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Polish Girls vs Russian Girls

shopgirl 6 | 928
10 Jun 2007 #391
OK, then can you elaborate at all? Is it hard for you to make a cultural comparison in this area? Where could one find a study on this topic?
southern 75 | 7,096
10 Jun 2007 #392
I do not know.There are sociologists who are engaged with this.I speak from my limited empirical evidence.
In general slavic girls are more open,easy going and not very demanding.Communism had a ceratin influence as well.For example they are good educated although they do not have money.They were also born in egalitarian society which made them more concentrated in human relationships and less in materialistic needs.It is complex to explain.

For example in communism nobody had more money.Everyone was the same.So the girls chose the one who they really liked.Everything was provided by the state they did not need to worry about where to leave the children,economical needs etc.This created a different kind of girls who now astonish the western men.

They are more relaxed,more submissive and offer a lot of love.They also have superior education in many aspects.Western society does not value arts for example as much as they are valued in slavic culture.Now of course the market society tends to vanish some of these features.

If you go to Eastern Germany you will see that the mentality of girls is very different from West Germany.They both have the same genes,though there was different upbringing.In my opinion former East Germany is the perfect place to study these differences and then add the slavic character to move to more eastern countries.
adelup - | 8
10 Jun 2007 #393
For example in communism nobody had more money.Everyone was the same.So the girls chose the one who they really liked

southern: I don't see any connection with the communism!!! i thought the communism brought only oppression and miseries, Maybe is to do with slave race?
10 Jun 2007 #394
For example in communism nobody had more money.

I have to agree with you - good observations S.
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
11 Jun 2007 #395
For example in communism nobody had more money

Some animals wee more equal than others. Don't recall the proletariat owning Dachas in the woods outside Moscow for example.
Hueg - | 320
11 Jun 2007 #396
Some animals were more equal than others.

Well quite. Look at Rowan Williams, it's even written into his contract. Cheeky Monkey.
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
11 Jun 2007 #397
Chortle, chortle. Its' about time we got the C of E into the forum. BTW does he prefer Russian girls or Polish girls? I think we should be told,
Gigel - | 23
11 Jun 2007 #398
I never met any Russian girls except Russian-Americans. But my personal preference which is what we are truly talking about here is for the Polka.

I also like Polish girls. But, you see, this first time I had the chance to meet some was on a grant in Bielefeld, Germany. The same about the Russian girls - many, many.

Otherwise, I just knew about the Russian chicks in Danube Delta - man, there are also some women there - but some of them are already arranged, with fishermen. :))) They are Russian people aboiut whom the Russians in Russia don`t even want to hear - they seem not to know anything about Lipovans. They went to Danube Delta in the 16th century to escape religious prosecutions. They are today still adventists.

Now of course the market society tends to vanish some of these features.

To a large extent you are right. Even 100%. You are right, we now also face the problems of market society, not only the good part. But, real art will remain art (painting, literature-who still has time, yeah..., and old good music - classical, jazz), what will come next - that`s the problem of showbiz, we had jambo-rap??, now we have dance, pop, I think techno is the best thing I`ve heard among the commercial music. Commerical art, in general, like sculpture etc And even literature.
freebird 3 | 532
11 Jun 2007 #399
It is a matter of taste

you've got that right son :-)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
11 Jun 2007 #400
freebird, have you met Amathyst?
Amathyst, this is freebird.

You two have something to talk about! :D

:) nice to see someone with the same view as me :)

As for:-

I dunno? I dont think its nationality thats important, its how you were brought up...your environment and that enviroment grows into its nation.

Who the hell are you to judge women on their behavour! Oh and as for South African girls, I hear that they are up for it as my English male friends tell me! So it would appear that they are as just as bad as their slutty European counterparts!
Iskra 1 | 42
15 Sep 2007 #401
slutty European

The "Slutty Europeans" actualy tended to be (without pointing finger at) NOT EASTERN EUROPEAN - the other parts of Europe.... BUT

A LOT OF GIRLS IN EASTERN EUROPE (and it is sadly true) are tricked by dark contracts - that is, they are looking to make it big as dancers, actresses, etc. (generally dancers or both).

They land of persons who offer them reality to their dreams, opportunities of travel, but they must sign a contract (and often even provide some payment).

The contracts are often in a language the girls may not understand and a "translator" is provided. The translation is false, and the girls are digged into a potentially fatal contract signing them as prostitues, strippers and such type of occupations (so yes - they're dancers and actresses, but not the kind to be famous - the kind to be infamous).

These girls cannot get out of the contract, because the people will (WILL AND DO) KILL THEM. The Police are too slow to capture these criminals. And unfortunate at the moment a lot of Eastern European girls are being targeted.

So this is where the mixed messages come from about the "slutty" image - when it is much deeper than what you think.... and I feel sorry for the girls. But there is now becoming a compulary education for thoes who wish to be artists (such as I am), to attend certified (that mean government approved / world renound) places of education for dance and performances.

This is the only places where girls like me will have the proper knowledge of how to avoid dark contracts and false promises. As my parents say, education is the key to the world.
southern 75 | 7,096
18 Sep 2007 #402
I have heard that some girls make even 40000 euro per 3 months by such contracts and then return back.
23 Sep 2007 #403
You are talking about a person - nobody is the same so you should just look for a girl from your own country
27 Sep 2007 #404
You guys generalize so much.

I've been married to a Polish Girl for the last three years, and I can tell you.
Polish women are great partners. She's caring, pretty, has similar values, and most importanly she loves for what I am, and not what I might have or represent.

I don't know much about Russian women but I'm sure there ae nice ones too!
Generalizations and stereotypes are never a good thing.
4 Oct 2007 #405
The answer to this generalized question is very simple. As far as looks go Russian and Polish girls are the same. In fact it would be impossible to tell who is Polish and who is Russian looking at two naked girls. The differences could be in their views about world or past events, which is natural given that "Russia ruled other nations" and "Poland was ruled by others".
Polson 5 | 1,770
4 Oct 2007 #406
...make a Polish girl and a Russian girl fight in the mud, and we'll see who win... ;D

And i forgot to say "naked", it's better for the show...more natural, ya know... XD LoL
13 Oct 2007 #407
polish girls kick ass XD
17 Oct 2007 #408
The polish women are very pretty. and the russian girls too.

there no different, only in the passport, woman is woman, and they are beautifull
20 Oct 2007 #409
There is no difference between Russian and Polish girls. Both speak a Slavic language and both are of Slavic origin. In fact, these two groups were one tribe long time ago. What splintered the Poles off from Russians is that they settled in the fields of Eastern Europe (POLE ....pronounced pohl-eh in both Russian and Polish means "the field"), and the language over the centuries changed in such a way so that many words are still identical. The main antagonising historical factor between the Russians and the Poles is that whereas Russia chose to follow Roman Empires Byzantiam Kingdom's faith and remain Christian Orthodox, the Poles chose Christianity of western persuasion and fell under the authority of the Pope in Vatican. This has become the primary antagonizing factor especially after the Polish Army invaded and ruled Moscow 1610-12 and attempted to forcefully convert Russians to Catholicism. The Russians were already Christian and so took the Polish pretender to Russian Throne, burned him, stuffed his ashes into a large cannon, pointed the cannon in the direction of Poland and symbolically shot the ashes back to the West from where most of its historical invaders came from.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
20 Oct 2007 #410
Russian miss 2007 ... :) I prefer our girls :)
Polson 5 | 1,770
20 Oct 2007 #411
...a question : what is the typical Polish girls style ? Thr typical Russian girls style ? Are there any style ?...don't know ;)
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
20 Oct 2007 #412
Miss Poland 2006

Miss Poland 2005

Our girls are much more stylish (in my opinion) :)
Polson 5 | 1,770
20 Oct 2007 #413
Polish girls are better ;D LoL
emko - | 3
29 Oct 2007 #414
This is rather a weird comparison................!!!
braves1957 1 | 2
1 Nov 2007 #415
I would love to meet both Polish women and Russian. I think they are both classy. The question is how do you meet them and where in the States?
4 Nov 2007 #416
Russian women are far more exotic and age the best.

when i was in warsaw polish women tend to be stuck up. compared to the women in minsk, polish women have little chance. Russian women have better personalities.
Polson 5 | 1,770
4 Nov 2007 #417
compared to the women in minsk

Minsk ? city of Belarus ?...
z_darius 14 | 3,968
5 Nov 2007 #418
In fact it would be impossible to tell who is Polish and who is Russian looking at two naked girls.

Unless you are Polish or Russian ;)

The differences could be in their views about world or past events, which is natural given that "Russia ruled other nations" and "Poland was ruled by others".

That fluctuated.
Russia was actually ruled by others longer than Poland.
squaddie 1 | 1
26 Nov 2007 #419
i totally agree that both polish and russian girls are very beautiful, they are also pleasant to be with especially polish girls. But in my personal experience polish girls are more homely, and not so money orientated as russian girls. Again based on my personal experience if i had to choose between marrying a polish or russian girl, i would most definetly marry a polish girl.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,769
26 Nov 2007 #420
i don't know but if another pole asks me "what do you think of our women?" i 'm gonna go bananas.
gaaawwwd, i can't even decide where to begin with how stupid a question that is and all the crap sentiments that are loaded in it.

p.s. Polish ladies are cute (my g/f is the cutest) but Russians got sum'n sexy goin on that is out of this world.

Now upstairs, hmmm, can't say i've really clicked with too many of either, i got a rather shallow impression of the majority of ladies i've met from both countries (sad to say).

The whole religion thing and it being such a dictating force in the average polkÄ…'s life can be a lil frustrating though. I'm not sure if one would encounter that living in Russia as the Russians i've met were all abroad.

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