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What do I need to know as an American about a Polish man?

USjanet 1 | -
7 Feb 2012 #1
I have just began a relationship with a Polish man who is living in American now. He travels with his work to the UK frequently. He seems to be a Genuinely God fearing man and very affectionate. I have noticed some communication differences in our beleifs. I have attributed this to getting to know one another better. He has already indicated a long term relationship if not even marriage. He wants to give me the world! He seems too good compared to many american men. He is 51 and I have seen the stubborn already. I think it was more misunderstanding . If he feels I doubt him, he gets very quiet. I love this man; however, I have never had a man want to be so gracious! I am American born and bread and we both are divorcees. My children are older and he has one in boarding school because her mother passed during childbirth of their 2nd child. Neither lived. I live in the south and he lives in Fla. So travel is necessary. My income doesn't allow me to travel to him much; however, he says not to worry, he will take care of me.

I want to believe such a man exists and he seems so genuine......just kinda want to know what I'm getting into and the true expectations of a man raised Polish. His mother was Polish and his father American. I know customs are different and with his age it is refreashing to have the gentleman. I am 43 so there isn't much difference in our age.

Input please!
scottie1113 7 | 898
7 Feb 2012 #2
His mother was polish and his father was American, yet you say he's Polish. Where was he born, and where has he lived most of his life, in Poland or in the US?
12 Mar 2012 #3
All you need to know about Polish men:

1 You need to know how to cook Polish food. Why? How? Ask his mama. (if you want this fish alive, keep it in water).
2. If he's planning to live in your country for long time, then you don't have to be Polish to have sex with him, you can me any nationality, origin, race....(again, if you want this fish alive, keep it in water)

Bonus: always keep a six pack in your fridge.

good luck!
12 Mar 2012 #4
Input please!

My advice make sure, he's divorced, otherwise, life is short go for it and enjoy your life!!
boher88 - | 3
13 Mar 2012 #5
Polish men like to drink, but they're also hardworking. You have to be careful, because Polish men are often nice at the beginning, after some time the can change extremely much. However, I think Polish men are generally handsome and they're surely worth to get know them very well :)
Vieslava - | 23
13 Mar 2012 #6
His mother was Polish and his father was American .... so I'm assuming he was born in the US.
If he was born in US ..... why do write of him as if he was from another planet??? Is he that much different???

Woman to woman advice: do not marry anyone unless your HEART dances in your chest and your heart is connected to your BRAIN and dances for the right reasons.
puffrooster - | 5
7 Apr 2012 #7
That's a stereotype if ever I heard one! My mother is Polish and my father was born in Canada (although his parents were born in Poland); and even though I used to drink, moderatly, I don't drink at all now, not even socially. I don't smoke, eat red meat or pork, or watch TV. I also used to know other Polish men who also didn't drink or behave, "typically" Polish. It has more to do with the man's upbringing, social morals, enviroment and religion than his culture.
5 Jun 2019 #8

American woman dating Polish man

I've been dating my polish boyfriend for awhile. He's lived here for most of his life (lived in Poland for about 6 years when he was in elementary school and now visits every 6 weeks like clockwork). He says Polish relationships are different than American ones. I'm just curious what Polish men typically look for/expect in a woman? And would his family and friends in Poland be okay with the fact that I'm American?
pawian 200 | 21,529
5 Jun 2019 #9
Polish men expect their women to be intelligent, decent, good mothers and cooks, sexy, pretty. In this order or another depending on individual expectations.
I hope you possess all or at least most of those traits. Do you?

As for family expectations, do you mean North, Central or South America? Each has certain stereotypes attached which might make a difference.
5 Jun 2019 #10
North America - US!
pawian 200 | 21,529
5 Jun 2019 #11
Well, the popular Polish stereotype about North Americans is that they are rich or very rich but they are not too bright intellectually (a typical example -Donald Trump).

Hmmm, what can you do about it? Don`t worry about the first part, being rich isn`t so bad, Poland has been a capitalist country for 30 years now. As for brightness, I suggest you mention you have finished college or sth like that - it should be enough to dissipate their stereotypical bias (if it ever appears).
Miloslaw 14 | 4,930
5 Jun 2019 #12
Well, the popular Polish stereotype about North Americans is that they are rich

Only compared to Poles...... no, Poles are brighter than that.
Another bit of Pawian stereotyping.
Lyzko 37 | 8,707
5 Jun 2019 #13
Stereotyping's just a convenient peg upon which to hang one's experience of any particular group:-)

My own encounters with Polish men (as well as women) have been typically that of my ESL students, therefore limited to a microcosm of only the most interested visitors to the States. For this reason, it wouldn't be quite fair to evalutate them in comparison with those whom I met while visiting Poland.

I will say, that Polish men on the whole gave the distinct impression of almost dogmatic self-confidence and assertiveness about their beliefs, sometimes to the point of appearing direct, even blunt or didactic.

In this way, they tended to resemble many Germans I observed while living abroad, only much more emotional on the surface.

Please stick to the topic
8 Jun 2019 #14
Visits every 6 weeks? Big warning signal! Sounds like he has another relationship going on there or a family. You should investigate. It's not the nationality that makes a man a jerk. A man of any nationality can be a jerk. There are good Polish men out there. Protect yourself. And don't let your emotions get the better of you...because you just end up being the sucker. I have a Polish friend who is from Poland and married her husband in Poland and moved to North America with their kids. In the end, he was visiting Poland on a regular basis because he was seeing another woman...after 25 years of marriage.
pawian 200 | 21,529
8 Jun 2019 #15
That`s amazing that they want to spend so much money on having lovers across the Atlantic. .

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