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I met a Polish guy but wonder what his intention is..

OP sleeping_beauty 1 | 25
29 May 2011 #31
What a lovely story, SB. Thanks for sharing it. Good luck into the future.

glad to hear that. thanks

......flying to Poland tomorrow.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
31 May 2011 #32
Sleeping Beauty. Where are you originally from?
blueeyedbella84 1 | 10
14 Jun 2011 #33
congrats that is awesome news!.......the polish man i know"see" he is confusing me aswell still but we are still just in the "friendsstage" yet he has no problems saying he loves me when we talk about things and we share so much in common. yet we sat and watched this sweet romantic movie the other night and he even said he liked it and new the plot to it from start to finish which amazed me, and then during the movie like right in the movie the star is lying in bed with another woman thniking about the "female star" of the movie and he goes see thats what bugs me with this movie. it feels like you have to push yourself to make the girl you love see you, and while your doing that your in bed with another what the.......does that mean? he is a polish man also the youngest of his family and is almost 28years old and single........we hangout alot..
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
14 Jun 2011 #34
Everything went well for us and now, we're married!!!

:) ... PERFECT :)

Urszula by reading your comments I feel that he broke your heart so much that now all the negative feeling towards him you screen on Poles in general.

I can understand her pain. I know my friend and he lives in USA ... he did similar things :( ... although he is my childhood friend, but really not right! I told him of my disgust as his actions with the lady ... but then he said its life and to move forward one must be strong, and not emotional like me :S ...

Its better to be emotional than strong like that ...

Its a jungle out there ... what can I say ... you need to really know the person. Sometimes among that crowed of wolves, there is a true pure lover as well :)

You're an idiot for marrying a guy you didn't even learn enough about. Don't blame all Poles for that.

How do you expect she would learn about somebody who is systematically PLANNING to get her heart broken after a certain period of time. Do you know that there are "gang" kind of structures some people make where they help and guide each other in return of some fee to first get married to the girl and then divorce?

Yes, I'm a Polish and very sensitive about my country's image ... but never at the cost of an innocent girl's self esteem no matter where she is from. I think she would have no clue. Polish ones who have such an aim don't want to go the way of other passport seekers who would directly find such a contract girl and straight at face offer an amount for a fake marriage. Instead they would go after a normal girl and play with her ... this is safer with the law too. They are more clever ...

Its sad ... all very disgusting and sad ... but then its a truth that many of us know. I for once won't hide it for the sake of pride ... truth is truth ...
ruby hou - | 3
17 Nov 2011 #35
What a beatiful love story! Congratulations!

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