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How is the engagement / courtship tradition in Poland?

6 Aug 2018 #1
And how do Polish guys behave towards the girl they like? I have a crush on a Pole, he's shy and blushes (I'm shy too), has the most gorgeous and sweetest smile ever, and he always helps me but never talks to me and goes away. I wanna know if they are serious about the relationships or just shallow like almost all people nowadays. I come from a conservative family and in my country (east europe) the engagement lasts just a few months and it's aimed only at marriage. The guy has to be accepted in the family and has to protect his wife and his kids, go to work, and the wife has to be faithful and devoted. Does it work the same way in Poland? I am not allowed to sleep, kiss or meet with guys, only talk to them in a friendly way if they're childhood friends or at school/work. That's why I'm over 20 and never kissed before, never. I was wondering if guys in Poland are used to girls brought up the way I was, and if the guys are serious when they like a girl. This guy basically smiles to me in a shy and sweet way all the time, helps me and goes away, when I say 'thank you' he smiles and looks embarassed and goes away, and I don't know if he's playing with me because I am a young, shy and inexperienced girl, trying to make me fall for him or he really likes me.
texas09 - | 33
7 Aug 2018 #2
Poland is definitely more conservative and traditional than most of the West, but generally it's not as conservative as what you describe.

But at this stage of the game, you it only matters what HE is like, not what general trends are. He seems nice and courteous, so I would think he would be more respectful and traditional when it comes to dating and courtship.

In any case, it really is best to take the person as an individual, rather than trying to figure out what the country as a whole tends to be. Everyone is different. Some guys are more aggressive and less respectful and traditional, and some are more. He seems like the latter. What is his family like? How religious is he? What are some of his interests and views? What are his manners like? Etc.
OP ieleni
7 Aug 2018 #3
I actually dont even know his name, we're coworkers but we dont even talk, we're both shy bit we always find an excuse to look at each other in the eyes. He has this dreamy look in the eyes, like he's a good hearted person, that I have never seen in anybody else. His eyes seem to shine, especially when we look in the eyes. I dont know why he smiles at me everytime he sees me but never talks to me. And whem I ask him to help he's really kind and sweet, but doesnt talk! Is that shyness or he just doesn't want to know anything about me? Because he speaks to polish girls, maybe not much,but at least a hi or something related to work. But to me never! He just smiles and seems to be secretly happy and has his head in the clouds. He usually just works and stop, doesnt talk that much. But he has the most beautiful voice ever. I also dont understand his signals. Why does he smile while looking at me? In my country they do this to provoke the girls, to see if they are interested in them and 'easy', so it doesnt have a nice meaning. What about polish guys? Are there polish shy guys and how do they flirt?

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