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Why are Polish women so cat-like?

Knownaim 2 | 4
20 Feb 2018 #1
Here in the United States; before the 1940s (WW2-era) girls had higher standards. However, Polish women seem to have high standards to the point where they seem girly-girl; even more than the USA. In fact, not only are they "girly-girl" but they are extremely cat-like. (almost like a female cat)

I also noticed that the girls tend to be more nicer or intimate in conversation (especially if you're male) but if you get them angry; they can say something spiteful. (And they love to do this.) One thing about Polish girls I've noticed; is that they tend to be kind of secretive. They are also very secretive about their jealousy.

Polish girls almost act like they want you to compliment them. Like a female cat wanting to be pet. Almost like an instinctive thing. (Is it instinctive; or is it their culture?)

I have never met women before, that act and behave like actual cats; but are human beings. Bizarre. Has anyone else noticed?
20 Feb 2018 #2
Yes very much so but you are saying it lightly. I am an expat myself although I am Polish due to being thrown in a prison and excommunicated and they hate me just for being Polish, they are so rude and disrespectful like animals.

They are so rude I was never rude like that to the elements in prison or anyone in my life. In fact even when bums here in Poland or elsewhere go up to me for change or try shaking my hand I still do it and dont act like those females act like me even though those bums deserve it. how do they even have it inside them in their psyche to have no inhibitions or fear treating other humans whoa re simply being polite or nice to them or trying to spark a conversation worse than bums are treated just because the guy is not foreign but also Polish?

Go to those clubs like 45 where you see them trying to fuk black guys for free dirnks thats how low they are they are willing to choose a foreigner a black old man over their own native Poles for no reason at all other than drunks that native Poles can also give them or attention that native Poles can also give them but they choose in that club black people that behave like monkeys bumpiung into everyone showing their large asses with little tights etc. The club is right in main part of warsaw on nowy swiat past middle from the jan pawel street if you go down on right hand side.
OP Knownaim 2 | 4
23 Feb 2018 #3
Wow, really? So basically you are saying that Polish women are sluts? I am unobservant; but I would have never guessed this behavior. (promiscuity)

Polish people are very enigmatic to me. They often seem to have a very love/hate relationship. (for example: you, Arel33, are "snitching" on these Polish people.)

It just goes to prove my point; that these Polish people (most of them) are sneaky and not really dependable / able to be trusted. However, I appreciate your insight, Arel33.

(To be honest; I am a Cajun from the state of Louisiana with a Roman Catholic background also; I was actually pretty disappointed with my experience with the Polish people and thought they would be more or less similar to us. In fact, I found the Germans and even Russians to have a personal attraction. The Polish were really disappointing to me. They seemed interesting; but never delivered, in personality.)
johnny reb 31 | 6,487
23 Feb 2018 #4
I am a Cajun from the state of Louisiana

In what way did you think a Polish person would be similar to a Cajun ? (French - Canadian)
Them little Coon Ass girls would cut ya from stem to stern and never bat an eye.
Polish girls don't have that in them.
Holy Trinity has a complete different meaning to a Cajun then it does to a Pole.
I see no similarities at all myself.
Cajun girls are warm and have their mans back while Polish girls are cold and want to wear the pants.
OP Knownaim 2 | 4
23 Feb 2018 #5
The only thing about that satire Johnny Reb, is that it's true and you've got it all wrong. Unless you were actually mocking the Poles.

Maybe it is the Serbs that are more like Cajuns, then. I was just really disappointed with the Polish. They weren't what I thought they would be.

Side note: Nobody really knows what a Cajun is or even cares anymore. At least, not this Millenial generation.

We're probably the most uncool or overlooked people. Even more than Basques.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
23 Feb 2018 #6
Polish girls are also way different in the us than in europe. They become far more materialistic, envious, greedy, gossiping etc once they land on us shores. But atleast they tend to be far hotter and smarter than american girls
OP Knownaim 2 | 4
23 Feb 2018 #7
I was mainly talking about all Polish girls; even in Poland.
Lyzko 32 | 7,878
23 Feb 2018 #8
If I might interject at this point, while it is perhaps unfair to stereotype, I also have found ultra-sharp differences in the everyday behavior of Polish (including as well Russian along with Ukrainian) members of the female gender as compared with the formerly Western Germans, Dutch, French or English.

Part of this deviance in behavior has surely to do with fall out from the long Communist period in Poland, roughly over twenty-five or so years, from around the mid-fifties under Gomulka up through the beginnings of the Solidarity Movement, which (like the rest of the Eastern Block) made daily survival one of almost animal instinct, black-market wiles, and often just sheer toughness of spirit. If one wasn't "secretive", one didn't last too long for simple fear of being found out. Toughness, because similarly to Israel, if one was perceived as soft, well, I guess a person didn't get that last piece of coveted meat on the hour-long market lines!!

Before we judge, always look first at the social history of the country after culture shock has sucker punched us by surprise:-)
johnny reb 31 | 6,487
23 Feb 2018 #9
Nobody really knows what a Cajun is or even cares anymore. At least, not this Millenial generation.

I guess I just aged myself as I am very aware who Cajuns are and where they came from and why.
I think the Cajun people are totally cool and have some of the best food I have ever eaten.
Some of the best hunting hounds around too.
Those little black eyed, long haired Cajun girls that talk with accents and words no one else understands makes them totally sexy.
Just saying that my personal preference would be a Cajun lady over a Polish lady.
Just don't **** them Cajun girls off because they could tear you up like a cat with sharp claws.
Joker 2 | 2,231
23 Feb 2018 #10
I think the Cajun people are totally cool and have some of the best food I have ever eaten.

Count me in on some Jambalaya, that stuff is awesome!!!

I love Bourbon street:)

One thing about Polish girls I've noticed; is that they tend to be kind of secretive. They are also very secretive about their jealousy.

Hey, you're right on target with about 1/2 of them, then you have the overbearing bossy ones:) lol

I used to know these 2 Cajun chicks that hung out on the beach down in Florida. They were pretty wild and a lot of fun, but didn't remind me anything of Polish girls.

Im sure no nationality can be coined "who's more sluttier" with the lack of morals ever decreasing in this worldly PC society.

atleast they tend to be far hotter and smarter than american girls

You got that right! And less evil as well:)
OP Knownaim 2 | 4
23 Feb 2018 #11
"atleast they tend to be far hotter and smarter than american girls"

I think this is kind of a problem though. The more nerdier a girl is, the more weaker and feminist she will become. with each generation. I've seen it a lot.

Polish people seem to be getting weaker and weaker.

Western European girls are the worst. Especially the Belgian and Basque ones. It's like a feminist utopia there. The men are just cucks that allow anything to go freely. Even the modern American man or Russian man would frighten a policeman out of business. (in belgium or something)

That's how cowardly those Belgians really are. Freaky, isn't it?

I actually dated a Polish girl for about 7 months. And she hid this information from me: but she didn't even want children.

I found out the relationship was all just a scheme for her, to try to get out of Poland or something. She told me she was heartbroken and asexual. She told me she used to have a boyfriend but he moved across Poland for a better job. (his parents made him move)

I think she might grow up to be a lesbian and hasn't realized it yet. Either that or she was just pulling my leg.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
23 Feb 2018 #12
'Women seem wicked when you're unwanted ...'
24 Feb 2018 #13
Im just curious how would you feel and enjoy your life Kaprys if you were constantly unwanted, rejected, or people treated you like garbage or spat on you of the opposite sex?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
24 Feb 2018 #14
it must be your creepy predatory vibe.
24 Feb 2018 #15
if you were born a male or were in such a society like poland where everyf emale of ur knd just choose garbage as long as its forign over you or whored themslves over fale pretenses for free dirnks everywhere and treated you like garbage for not being fske or lying to them? wouldnt you like me start gong for young girls and not caring about morality at all anymore since they dont and 16 is legal anyway?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
24 Feb 2018 #16
honestly I think it is you not them..:):)
kaprys 3 | 2,501
24 Feb 2018 #17
Seriously, what are you talking about?
Most Polish women choose Polish men. It's a fact. And it's not about you being Polish. Do you even speak fluent Polish? I believe you're more American than Polish.

You won't attract sane women when all you can talk about is: po.rn, crime, prison. Not to mention all those sick comments about children.

I have no idea what actually happened to you but you need professional help and probably medication. Get it before you hurt somebody. If the treatment is successful, you may be able to live a real life which is different from films and online videos.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
24 Feb 2018 #18
Dude I'll have to agree with the posters above. Get over it - you did your time and you didn't even do hard time. Youre in a new country now, your own motherland. I know how weird and crazy California is - I'd never want to live there. Chicago is bad but at least there's an enormous Polish population here. Polish is the 3rd most common language here after English and Spanish. So at least we have a tight knit community here and can rely on each other.

You're in Poland now. Forget about the past and move on. Get a job, make a business, hit the gym, save up for a nice car, and be productive. Once you have self-respect and confidence it'll rub off on people and you'll attract women. But if you're sulking and crying about how you were locked up and how you have trouble getting women and how they go for other guys instead of you. Well clearly those guys have something to offer that's better than what you do. Till you can match or exceed what they have to offer you'll be in the same boat. And it has little to do with looks. I know unattractive looking dudes with backs that look like a shag carpet yet they have a beautiful gf or wife because they're either smart, funny, or even are good at something that a girl likes perhaps playing the guitar or kayaking. As the saying goes - if nothing changes nothing changes. Best of luck to you.
Lyzko 32 | 7,878
24 Feb 2018 #19
In my experience, Polish women do indeed exhibit that curious combo of impressive self-confidence (often bordering on arrogance) upon first meeting, soon to reveal a furtiveness in the guarded revelation of even the most innocent-seeming personal information!

French women, I find, are often offended by direct questions, typically by American men, concerning things like income, profession, especially the size and location of their house or apartment. The latter are considered highly "private" topics and not suitable on a first impression. The French usually will prefer general topics of fashion, food, film, that sort of thing. In this way, they are also similar to Italians of the opposite sex.

Polish women appear to have little problem discussing their dwelling, job, personal life, including former relationships.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
24 Feb 2018 #20
impressive self-confidence (often bordering on arrogance)

I personally love that about Polish girls and find it attractive. Its a sort of mind game/foreplay/flirting and if you can beat her she's all yours

Generally though questions about job title, education levels, questions that would reveal socioeconomic status, etc. are frowned up when first meeting a person.
Lyzko 32 | 7,878
24 Feb 2018 #21
Depends though. As many younger Polish women are typically in prove mode when encountering someone whom they perceive as a threat, someone quick to pigeon-hole them as well-paid sluts etc., all "T & A" etc., they most certainly will flaunt a university degree, along with the requisite high-level English or other foreign-language knowledge:-)
Slavictor 6 | 192
21 Mar 2018 #22
trying to fuk black guys for free dirnks

I'm really, really hoping that's either an embellishment or extreme exaggeration. Women who aren't addicts wouldn't do that.


In North America it would be known as a "**** test". All women do this and the tests vary in degree, variety and frequency. It would be interesting to catalogue these tests and spreadsheet them based on geography. These tests are there to see how solid a man's resolve and self-respect is . The women want to be dominated. It makes them feel that they are secure and will continue to be. A form of evolutionary psychology.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
21 Mar 2018 #23
That's not a bad idea. I'm going to catalogue my experiences over the next few years. I'll publish my findings and title it 'grab em by the pu$$y' ill even send trump a free copy. American and polish girls seem to be more submissive while latam girls tend to be more dominant, or atleast not as submissive.

I disagree though with the dominating thing. Yes most women tend to be submissive in relationships and in bed but there are some that like to be dominant. From what ive seen the dominant ones seem to fall into one of two categories - high iq successful women in management roles and those who experienced trauma like rape or abuse and deal with it by dominating other men.
Crow 152 | 9,820
21 Mar 2018 #24
How things stand, Poles maybe won`t be able to protect Polish woman. But, fortunately, Serbians are vigilant.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
21 Mar 2018 #25
Poles maybe won`t be able to protect Polish woman.

migrants running into Polish people's fists:

migrants running into Polish person's car

Poland to Muslims: " Here, Jesus is our King so get out

Slavs are going to be Europe's last hope for getting rid of invasive species.
Crow 152 | 9,820
21 Mar 2018 #26
Thanks for videos dobri i plemeniti brate. It warmed my heart. Polish woman are so lucky.

I know, I losing my nerves sometimes (please understand, NATO bomb fell relatively close to me,... few km away) but, I know, when sh** starts we would all be together. Its inevitable. Its just so inevitable. I just know how are Poles deeply in themselves disgust by everything what EU and western Europe represent. Oh, that would be hunt. I only hope that Russians won`t ruin complete party with those Sarmat bombs. It won`t be interesting. Hunt is much more decent. No, that would be eating. Grill
12 Apr 2018 #27
I was starting to think the way they act like in Warsaw, how can human beings even be conditioned that way. Its like id someone paid me and I had an hour to mentslly orepare to respond to someone making polite donversarion with me during waiting in line for something, I still would not be able to be as rude and as fuked up as the way these young polish women are here. its like they are born with black for a hewrt or soul. like its hollow inside.
Slavictor 6 | 192
12 Apr 2018 #28
Catlike. Are these Polish women wearing fur coats?

On the bright side, despite some very minor 3rd wave feminist toxicity here and there, Polish women in Poland retain their femininity. Yes? Like with the Latin cultures, there is a clear demarcation between male and female behaviors, roles and expectations. Older far West (US/UK/Canada) women have really suffered badly under feminism, which was it's goal. Poor things. No kids, husband and only a "career" at 45 years old has driven them to drinking and anti-depressants like never before:

"White women over 45 account for about one-fifth of the adult population but account for 41 percent of antidepressant users... Older white women account for 58 percent of those on antidepressants long term".

Bitter, spiteful, combative, difficult. What's not to love?

UK women take the cake for heavy drinking. "Ladette" culture. Very ladylike.

Polish Women - please don't go that route.

  • My Cats names are Merlot & Gin
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,870
13 Apr 2018 #29
Hahaha spinster...

I'm so glad most polish girls arent like the girls in us...
Crow 152 | 9,820
13 Apr 2018 #30
Why are Polish women so cat-like?

Because we, Racowie, like fur and claws. Its old thing. Don`t ask.

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