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Weird situation am I going crazy (chicks, hotties, nastolatki)

15 Nov 2017 #1
First of all before I say anything I realized Instagram is a good place to meet chicks in Poland. For some reason many of them enjoy my photography and actually hit me up either with masses of likes in a row or sometimes comments and Ill just message them. I never met one off there to real life in Warsaw but it may not be too hard. I talked to a 16 yo mom today who likes to get high lol but said I was too old. Or shes still thinking about meeting. ANyway I assured her its all legal unless I take pics of her we can even do anything. But back to my main point below.

I am currently at this cafe Costa, I wont tell you guys where but it is near a Starbucks on the other side of the street and a Bierhale place. I see so many hot chicks everywhere so I decided to come here, I usually go to the statbucks for the hotties. But I went in and saw these two girls either late teens or early 20s sitting and they freaking had botox (one of them) and super firm asses and designr types of clothes (how the fuk are they so rich at such a young age unless they do porn or modelling or something) and they looked Russian even though they spoke Polish to each other.

Anyway, what was weird was one of them kept turning around and looking at me and as they left she looked at me again, but it wasnt like a friendly look almost like youre below me or im better than you look, but I dont know for sure. Maybe she thought I was hot too, who knows. How do you guys figure this out? I mean those types of bytches who have money or are either models or hookers or whathave you generally have an attitude that I was never able to break and I realized that even if they like you or want to talk to you they do it in a rude way. In U.S silicon valley or rich placed are full of them but Ive never seen ones so young already one with botox etc. Anyway, what do you guys think? I have dress pants on not ****** but good quality and a polish patriots sweater so I definitely felt inferior to them or I wouldnt hit on them basially dressed like this, but if they thought low of me why keep looking at me or turning head?
OP sadasdasd33
15 Nov 2017 #2
I had a similar situation yesterday at green nero coffee off of jan pawel 2 and near nowy swiat. This teen chick about 16 with her friend came and she just stared at me for a whole second and I looked away I didnt know what to say like she was at shock and couldnt stop looking. But the whole time every time I kept trying to catch her gaze again she just ignored me till I got up and was leaving. Then all of a sudden we looked at each other with smiles on our faces and I left.
15 Nov 2017 #3
Actually I have more situations. I am cosntantly trying to smile at them, almost everywhere women and girls just hoping something will happen, real sex. I have had some sex last night but it didnt satisfy me, she was a bum basically drunk woman I picked up when I was wasted walking around pawilony Nowy Swiat. I realized damm I am desperate, she said she was 40 but looked 50 and had yellow teeth. Also, I met these teens near ZLoty tarasy or side of Palac Kultury and they ended up keep calling me on blocked number trying to extort me to give them alcohol I bought but didnt want to drink with me or they would go to cops and lie and say I gave alcohol to minor and tried to fuk them or something. Just real low lives. I told them I know theyre at least 15 most likely 16-17 (one told me 18 but who knows and they acted like children running together and being wild) so they cant do crap but then she tried to say shes lower and just totally tried to extort me for alcohol or lie and say they were recording our convo when one of them tried to say show me youre a man lets go to bathroom so I can see you, etc. just trash. Theyre aoc age and acting like children, How do any of those guys in porn get those chicks to do that stuff when theyre such husslers and extortion experts? I mean why would they go into porn when all they have to do is find uckers to extort or do as little as possible for as much money as possible hooking? Why even do porn? I dont get it its so easy for females why do so many go to porn?
johnny reb 29 | 5,118
15 Nov 2017 #4
Anyway, what was weird was one of them kept turning around and looking at me and as they left she looked at me again, but it wasnt like a friendly look but I dont know for sure.

She obviously was freaked out by some creeper twice her age staring at her with his dick hanging out of his mouth.

I kept trying to catch her gaze again she just ignored me till I got up and was leaving.

Again you freaked the child out with your old enough to be her father goofy look of a dog in heat.
She smiled when you left knowing she was safe again.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Thanks for asking.
I think you need to be taken off the streets AGAIN as you are a public threat to children like you were when you tried to have sex with an under aged girls here in the U.S.A. and got caught and put in jail.

You are what is called a sex predator that is one sick puppy and that is what I think.
Perhaps you could mooch some money off your Mom for some therapy.
15 Nov 2017 #5
What the fuk are you talking about you ugly fat inbred American or Brit or wtf you are. I saw in koszyce a girl way younger looking than any of the ones I described with some old guy who was rich who looked real uncomfortable and out of place and he looked actually like her dad not like me older brother. So if anything was weird was that situation not any of the ones I described. He was probably at least 10 yrs older than me. And that koszyki place is full of hos and hookers anyway,
15 Nov 2017 #6
So why didnt you or anybody try to fight him or ask him what he was doing or tell him you were against it or just go to koszyki Im sure you may see similar stuff if youre so against it and such a tough guy? No one said a damm thing they even served them wine or something.
15 Nov 2017 #7
Its funny when I would go out or meet even in San Franciso when I lived in USA older women like one time a 43 yr ol I was 28, some dude commented something about mom or mommy from side to me totally disrespecting me (like you fag americans love to do and get in mmy business hence I did time twice for beating you people up) but I have never once seen anyone confront or make snide remarks about even way older dudes looking like dads but with money and super young or petite girls 16-19. WHy is that?
johnny reb 29 | 5,118
15 Nov 2017 #8
with some old guy who was rich

No doubt it was the gentleman's grand daughter.
Your jealous sick mind thought he was hooking up with her for immoral purposes.
You are a very troubled person.

you ugly fat inbred American

Hey take a look at yourself shrimp.
You look like a midget from some circus.
Poland needs to lock you up for your own safety.

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