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Polish women and Romance

James890 1 | 10
30 Nov 2017 #1
Hi everyone, I'm James from Germany. I'm in a romantic relationship with a polish woman who is married with a kid and currently seeking for devorce because she wanna get along with me.

Unfortunately the relationship is seems to be like a " Romanian girl living a clubing life" After hearing advices from friends... in this same forum my questions goes as... Are Polish women into relationships with a foreigner because they want to suck juice?

Thanks and waiting to read from you.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
30 Nov 2017 #2
Thanks and waiting to read from you.@ James890

How old are you James? If you're not trolling you should know the answer if that particular Polish woman you're after is into you just for your 'juice' (yuck)or not. I don't know her and know next to nothing about her. Polish people are not a Borg-like-entity unlike Germans.

The way you put it makes me think you're trolling.
30 Nov 2017 #3
romanians, polish, serbs russians, etc. were all same were east. were savages. and i love it like thet guy in training day twlking about the corrupt cop in that gang ifnested mesican house said, "but I like that holmes. I like thst."
OP James890 1 | 10
30 Nov 2017 #4
Hi, I'm 32years African decent but living in Germany. We have been dating for about 3years now. In the first year of our relationship, we spoke online without meeting each other and last year, we started meeting. The relationship grew up until we got engaged . she brought the idea to seek for devorce which me told me will take just two to three months but i released that she was lying. I got angry and stopped the relationship . we didn't chat for almost a year. We just started the relationship again about two months and she told me she will go for her devorce which will take just two moths to be issued. So I'm worried if she's looking for something after me or coming for true love.
OP James890 1 | 10
30 Nov 2017 #5
Thanks so what can you advice ?
DominicB - | 2,709
30 Nov 2017 #6

It has nothing to do with her being Polish. It has to do with the fact that she needs money to fund long, drawn-out and costly divorce proceedings, and she is looking for some dumb sucker to pay the costs for her. You will find women like this all over the world: in Poland, in Germany, in Africa. When women like this look at a gullible individual like you, they see MUGU, and they will treat you like MUGU, and you have only yourself to blame.
OP James890 1 | 10
30 Nov 2017 #7
You write as a victim or some how experienced in issues like this . well thanks for the responds once more.
DominicB - | 2,709
30 Nov 2017 #8

Not a victim myself, but I have had close friends who were ripped off in similar schemes. One which was practically identical to your case. He lost tens of thousands of dollars before he came to his senses and cut her out of his life.

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