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Polish girls want to be dominated. Fact?

rtz - | 46
26 Feb 2012 #61
And you're insane if you think money has anything to do with this.

don't be naive.

The bitter truth:

1. You're always on your own. Build your life and a woman will find you and pick you from the crowd.
2. Women are meant to care about their childs, not men. They're moody because of their nature, can't blame them.
3. Love is very abstract, there's huge difference of what's going on in your and her head while in the same boat...

The show must go on.

Good luck!
vero - | 1
27 Mar 2012 #62
I am from Poland(polish citizen)...i am in UK for almost 6 month and i am widower.

When i first came to London i meet a Asian man from Malaysia and for all-most five month i am living with him.

Now i want to married him.....but he(my boyfriend) is over stayed for seven(7) years in London and his passport is expired too.

The documents i have is :

1) my birth certificate.

2) my husband death certificate.

3) Polish ID.

4) two current proof of address(as same as my boyfriend address).

a) Bank Statement(same as my boyfriend's Bank).

b) Utilities bill(as same as my boyfriend address).

5) My UK National Insurance Number(NI number).

6) Proof of Pictures living together

The documents my boyfriend have is :

1) His birth certificate.

2) His expired passport.

3) His Malaysian ID.

4) two current proof of address(same address as mine).

One of my friend told me that Scotland is the best place to married(without any problem).

But i genuinely love him and he genuinely love me how should i married him.

My Question is

1) Please advice me what should i do...??

2) Will i face any problem if i go and apply in Registrar Office for marriage..??

3) Do i need to go to Scotland or i can do it here in London..??

4) What other documents we need...??

5) Would the Registrar Office allow me to married him..?

I will be very much appreciate and will be obligate toward you for your current valid answer,

looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. bye for now and many thanks.


26 Apr 2012 #63
hey guy seems ur wrong to me u lost her when u spent time apart

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