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Is Polish Trance music the best in the world?

PolskiMoc 4 | 323
3 Jul 2011 #1
To me Polish Trance music is the best Trance music in the world.

Some say that the Netherlands with Tiesto & Germany with ATB has the best Trance.

But, I think Polish trance makes Tiesto & ATB look rather mediocre'

This one kind of reminds me of Armin Van Buuren but I think it is much better

This is the first Polish Trance I heard & I have been hooked since.

I don't get why Polish Trance is not more popular?

It seems that Poles have to work twice as hard to get known & famous. It is not just Poles but other Slavs too.
jayjay11 1 | 4
26 Jul 2011 #2
I used to go raving/clubbing a lot back in the day, saw Tiestio, van Buuren, Deamau5 etc etc live but my favorite DJ was a local to Toronto, check it out:

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