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Culture of Polish people (searching for a Polish guy who is the father of my baby)

ShortHairThug - | 1,103
15 Jan 2011 #31
We don't know the full story

OP has every right to search for a deadbeat dad. If he's man enough to make a baby, he should be man enough to support it or at very least acknowledge his own flash and blood and if it'll take the courts for him to realize this, let it be so, no need for the kid to suffer, it's not the kids fault. Full story will come out at the paternity test, a fitting end to his island adventure, end of story.
OP nyx 1 | 10
17 Jan 2011 #32
ok... now I dont like being called names and Ms IAMPERFECT sh*t.. making judgments on people you have no clue about, is something that "Perfect" people wouldnt do!

FYI.. the man in question has never said that he doesnt want to have anything to do with his daughter, as a matter of fact when I told him I was pregnant, he was adamant that he wanted to keep the kid and get a divorce from his wife. Of course, now I know that he was not even being true to himself. Another fact is that I received an email from him a couple days ago saying that he wants to send money for her, and that he just cant give her a relationship right now! But you know what? I DONT WANT HIS MONEY!! I want my daughter to know who is her birth father. I want him to be a REAL man and own up to the responsibility of our shared irresponsbility! Money is not the only responsbility a man has to his child. In case you dont know, he also should provide his love and care.

Just as you, Ms IAM.. I hate people who judge other people! You sitting there, wherever you are and calling me a "hoe" (the correct spelling is *******"), is by far the dumbest thing I've read in quite a while. I never realised how stupid some people in this world can really be. Were you there when he held me at nights saying how unhappy he was in his marriage and crying because he knew he may never be able to get out! Were you there when I told him I was pregnant and he vowed to be the best father to our kid? No! YOU werent!

I agree, it was wrong of me to get involved with someone who is already in a marriage, but you know what... I AM NOT PERFECT! and neither is he! So we did something that was wrong and out of that, came a beautiful little girl who is my world. I cry each night knowing that because of my irresponsible behaviour, she may never experience her right to have a normal relationship with her father. But I WILL NOT sit here and watch you or anyone else (who doesnt know me) to judge me or my character, without defending myself.

I handle my responsibility. I take care of my little girl and I give her all the love and care in the world. She may never even realise that he is not in her life until she is an adult, but I will not stop hoping that she can have a relationship with him.

To all the rest of you who have had positive responses, thank you.. and God bless!
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
17 Jan 2011 #33
I wish you the best of luck, and i hope that somehow you daughter will grow up knowing who her father was.
OP nyx 1 | 10
18 Jan 2011 #34
Thank you hague!
George8600 10 | 636
19 Jan 2011 #35
How are you people being so realistic about this?! Her post (especially the title) is a racial slur against Polish people and culture. This happens in every country, I met an American woman here in Illinois who was abandoned with her 3 month y.o. daughter and was begging for money to go find the husband.
OP nyx 1 | 10
19 Jan 2011 #36
How the heck can you even think this has any racial slurs in it! My daughter is half Polish! Please.. if you have no real contribution, stay quiet! And if you'd read the thread you would realise that its not money I want!
smurf 39 | 1,981
19 Jan 2011 #37
If this goes to court he'll probably be able to use forum thread against against you as some kind of harassment.

You should hire a private investigator to find him and then begin court proceedings, won't cost much, you're in England so your sterling will go much further than if you were earning zlotys.

Anyway, i hope you you & your kid get the money that you deserve and that he doesn't get away with this terrible behaviour
19 Jan 2011 #38
but are you still searching for him in internet? he contacted you via email...
19 Jan 2011 #39
ut you know what? I DONT WANT HIS MONEY!!

That's good: it's not for you anyway, it is for your (plural form) daughter. If you really do not want to use it while bringing her up, just invest it all in a fund which matures the day that she finishes school. Then you tell her that this is the month which her father paid every month and she can spend on college or as a deposit on her first apartment or give it all back to him or just stick it all on a single spin of a roulette wheel: it's her money and she can do what she wants with it.

Sorry but I do not approve of parents (almost always mothers) who let their pride get in the way of what is best for their children.

Her post (especially the title) is a racial slur against Polish people and culture.

Thank you for once again confirming that you are an idiot.
19 Jan 2011 #40
yes, she should fight for her doughter's future.just not in this way i'm afraid.

how come you know almost nothing about the father of your baby?
anyway i wish you good luck in finding him if he's not resposible enough to take care of his own i said before i think i might have found just need to write polish aplhabet letters in his name and surname.(the guy i have found perfectly matches your short description)i won't post the link here.i still think it's not a good idea(it might be someone else as well)
Chrysalis 5 | 30
20 Jan 2011 #41
This situation is becoming most unfortunate. If word gets out, we could have a very serious thread here! Folks should be careful. I wish only the best possible outcome for everyone involved, especially the kid, but Anonymous does it for the lulz...

The men always end up getting screwed. I'm a female by the way and hate women who mess with married men and the expect to get treated like they're are something special.

You are awesome.

well..i've found that guy. i'm sure it's him. it's really easy to find people in internet if you only want:/ anyway, it looks like he is still with his wife. i won't give you the link to find him. i'm sure you'll find another way to do it. i'm not sure if it's legal to provide people's details on some internet forum. we only know your version of the story....sorry.

You as well. Let's hear it for some common-sense restraint.

and to Puella.. sorry but how else would I get the info I require?

This question is moot. If you are a good person, it's probably not possible since you would lack the intelligence to extend that kind of consideration. If you're a bad person, then you're not actually sorry deep down inside.
OP nyx 1 | 10
15 Mar 2012 #42
I am here once again, but only to issue a public apology for posting his name on the internet. I understand now that it is very detrimental to his livelihood that this thread even exists and for this I am terribly sorry. It was never my intention to hurt this man, only to find him. I have asked the moderators to remove the thread but unfortunately I was told that it cannot be done. I have heard from him and he has been occasionally assisting his daughter, and I have apologised to him for this thread. I would appreciate if this is not used against him in any way, as it was never my intention for this to hurt him. Once again, I am sorry!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
15 Mar 2012 #43
I understand now that it is very detrimental to his livelihood that this thread even exists and for this I am terribly sorry.

names have been removed
OP nyx 1 | 10
22 Mar 2012 #44
Thank you so much!!
19 Mar 2014 #45
Advice: Next time use condoms and some common sense.

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