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Why do frustrated men ask silly questions about Polish women or girls?

skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
2 Mar 2011 #31
Don't see how one must berate one to please the other. Do you?
King Sobieski 2 | 716
2 Mar 2011 #32
Don't wake us up from our dreams in the land of Polans.

anyone got the errol interpreter?
beckski 12 | 1,617
13 Mar 2011 #33
why do frustrated men ask silly questions about polish women or girls

I've received PM's from different guys in the past. They were seeking relationship advice, pertaining to Polish women who they've dated. Shortly after, most of the guys ended up trying to hit on me.
BBman - | 344
13 Mar 2011 #34
but not beautiful as french or spanish .

Polish women are easier than the above. You gotta work hard to catch a spanish chica whereas Polish women require much less effort to get (but more work later on in life, ie after marriage). I try to steer clear of polish women, only dated 2 briefly when i lived in Poland. IMO Polish women = good only in the short run.
Albanaich 2 | 31
13 Mar 2011 #35
Solutu. . . . you have no understanding of the cultural values of Polish society.

Most non Northern European cultures regard lying as totally socially acceptable. It's what you do to get what you want.

While and Arab might say to a girl on the street that he met 30 minutes before that she was the most beautiful girl in the world and that he was in love with her - most Polish men and Scandinavians would need a bottle of Vodka before they would come out with those words.

That's because they would mean what they say.

They wouldn't be saying it to get the girl into bed
HunnyB - | 4
13 Mar 2011 #36
It is because Polish girls are easy. They will screw anybody like a bunny rabbit and they can be very pretty when they are young, thing is they blimp out real fast.
amyfrom Canada
13 Mar 2011 #37
IMO Polish women = good only in the short run.

Maybe you are a short runner, it is easy to run short distance , isn`t it ?
French and Spanish are the easiest girls I have ever met . I dated also some Polish girls and I can say that they are so cute and very well educated , so if a guy doesn`t have brains , sorry you better go for southern type , kind of bimbo type .....
HunnyB - | 4
15 Mar 2011 #38
I dated also some Polish girls and I can say that they are so cute and very well educated

make me chuckle :)
Jos - | 5
25 Mar 2011 #39
I agree with you. I can see how you feel about these comments in this internet and I apologize for it. I hope this will not stop you reading and commenting in this site.
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
25 Mar 2011 #40
Women are the same from any country. Illogical.

They can be pretty and illogical or ugly and illogical but always illogical :)

I'm having trouble with my Polish Ex GF at the moment. Nothing I can't handle though.
11 Jul 2016 #41
I'm an English woman but Chinese/french/Irish mix. I think I'm not pretty however beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have a very handsome 9 yrs younger Polak husband. Back to the subject. Polish girls 70 % are gorgeous. They are smaller boned. Lady like. Just old fashioned different. I think it's because their ancestors didn't really breed out of their villages so in theory there are alot of pure Poles. On saying that you do have a percentage of Poles with hook noses. This is not a serious answer by the way. Just my crazy insight. P.s Spanish girls have a shelf life. As do all nationalities. Oh sorry no black people age beautifully. When their asses get fat they look amazing. Anyhow yes Polish girls are pretty. Husbands munters though 😂
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016 #42
This is all opinionated. I'm American and I prefer Slavic women over anything and believe Polish women are gorgeous. Maybe cause I'm Polish-American. But, my point is views on looks are opinions, not facts. It's called preference.

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