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Witamy, Guest
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Does any venue in Warsaw play 60s music?

12 Sep 2017  #1

Can't stand modern stuff, not enamoured with 70s disco..craving the 60s

cms 9 | 1,301    
12 Sep 2017  #2

Platinum used to have the odd Motown night and you will find plenty of places slightly out of town doing Polish 60s music for an old crowd.

Can't think of much else though - it's not going to be a great commercial proposition - most Poles never got the chance to hear it much
jon357 69 | 13,499    
12 Sep 2017  #3

A few places play Polish music from the 60s. Very pedestrian, usually sounds like it was written by a committee.

Home / Life / Does any venue in Warsaw play 60s music?
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