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Any English guys give me advice please. Are Polish women very different to English women?

1 Nov 2012 #31
Update: Just found out my polish girlfriend cheated on me last night with a polish guy from work,

Sorry to hear that but don't take it personally. Polish girls can be very sweet and make you think you are the most important thing in the world and you are in a way but they have to have a back up! A lot of these women only rate themselves through having blokes, don't know why? may be they can't cope without a bloke or the wages aren't high enough? It's not a reflection on you mate or them really it's just the way most of them are.
landora - | 199
4 Nov 2012 #32
English guys with polish girlfriends be very careful!! I never thought she was capable of this and she was left my world in tatters.

Yeah, because English/American/French etc. girls NEVER cheat on their boyfriends, ever!
What is with those stereotypes??
10 Jan 2013 #33
If you want a relationship with a girl don't use sexual banter or push it like you would with English girls.

Go to the Irish Mbassy and tell the boys this, they will laugh you out of the house.
ron kemp - | 3
1 Apr 2015 #34
SMP Oct 22, 2012, 11:09am #29

I am in a relationship with a Polish girl after having been with an English girl.

Things started amazing with the Polish girl, she is beautiful, we did everything for each other ... but now our relationship is in tatters. Her moods swings are killer and she seems in constant conflict with herself about what she wants in life. She is torn between her love for me and then her desire to be free. Just a sip of alcohol turns her feelings against me every time and leads to massive arguments.

I can sympathise with the above comment from smp, I was until recently in a 11 year relationship with a Polish lady and we went through thick and thin. The big issues for me was a sip of alcohol and she turned into a living nightmare, culminating in broken bones and bruises, mine. I found that over time she had no idea what she wanted to do and no matter how much support it was never enough and it was ALWAYS my fault. I found her not interested in material things but again not interested in anything per say.

I would say I'm my particular situation ( this not being critical in all Polish women) that she had issues with a great deal of things English, by that I mean she ate like there was no tomorrow and just couldn't leave a cup of tea or a drink until it had all gone. She blamed this on her upbringing as her family were quite poor, she blamed the binge drinking on her parents break up and blamed her physically abusing me on her father hitting her mother.

So you see ladies and gentleman their are pros and cons about Polish / English women but it's all about the individuals f you get a good partner you can and want to share your whole life with and the highs and lows are not too big a swing then go for it and good luck
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
1 Apr 2015 #35
I've been with my missus (Polish) now for 6-7 years.

She genuinely has the biggest heard on anyone I've ever met, she'll always put others before herself and go the extra mile, even when it's not required.

On the other hand she can be horrendously jealous and very materialistic, the latter of which surprises me greatly as she grew up with next to nothing and I assumed that she would be a frugal individual. However she has addressed that issue somewhat as she has responsibility for the majority of the family's finances and so she is forced to be careful with money ;)

At the end of the day all women have their virtues and vices, it just comes in a different shapes and sizes, just like men.
2 Apr 2015 #36
my advice is this mate, british women are either gold diggers or career seekers and its them them and them you are either with them or not its as simple as that....they are not a very stick through thick and thin kinda material.......very rare occasions you might find one. their more esquire and zoo magazine stuff ( thank your media ) while with polish women they are more loyal and will care about your worries and pain....
Roger5 1 | 1,458
2 Apr 2015 #37
She genuinely has the biggest heard on anyone I've ever met

I don't know if that's good or not, but it sounds like you've got a good one.

horrendously jealous and very materialistic

Can't women of all nationalities be the jealous type? Take it as a complement. Polish women tended to be less materialistic than those in some other European countries, but the mass media and advertising are changing that. I'm fortunate to have a very thrifty Polish missus. When I told my brother that she didn't like gold, he just stared at me and said, "You lucky bastard!"
15 Sep 2015 #38
Hi, I'm a 25yr old English guy, I've dated many English girls but non of which I've been happy with, until I met this polish girl. We have now been together 4 years and and we are very happy together. Personally from my experience with women, they are different, when growing up they are thought the values of life, to be respectful, honest loyal and faithful, their culture is totally different to ours, they are hoard working, and determined and they do value the simple things in life, the things we usually take for granted. My honest assessment is, go for it, not all polish woman are differ, same where ever you go.. But the majority are great. All the best pal.
21 Sep 2015 #39
UK/US/AUSTRALIA/CANADA/NZ/IRELAND are the most horrible women in the western world for sure (and among the worst world wide).

1) manipulating
2) play mind games all the time.
3) entitled.. they are 4's and 5's most of the time but believe they are legit 10's that deserve a 6'2 doctor who earns 80k a year lol.

4) fat.. they think big is beautiful and roughly 70% of women are quite overweight or straight up obese...
5) Ignorant.. you cannot hold a decent conversation with 90% of women in the anglosphere.. if you dont talk about a crappy dj of turn or the last gossip of celebrities you are a weirdo and/or an outcast.

6) lazy.. they can go outside with sweatpants and sandals and they dont give a damn.. men should love them regardless of their appearance, no? after all men in the english speakin nations are some of the biggest betas who would line up to get a chance of a below average fat female who has an ego so large that actually matches their pear shaped silouette.. lol
Wulkan - | 3,249
21 Sep 2015 #40
NZ/IRELAND are the most horrible women in the western world

Since when New Zealand is western world?
James mallone - | 9
21 Sep 2015 #41
Best avoided. ...........

Unless u like polish rules on alimony and limited contact with your kids

Trust me......I'd go further and say .. stay well clear of any woman east of Berlin -

The older ones ( mothers of the current lot) are lovely ...the younger ones ...their little selfish princesses
are something else.
Ironside 50 | 10,907
21 Sep 2015 #42
UK/US/AUSTRALIA/CANADA/NZ/IRELAND are the most horrible women in the western world for sure (and among the worst world wide).

Hmm if you have problem with women that can understand you, seems like the problem lay in you not those women. If you expect that Polish women to be meek, obeying and quite without their will, you are off your tangent man.
21 Sep 2015 #43
Maniac66 - what a horrible little man you are, you sum up British men very well, very bitter.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
21 Sep 2015 #44
you sum up British men very well

What makes you think he's British?



I'd guess American.
16 Aug 2018 #45
Hey, I'm a Polish woman and I've been living in England for almost 7 years now. I don't believe there is such thing as a good/bad Polish girl. People are either compatible or not. Sometimes it doesn't work out with an English girl nor a Polish girl because you are not compatible, it's not the nationality and it is very ignorant to say it. I've been in a relationship with both Polish and English. I have to admit that there are a lot of differences. English men are sweet, caring and thoughtful and it is great to be with them...and God some of them are really handsome. I think they are good life partners and you can have a good life if you find a RIGHT one for yourself.....a bit boring but calm and cosistent. Same with a Polish girl-she can make you very happy if you find THE RIGHT person. I find Polish men much more masculine, decisive and determined -if they like you they fight for you. English men aren't so chivalrous and I strugle with that because in Poland we are taught that it is a man who chases a woman not the other way round and English might need few bottles of wine to express their interest....which most Polish women would find very, very funny or/ not very masculine. I'll definitly say this is something that really turns me off. Polish men are much better at sex, great lovers in general and this is very tempting. However, Poles are guite often troublemakers and the relationship can be a bit troublesome. I agree with the idea that you can have a stable, calm but a bit boring realtionship with an English but passionate, romatic but a bit bumpy reationship with a Polish man. Same with Polish girls. Stil the choice is yours to make....
Lyzko 29 | 7,230
16 Aug 2018 #46
As an American briefly in Poland once some while back, all I can add is that Poles, women in this case, can come on strong even by comparison with the US, and exceptionally self-confident at first meeting. I've numerous contact opportunities with Poles almost every day for my work and this image has usually been confirmed.

Whether this is compensatory or not, I really can't say. It has been my experience across the board.

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