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What is going on in Polish Music

17 Jan 2006 /  #1
Hi all,
I haven't been in Poland for a few years and I'm interested what is going on in the music world right now. I hope there are new artists and good music is being done. Could someone fill me in on this topic?
17 Jan 2006 /  #2
It deepens on what kind of music you prefer. I hope not "Disco Polo" (it's not that popular as it used to be several years ago). I think other "old-timers" do well, for example "Budka Suflera", "Perfect" or "Bajm". I live abroad too so probably a person from Poland could give more knowledgeable opinion.
OP Marzena  
17 Jan 2006 /  #3
Oh no - surely NOT disco polo... :). Are there any new artists on the scene? Are there good new albums you recommend? Thanks.
17 Jan 2006 /  #4
What kind of music do you like?
OP Marzena  
17 Jan 2006 /  #5
Hmm, that's a hard one. I like a little bit of everything actually... but I'm willing to try anything new and see how I like it. Lately I've been listening to Turnau and Kowalska.

Does anyone have first-hand news about what's going on in the music world in Poland these days?
18 Jan 2006 /  #6
You can listen and see some clips of the Polish music at
18 Jan 2006 /  #7
You will have heard of Myslovits, right? And "Golec Orkiestra", who are now basically repeating themselves.
For a touch of poetry, a strong male voice and austere melodiies, try Raz-Dwa-Trzy
And then there's Kazik of course.
OP Marzena  
18 Jan 2006 /  #8
Thanks for the link, it's very good.

Yes, I've heard Myslovits.. this is what depressing really means hehe :) - j/k. I'm going to check out the other ones now :).
18 Jan 2006 /  #9
You are welcome! :). I think Polish music is too much focused on the American trends. Polish rap, for example, is one of the most popular music theme in Poland. The same sounds, lyrics, vocals - even clothes -- the only difference is that the lyrics are in Polish language. Other than that, there are great Polish composers (classics or jazz for example) but such music is not for the masses :|.

Another trend is - there are many bands or vocals that were very popular in the 80-ties or 90-ties and they come back, for example Bajm, Budka Suflera, Perfect, Lady Pank, to name a few. However, I think it's good they come back as some of the newer bands can still learn from them.
OP Marzena  
18 Jan 2006 /  #10
Oh, I didn't know anything about Polish rap! hehe. Maybe one consoling thing is that other countries also copy American styles, even Germany. You'd be shocked (assuming you haven't been yet) how Germans americanize themselves, it's disgusting :).

Again, I'm going to ask for recommendations if you have any - I'm not a fan of jazz, but classical and even rap are welcome :).
19 Jan 2006 /  #11
AArgh, It's MyslovitZ, of course. I posted a correction immediately yesterday but it didn't show. They aren't really depressing or if they are, it's a pop type of depression.

Remember Voo Voo? Waglewski's two sons now play something techno, but it's not really that easy to pin it down to a style. This is closer to sounding depressing. They go by the name Twożywo Sztuczne, I think.
OP Marzena  
19 Jan 2006 /  #12
Thanks for letting us know. Actually I don't really know Voo Voo, but anything techno sounds good to me :), we'll see what it actually is then... I hope it's not too depressing. Any special titles you remember?
19 Jan 2006 /  #13
As far as I know Voo Voo plays mostly once a year during the "Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy". It's sort of rock/blues music.
19 Jan 2006 /  #14
Last year I was in Poland and I really liked the band called Wilki with Robert Gawlinski as vocal (I understand Polish). You should listen to their music and profound words.
OP Marzena  
20 Jan 2006 /  #15
Oh, cool. I'm going to search for them. Shame how little I've known about Polish music :).
20 Jan 2006 /  #16
Here is their official site:

Here is a full song to listen online (copy-paste the whole link into your web browser): e_pokonal_cien.wma

Here is the full video clip online:
OP Marzena  
20 Jan 2006 /  #17
Thanks for the links. I couldn't make them work, but I found the clips on a different web site. I always liked Gawlinski, I'm sure you know the song "pijemy za lepszy czas..", although I don't understand why we have to drink for the better times... but somehow the song has this nice optimistic light tone which I like :).
20 Jan 2006 /  #18
Didn't Kasia Kowalska plagiarize the song "listen to your heart" with her "widze twoja twarz"?
20 Jan 2006 /  #19
You're welcome! I think in the Polish culture whatever is connected with "drinking" has either positive or negative meaning (when a baby is born, people like to drink; when someone dies, people usually drink). So in this case "pilemy za lepszy czas" is overall optimistic :).

Didn't Kasia Kowalska plagiarize the song "listen to your heart" with her "widze twoja twarz"?

I know Kasia Kowalska and the English song, but cannot recall the Polish one. I don't think it could be totally plagiarized (if it was, few stations would possibly broadcast it and the singer would lose her great reputation)...
20 Jan 2006 /  #20
Speaking of dance/techno music, the best song ever was "Insomnia" by Faithless. Don't even argue with me! I wish it was of Polish authorship though :).
OP Marzena  
20 Jan 2006 /  #21
I love good trance, but somehow can't remember this song :(... I'll check it out and let you know if we need to argue :).

I just listened to Kowalska's questionable song and the music is identical with that english song!
20 Jan 2006 /  #22
SHAME on you! :) to remind you, here is the first part of the song:
OP Marzena  
20 Jan 2006 /  #23
OOoooooOohhhhohoho, this song is awesome! :)
20 Jan 2006 /  #24
There you go! Sometimes I listen it 10 times in a row.. it's even better than Polish vodka! :)
OP Marzena  
20 Jan 2006 /  #25
you obviously have a good taste then :). what else do you like?
20 Jan 2006 /  #26
I also like some "classic" rap music - biggie small, snoop dog. I also like madonna and depeche mode of course (I grew up on their music).
20 Jan 2006 /  #27
Dj marski is an good dj.
21 Jan 2006 /  #28
sorry, I can't stand dj Marski... at least what I know of his work. but that's true - we have a polish dj :).
21 Jan 2006 /  #29
I think Poles are too much devoted to one thing (in this case the artist). I left Poland 10 years ago and hear about djmarski. After 10 years I hear about him again... Unless he's so good or I'm missing something...
OP Marzena  
21 Jan 2006 /  #30
I know! that's why I asked what's new with music these days. I want to listen to the new stuff... hopefully if it's good.

Back to the subject of music for a moment... I must say that the most beautiful music in the world is Turkish.

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