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southern 74 | 7,074
18 Dec 2007 #151

You should understand that men do not understand subtle messages.We want obvious statements.
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #152
I think it is obvious that I like him and he must know that by now. I'm not sure how he feels about me but putting my number in the card is an obvious statement, dont u think?
southern 74 | 7,074
18 Dec 2007 #153
U havent got a clue about women and how could I ask him for his number? Im not that confident and that would have been too desperate.

You should have exchanged numbers,not just taken his.This way it would not appear abnormal or desperate.
That he puts your number in the card means nothing.I have numbers in my wallet women gave me that I never used.
One girl called me 3 months after she had given me her number.I had forgotten her but her obvious interest to call revived my interest in her.
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #154
Pay attention southern. I put my number in the christmas card and gave it to him. I am now waiting for his call and I'm hoping he calls. U sound like you have had many bad experiences with women and this has made u bitter. I will update you when he calls me. If he doesnt call then I will know he didnt like me at all and I wont waste any more time on him. Life is too short. I made the first move and now it's his turn. I wish I was brave to ask for his number, but I'm not.
OP LATINA 3 | 73
18 Dec 2007 #155
I'm sure you will bump into him at some point than make sure you get his #. Use your smarts to get his # without looking interested, just like a frienship type of getting the #. Something like I don't know talk about a tv show or something and say "I'll let you know how it turns out. Let's exchange #s" something to that effect. I'm rushing to an app. so that's why I'm just typing without really thinking.
leeann 1 | 29
18 Dec 2007 #156
Thanks hun. He already has my number so I'm just waiting for his call. I could go to the shop but I wont untill he calls. I'm sure he will call me by Sunday. We have spoken and I know quite a bit about him because we talked the last time I saw him. He told me about his family and he said he was going to Poland for Christmas and he is leaving on Sunday. I will let u know if he calls or not.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
18 Dec 2007 #157
He told me about his family and he said he was going to Poland for Christmas and he is leaving on Sunday.

You might be lucky and get the call. But if he is interested he is more likely to phone after Christmas in my opinion. That's when he can make a date.

Whatever he chooses I wish you luck.
18 Dec 2007 #158
We have spoken

I'm not so sure that he will call you. If he didn't already know that you liked him then your number in his card will have come as something of a surprise to him and he may not really know what to do about it. I think that Latina is right that you should have tried to just swap numbers but in a "I'm moving from the area, so lets keep in touch" kind of way. Then you could have known what he thought of you.

I hope that I am wrong and that he does contact you...good luck.
leeann 1 | 29
19 Dec 2007 #159
You might be lucky and get the call. But if he is interested he is more likely to phone after Christmas in my opinion. That's when he can make a date

Thankyou, I actually agree with you and am hoping that he will call me after Christmas because if he wasnt he would have called me by now, wished me merry Christmas and that would have been it. Also I wish I could have swapped numbers but I did not know how to approach him. Maybe it has come as a surprise, but he has two choices, to call or not to call. I will let you all know when I do, because I think I may have put him in an akward situation. If he doesnt call, what should be my next step.He will be in the shop on Saturday. Any advice.
7 Mar 2008 #160
i agree with you on that( goonie) ,,,why do people have to always think there is an agenda with older women being with younger men? this really bothers me,,,if the two are old enough to make there own decisions what should it matter to anyone? i mean really; who is it hurting? relationships between two people should be left alone, who cares,,,?and i mean adult relationships (for those of you who read into everything).......... i think people are either just to judgemental,,or just plain jealous,, all this makes no sense to me at all....leave well enough alone!!!!!!!!!!! geez........
bajka - | 71
7 Mar 2008 #161
Brain washed female....alert going muslim, knows not what she is getting into!
7 Mar 2008 #162
ha ha ha ....i am very much intact....i just found the truth,,,and Islam is truth,and is a beautiful way of life ,,for people who are totally sane and able to make wise and wondefrful choices my name is Iman
bajka - | 71
7 Mar 2008 #163
you're a nutter :o) ...... i see your kind every day and wonder how you survive?

Do you lot know its not good to marry other members of you family like cousins and aunties and such, theres more chance of you offspring being deformed and eventually your race will die out, go figure on that one !
8 Mar 2008 #164
What do Polish men think about this.

I'm not Polish, but I think it's perfectly cool to answer your questions anyway..

Would they date a hot older woman.

I know I would..

Would it be frowned upon by your society.

Yes. But I don't care about what they say. That's what you get after a lifetime of humiliation. Nothing I've done was ever good enough, and even at the moments when it was plain to see for everyone that it was, it wasn't..

So this would be my advice to everyone: You shouldn't hide behind a mask and you should mind your own bussiness if it doesn't personally affect you in any way, unless your help can be useful or constructive. I would tell you to live your own life and be happy with everything you already have..

The best things in life are free, friendship and happiness being two of those things.

Would your mother be very upset that a 25+ be dating a 35+.

Maybe she would, actually I've heard her say numerous times that she wouldn't like it, but it's my life isn't it?

Would the family pressure be too much for such a relationship?

They would have to kill me to put an end to such a relationship. I think this would be anyone's answer when you really love someone. If you care more about what other people will say about you or your partner than you care about your partner, then you shouldn't get yourself involved in any relationship?

But, those are just my personal vieuws..
kielbasagirl - | 1
5 Feb 2010 #165
Yes, of course they do! I am British, and my Polish boyfriend is nearly seven years younger than me. His family all approve and are very supportive. And I know two further cases of Polish guys in serious relationships with older women. One couple recently married and have a child, and the other couple, with a ten-year age gap, live together and have recently gone into business. Generalisations are always unhelpful - each relationship has its own merits.
Woytiekovsky - | 2
18 Feb 2010 #166
Hello, i'm from poland, sorry for my english, anyway, You ask about woman and age, personaly i use +/-10 rules, dont date girls younger/older then 10 years from my age [27]. And most people i know dont give a damn about age.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498
18 Feb 2010 #167
hm... this thread reminds me about old, polish saying:

"Na starej piczy, młody chuj się ćwiczy" ;)

but seriously: who cares about age? as long as you feel young- its fine :)
joepilsudski 26 | 1,388
18 Feb 2010 #168
I have in the past, mostly when I was in my 20s...My most memorable affair took place when I was an artists model...I was doing 'life' modeling for a large university, and I ended up having quite a long affair with the teacher, who was about 15 years older...A few other such affairs also.

However, now I am in my 50s, so this would mean what, having an affair with a 70 year old woman...Probably will not happen.
gdynianin - | 2
3 Apr 2013 #169
Bravissimo !

Like the lyriks in beautyful and pleasant song "DIANA"--Poul Anka