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Polish engagement party in the US - what should I buy as a gift?

ksyssio 2 | 5  
15 Oct 2010 /  #1
So my friends from medschool got engaged month ago and they are doing engagement party this saturday and told me to come over. My friends are Polish and the party is going to take place at my friends parents' house, so Im assuming his family is going to be overthere too. I have never been to engagement party before and do not know what should I buy as a gift. What should i wear? I went to American engagement party but it was held the the pub and everyone wore jeans and sport tshirt.
jablko - | 104  
15 Oct 2010 /  #2
Why not simply asking this your friends?
Amathyst 19 | 2700  
15 Oct 2010 /  #3
My guess would be smart casual for dress code - nice pair of jeans and a smart shirt

A small gift - a bottle of champagn is always nice (you cant go wrong with it either, who doesnt like champagn?), something they can use for celebrating later in the marriage - ornaments are no no, its personal taste and something for the home is always a difficult one, who wants 5 toasters? Oh another nice gift is champagn flutes to go with the champagn :)
Plover - | 2  
15 Oct 2010 /  #4
Polish are like most other creatures on this planet. They will want you to look nice and bring something nice. Just go and enjoy your self. No matter what you wear the chances are you will be in a vodka induced coma at some point during the night.

Top tips, Enjoy, wear something that can absorb Vodka and try not to offend Granny when your drunk. Ahh memories.
OP ksyssio 2 | 5  
16 Oct 2010 /  #5
ill buy bottle of champagn for sure. Do you guys think i should get the flowers for the girl?

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