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Where in Warsaw would be a good place to buy an engagement ring??

24 Nov 2013 #1
I've been living in Poland for a little over a year and I've been going out with my girlfriend for over 3 years and it's time to propose.

However I wondered if anyone might have advice about where in Warsaw might be a good place to buy a ring? Like the big jewellery shops in Zlote Terasy or Galeria Mokotow? Or are they probably overpriced? Has anyone had good experiences with buying jewellery in Warsaw or advice that they can share?

Bassem - | 22
25 Nov 2013 #2
you can try "Złote Tarasy" in downtown there are alot of places there, if you plan to buy diamond ring try to read this education blog [] at least you will have basic knowledge, Congratulations.
14 Apr 2014 #3
sorry buddy do not know where to get ring in warsaw but just a advice that you shoul get the ring appraisal at the right place there so if you are finding a place to also find a place to get it appraised
K_Marciniak - | 10
15 Apr 2014 #4
You could also check shops that offer jewellry designed by young Polish designers:

You may find something more original and unique than in chain stores (like Kruk, Apart etc.)

Good luck!
Brian B
28 Aug 2015 #5
Looking to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend while on holiday in Poznan Poland, can anyone help please.
Brian B

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