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Cards for occasions - Polish custom for couples?

Jennywren 2 | 2
23 Apr 2018 #1
Hi, is it Polish custom for couples to give each other gifts on special occasions but not cards?

mafketis 24 | 9,126
23 Apr 2018 #2
Hard to say without knowing what special occasions you're talking about. But Poland is not really a card giving culture. Until well after the communist period there was hardly any such thing (there were special postcards used in some contexts....)

There are cards now but giving them is very far from a general common custom. Small (often kind of symbolic) gifts are the norm.
Richthecat 8 | 68
24 Apr 2018 #3
Hi there

I noticed this to upun moving here that finding a birthday card is near on impossible. Once before my Polish was passable I found in tescos some cards and picking one which had a pretty picture of a bird on it and what I thought was Happy Birthday I was happy that I could give this to my wife. Upon reciept however she explained that the card was lovely but the text read "get well soon" ooops one of the many challenges of living here with very little language.

The only market which is strong for cards seems to be cards for christenings communions and weddings as far as I can see

Hope this helps
OP Jennywren 2 | 2
25 Apr 2018 #4
Hi, both replies have been really helpful - thank you :)

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