Actually, hand on heart, Russia could do much more and that is quite desirable. See, among else, these days Russia defending Poland from the trap in which Poland historically sunk, among else, also, thanks to Russians. But, fortunately, seams that Russians now repaying their debt to Poland. Let me tell it- finally.

Israel with America's backing.

Maybe. Who knows. In any case, one can sense that Jews opening themselves and offering hand.

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