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I dont get why you guys think are too young for sex even though aoc in Poland is ok

OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
7 Dec 2017 #31
Dude, come on she just admitted shes a sociopath and self centered herself. why would you care what even happens to someone like thst? you yourself or your society in Umerica believes in no empathy putting in prison for yrs often innocent or voercharged of things they didnt do, sells people, lawyers who take advsntage to make money off peoples misery. you make excuse thwt its ok treating bad people bad because theyre bad so why should a sociopath her in this case not get her medicine? your whole umerican society flaunts that. and what makes you think she cant make an informed decision? like I said, if she can live alone and survive she can make many informed decisions and actually has better survival skills thsn me. sedondly how would sex damage her and do anything besides give her a good time? and also, baxk to the topic of sociopaths. plenty of females are this, they use fuys only for money or to get their way and dont care about their feelings or anything in between either. so why should you or a society care about them or their feelings when they dont care about you or your feelings or anyone around them? ive seen how some women talk to their own fsmilies and how vile they can be why do you continue to defend every female and put me or every male down for doing anything against them even as little as sexual harassment when many od them do so much worse?

oh and welcome to the real world. society is not empathetic and is sociompathic like youd escribed, esp in america. try being a freelance writer like me and seeing how many people will try ripping you off and not caring you wasted a week or so doing work for the, and deserve to be paid and may not have bread on the table at the end of the month or rent money. yea society is exactly how you tried to describe me. try to be ane z con in america and youll see how empathetic thst society is. and what makes 18 yr olds be able to make informed decisions? what makes tyem two yrs more so much smarter particularly the ones who do porn? shouldnt porn have much higher standards of age than just sex? i mean the whole world will see them and them degraded and in life very few of them act that way or any guy caj get away with spitting on thrm, pissing on them, etc. all the stuff you see in porn?

Another thing you totally didnt cath is I posted proof a link to an article about a u.s. senator where the girl who was 17 and half his age later praised him and has no ill feelings. i remember on vsrious forums girls taokimg about particularly the weird ones or lonely ones on forums like lolita imdb how they enjoy the attention and such relationships. one was now a woman on imdb would visit the dateline forum and even rbagged about boinking some old dude who was her professor and she was only 16 but happened to go to college that young for some resson. they crave it, they eant it too bro.

lol I thought zi posted it, zi k ow dirk resd it but the mods must have removed it. anyway I found this which is even better and proves my point all men do it if given a chance:

Found it:
why not just relax, not judge me and just live a little? Wow what a life this guy and his friend trump had, what a life almost as good as the ukrainians:
in Polish:,jeffrey-epstein-i-niewolnice-seksualne-to-przez-niego-ksiaze-andrzej-wpadl-w-klopoty,id,t.htm
mafketis 24 | 9,174
7 Dec 2017 #32
I'm not the one judging you....... You are. At some level you realize what you say you want is wrong (which is why you keep hanging around here asking for permission you don't want) and you're projecting that disapproval onto others. You know it's wrong. Stop it. Find a therapist.

she just admitted shes a sociopath

A 16 year old cannot possible know that about herself, it's teen posing and a healther person recognizes that.

Also, I deleted the attachment you sent in the PM without opening it. Do not send me any attachments again. That is not cool.
SigSauer 4 | 413
8 Dec 2017 #33

A few things here. First off, don't ever private message me again. Second, the US justice system is not this exploitative thing looking to do you damage. You damaged yourself, by attempting to lure a CHILD for your sick and nefarious purposes, and you were rightly sent to prison for that crime, not long enough unfortunately. Third, you said it yourself, whats the difference between 16 and 18. If you don't think there is a difference, then why are you more obsessed with one over the other? Im 29, and to be honest, the times I've dated girls who were 20&21, I really struggled to have anything at all in common with them. You are simply at different points in life and those differences are too vast, on a personal and intellectual level.

More to the point, none of those girls give you any attention because you give off an extremely creepy vibe that sets off alarm bells in their stranger danger nerve center. You are a self admitted predator, and you should not be walking around with the rest of us in free and polite society.

You're a freelance writer? In what freaking language? Certainly not the English language as you are barely literate, and incoherent to the point that I wonder if you are havin manic bipolar episodes when you write the disgusting **** that you do.

Go play in traffic, and alternatively, I hear drowning is like a big hug from God.
OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #34
"A 16 year old cannot possible know that about herself, it's teen posing and a healther person recognizes that."

yet they charge them particularly males occused of crimes in the u.s. with the death penalty and as adults. so Amerikkka is wrong then you admit yet again? and btw, everything I said about that crap gold digger, full of bums and ****** and gang banger filth. trash country with hypocrytes and laws that defend cowards is spot on and Putin is right too.

"Second, the US justice system is not this exploitative thing looking to do you damage. You damaged yourself, by attempting to lure a CHILD for your sick and nefarious purposes, and you were rightly sent to prison for that crime, not long enough unfortunately. "

before you post more stupidity get your facts straight p. I was sent to prison for only confronting and later fighting back against a white trash cultist who gives drugs to his own kids and was trying to distribute drugs in my neighborhood. basically theys ent me for yrs to prison for exactly the same thing you wish to do to me or threaten me and i had a lot more reasons then you. try talking to someone hwo is trying to use his own kids as shields like a coward throwing things at you and when you come close outs his kids on his shoulder. here is his facebook profile, just look at thst pathology thst your country defended and thst continues to exist in your country with no one beside me trying to do anything about it (scamming people, selling drugs, abusing his own kids he even keeps showing naked kids inv arious pics while he holds them up and bragged he was a kid making machine with like 14 kids):

nothing I went to prison for im ashamed for. If you think contronting pathology or dead beat dads (i never had a dead and cant stand trash like this) or gypsies or people who come into your neighborhood and start moving drugs then youre pathology trash yourself like ur mom was when she had u and hope you end up like me cause ill use the same coward tactics like this guy from now one since in ur land apaprently it works.

There is nothing I did that the U.S crap government and country full of hicks, cowards black and brown gang banging filth and white trash punished me for through lies and deceits on both the system and the cowards who played victims part, that I am ashamed of. Why would I be ashamed of being a man and standing my ground (many states including FLorida has this law and the whole planet should have it and I am not talking about using guns like that coward Zimmerman but martial art skills like I did in my case which every gym would advise or tell their students in that situation to do). I may be not proud or a bit ashamed of my two duis but thats because it cost my mom and fmaily a lot of grief and money but fighting bar coweards who group up or some half native american gypsy wannabe filth who starts cults and produces over 10 kids who look like beggars or junkies is much more of a hero than that subway new york guy who fought the muslim with the knie on the tram or those Umericans who attacked muslims on a plane. Muslims are a lot less filth than this guy imo and just looking at him makes me want to take him out of the gene pool. It makes me think Hitler was onto something with eugenics.
mafketis 24 | 9,174
8 Dec 2017 #35
so Amerikkka is wrong then you admit yet again?

You're deflecting again. Sociopath is a specialist term and only a trained professional is qualified to make that diagnostic - not a teen who's probably from a pathological family and who has no idea what danger she's putting herself in.

Again, you have a choice

the first is to keep doing what you're doing and end up in prison or an early grave (the only two possible outcomes of your current path)

find professional help to figure out how to get better and to make healthier and saner life choices

It is not healthy or even sane for a man over 30 to compulsively seek out teenagers and you know it. Don't look for approval for your incredibly destructive behavior.

A therapist is what you need.
OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #36
This is for whom Santa Cruz county gave me a multi year prison sentence for simply confronting and putting in a rear naked choke after he attacked me. Do you believe me? Why would I make this up. its worse than a greek tragedy. This guy was a cultist and making kids after kids being a deadbest dad and from the looks of it creating generstions of pathologies and maybe giving young kids drugs. why was I wrong standing up against that? Just because I was a sex offender from hick county for simply trying to meet someone and liking yougner girls makes me incapable of empathy against other forms of abuse or real abuse or make me be able to stand up against it or be a man? just because I am Polak or foreign? why would they do that to me?

How can you call me a **** person for choking out a pos like that and who attacked me first? If that makes me a pos person than any ma gym owner or really any mma athlete must be a **** person to you too because any of them would have done the exact same thing. You think just because I happen to be a sex offender for crap deal making, crap county hick trash, crap lies by cops (thus I had no chance) should make me not be able to be a man and fight or stand my ground against ur country's filth?
mafketis 24 | 9,174
8 Dec 2017 #37
Do you believe me?

All I'm writing about is your unhealthy obsession for young females. I have no interest in the thugs and lowlife scum you seem to constantly meet.

Here's a hint: Get help and you'll realize how misguided your current obsessions are and you'll find you are no longer constantly surrounded by thugs and bums. It's like they'll no longer exist for you.
OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #38
well they were the ones harassing me in jail or grouping up, so i give them the same medicines on street when I train mma and am confident enough i odnt baxk down from them whether at bars or praga district, etc. ill run into them. plus I carry a knife.

In the u.s. ive been virtually my whole life on probation since meeting that firl or trying to. sicne iw as 24 i was either in jails prison or on probations there so i know themr eal well, the thug element and how abxking down or showing weakness is what gets them off.

Ive seen a lot of Mesicans and hispanics in california to do eay more lewd things than I did with trying to meet that girl or even our donversations and aive never seen them be prodecuted or arrested or really not getting away with their typical behavior. for instance in santa cruz there is a lot of ex cons and ex mexican gang bangers or just weird fat creepy mesicans taking pictures of young girls or kids in bikinis from the bridge overlooking the beach. what would you do about it if youd seen it? cause aive seen it many times. and in santa cruz there is a white guy who lays on the beach almost naked and its a regular beach hes bold too and fat with steing like underwear. all over thst towns tuff like that exists and they even have a saying there, "keep santa cruz weird," so really how would you deal with it if you lived there sauger if you have a hard time co posing yourself even talking to me?

and thats the other thing I dont get, why is it that in jails or prisons they harass white people who have sex cases when almost all hispanics even gang bangers are perverts? they and the media in a way seems to accept that in their culture but its ok to harass and prey on other whites there. why? cowardice? fear? white people being super weak in the west?

by the way to all those who hate my idea for business and hate me in general you do know that almost any **** site in the u.s. oeprstor would do the same thing if he was lucky enough to live in a country in east euro right? you do realize that met art arguably one of the most successful naked modeling sites running since 98 at one time even had like 12 yr olds on there right? so you think im worse seuger or wtf your name is for trying to meet a firl that age than a site that is durrently active and whose oeprwtor never even had ascase against him for uploading for the whole world to see images of them naked? is that how ur logic works? trust me im one of millions of men out there and iw as only 24 yrs old and she liked me to no matter what you say. read this if u dont believe me about met art (just articles no images or nothing so dont trip about clicking it):
mafketis 24 | 9,174
8 Dec 2017 #39
hate my idea for business and hate me in general

I don't hate you, I think you need help that you are resisting. All your posts here are a essentially a cry for help (wanting someone to stop you). A therapist can help you understand why do and think so many self-destructive things and help you reorient yourself in healthier directions. Why the resistance?
JedenCzlowiek - | 4
17 Dec 2017 #40
Interesting info here:

It appears thst even in the u.s. outside or crap places like claifornia or arizona or near the mexican border, they dont even consider -16 to young for sez. Outside of this forum for some reason or course. And btw for makefis and others, the other countries wouldnt even prosecute him for thst neither would ukraine or poland so stop trying to control the worlds morality.

"Defendant Roberts is charged with violating 18 U.S.C. ยงยง 2243(a) and 2244(a). Section 2243(a) provides that whoever "in the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States ... knowingly engages in a sexual act with another person who has attained the age of 12 years but has not attained the age of 16 years ... or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both."

"It is also undisputed that neither Panama nor Liberia has taken any steps to prosecute the defendant."

And zim sure neither would poland adter reading the wprost article or deifnitely ukraine either.

The thing I want to know is how were they able to grab him, th umericans, without an eztradiction taking place?

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