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Komorowski for complex-ridden Poles?

frd 7 | 1,399
27 Jun 2010 #91
Up til now, it has been nothing but a circus show so let's have some substance.

Are you talking PO and PiS parties substance or those candidates? They pretty much stand for their parties goals there's no much more to it..
Seanus 15 | 19,674
27 Jun 2010 #92
I mean what points will they bring to the debating table? Concrete proposals for Poland without mentioning WWII.
mafketis 37 | 10,851
27 Jun 2010 #93
A vote for Komorowski is basically a vote for Tusk.

He (Tusk) has said and done some dumb things in the past but IMO he's basically not too horribly wrong in where he wants the country to go (how's that for a rining endorsement?)

It would also be interesting to see what would happen without the deadlock between a PO PM and president.

A vote for Kaczyński is basically vote for all the things that most non-PiS voters disliked about his brother and more so.

His biggest strength is in deal making while his biggest fault is ... deal making. Barely has the ink dried on the last agreement before he wants to re-negotiate. That's one major reason PiS never got anything done when they had the chance. That and all the wasted time putting the fools and charlatans of SO and LPR into the government.

Up til now, it has been nothing but a circus show so let's have some substance.

Oh you naive dreamer. A candidate has to be a fool to take a specific position on a specific issue (in this particular election). Both candidates prefer image and vague slogans to real positions that they could be held accountable for.

I'll reformulate slightly:

A vote for Komorowski is a vote for more of what Tusk has been doing.

A vote for Kaczyński is a vote for more of what his brother had been doing.

We're not gonna get anything more concrete than that (actually I don't think we need it). Anyone who expects anything else than what I've written is in denial, misguided or a fool.
27 Jun 2010 #94
I think you need a lesson in economics

privatisize the profits and nationalize the risks.

he sale of state assets reduces corruption, pays down the debt and makes them more competitive.

lower the wages for the workers to a minimum and make them fear to loose their jobs. rise the price for the service, pay the ceo a few dozen millions a year and spend the remaining money on needless advertising, so the CEOs kids "working" there can get their cut as well.

repeat for some decades until revolution than **** off or be put with your back to a wall as you deserve.

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