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Polish stereotypes of other nationalities!?

southern 75 | 7,096
7 Apr 2009 #61
Greek stereotypes about girls are like this
1.Poland.O la-la,amazing girls,good girls to marry
2.Czech Republic-girls goddess,top models,lots of boyfriends
3.Slovakia-what a bunch of amazing beauties
4.Germany-girls want too much spanking
5.France-girls do not shave their armpits
6.Spain-girls have big noses
7.Sweden-Tall,blonde,perfect beauties,the problem being they can eat,read newspaper or watch TV while the man is sweating above them
8.England-they get so drunk they can get shagged with everything which has two legs(or more sometimes)(this is the opinion of greek women who are jealous).The opinion of Greek men-if they are not dirty,they can be good-small english they are called

9.Russian-super gold diggers,you can lose your car,your track or your home spending for them.
10.Romania-blood thirsty vampires,Balkan sly girls who can buy and sell you one million times.Very tricky girls only for sharks
11.Bulgaria-province,cows,sheep and some girls in between,girls smelling of milk
12.Serbia-bam bam hotties,all the hot is here
13.Finland-sex starved women who try to find a Mediterranean man to live some passion.They also tend to pay instead of getting paid
15.Albania-no way.First you ask if a girl has a brother and you then move.Because otherwise the brother appears with a Kalashnikov
16.Italy-Lolobridgita,girls with stockings
17.Hungary-pûrn capital.Cicciolina flavours of perversions
18.Greece-hairy women
19.Holland-the cows of Europe

These are some stereotypes about European females.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
7 Apr 2009 #62
Greek stereotypes about girls are like this

Haha... this was pretty fun. :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
7 Apr 2009 #63
I'm glad Scottish girls are not in there ;) Well, some Scottish girls are immense! That was hilarious, southern. Irish - Catholic (and nothing more)

The Poles have a healthy respect for Scandinavians and not without good reason. I sing their praises too. The only thing I could have a hack at them for would be being overly cocksure sometimes. Still, they aren't so in-your-face about it.
7 Apr 2009 #64
These are some stereotypes about european females.

Phew ! For a minute there I thought you were telling us of your past conquests :)

hehehe !
Seanus 15 | 19,706
7 Apr 2009 #65
Yeah, right! He does that with alarming regularity.

The Poles believe Saudi Arabians to be dirty. There is not a favourable perception of Arabs in general.
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Apr 2009 #66
Scottish girls are immense!

I also noticed that.But scottish girls are not widely known.Some claim they are far more friendly than english girls.

Irish - Catholic

This means they don't give it easily,so stay away from the irish.

of your past conquests :)

My conquests cover a lesser range of nationalities I humbly admit.

Some more stereotypes:

Arab girls-good for cooking spicy dishes and doing the housework.
Chinese girls-they are so tight they can make you explode
Japanese girls-geishas,in search for the white god
Australian girls-kangaroos,bored from their home men,travelling Europe every way
Brazilian girls-samba and tanga
Seanus 15 | 19,706
7 Apr 2009 #67
I hate to generalise but I guess they would be more friendly overall. Still, that could be argued.

I thought as much. Aren't you forgetting that the Poles are even more RC than the Irish?

As do my 'conquests' but they are not voluminous and that I'm proud of.
niejestemcapita 2 | 561
7 Apr 2009 #68
ok if we are doing stereotypes......;}

Greek men.....have hairy backs and live with their mothers who have hairy lips and chins
Italian men....have their own blood pressure machines and go to Accident and Emergency if they have a cold; ditto re mothers;
Polish men.......alcoholic wife beaters who will quite happily watch their pregnant sister carry home a new carpet on their backs while they drink some more vodka with their mates. Ditto re mothers.......

etc etc repeat til fade.
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Apr 2009 #69
About men:

1.German men-hardcore serious men who fek,beat and p1ss saying ja,ja
2.French men-too ridiculous,too much nonsense and pomp
3.Italian men-parlare pizza spaghetti.Too much parlare gets them so exhausted they cannot score anything in bed
4.Turkish men-barbarian
5.Russian men-constantly drunk
6.English men-gays
7.Swedish men-Vikings but very soft with feminine features
8.Swiss men-what is that?
9.Serbian men-very good looking
10.Romanian men-gypsies
11.Greek men-hairy with small and fat penis,some of them hot,some ass lovers
12.Chinese men-micro penis
13.African men-mega dimensions
14.Brazilian men-tanga
jasony0423 1 | 11
7 Apr 2009 #71
so what are the stereotype about american guys? I'm curious now.
niejestemcapita 2 | 561
7 Apr 2009 #72
hmmmm wholesome,,,,good teeth...letter sweaters...phones his mom every friday.
niejestemcapita 2 | 561
7 Apr 2009 #74
yknow one of those sweaters from Uni with like Gamma or delta on it
jasony0423 1 | 11
7 Apr 2009 #75
Ohhh.. Didn't know that's what they were called. :) Jeez, we sound like a bunch of dorks.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
7 Apr 2009 #76
so what are the stereotype about american guys? I'm curious now.

It's more difficult to make stereotypes when it comes to such a big country like USA with so many different cultures, ways of living etc.
jasony0423 1 | 11
7 Apr 2009 #77
Well, I guess I meant more like are Americans looked at in at least a semi-positive way? I am part polish, but I am not fully aware of how Americans are looked at in all countries. Some places I've been, it's been great, and others, not so much. And what about polish women. If I'm coming on a vacation, will they even talk to me?
WhiteChocolate 2 | 12
8 Apr 2009 #78
Italians: all people are brown with dark air :-) men are all Rodolfo Valentino or Stefano Terrazzino :-)) so funny stereotypes...oh my God :-)
George8600 10 | 636
8 Apr 2009 #79
ok if we are doing stereotypes......;}

Greek men.....have hairy backs and live with their mothers who have hairy lips and chins

Ummm, how can you have hair on your lips? And no, I don't have hair on my back, that would be Italian Or Irish....
9 Apr 2009 #80
irish- you know a lepherchan, red hair, love the colour green, green eyes, have freckles, drunk,guinuss,samrocks, horse shoes, & all that other good luck stuff, know sombody named paddy, seamus, etc.
10 Apr 2009 #81
The study from Cambridge University's economics department suggests that finns are the 2th happiest nation in europe after danes.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
10 Apr 2009 #82
Hehehe, that's a laugh as the Finns have close to the highest suicide rate, if not the, in the world.

I see the peace pipe is still being passed round amongst the fuzzy-jumpered weirdy beardies ;)
10 Apr 2009 #83
In wikipedia list, finns are 15th in suicide rate.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
10 Apr 2009 #84
In relative terms, much higher. I even talked to some Finns here in Gliwice way back in 2006 and they said it's true. They are really affected by SAD in winter as the nights draw in very quickly.
11 Apr 2009 #85
lithuania has the highest suiside rate, i know a kid from there, he always looks sad maybe thats why :( japan even has a higher suiside rate than finland & japan has like the lowest crim rate in the world! lol
11 Apr 2009 #86
Let me think....

English: well-manered, a little bit phlegmatic, good wit
(and I'll always like them for giving us Sir Clive Sinclair :-))

German: hard-working, efficient, no sense of humour,
brave, formidable opponents, ugly language

French: polite, courteous, good taste for food and drink,
a little bit self-righteous at times (but still one of my favourite nations
for giving us Louis de Funes, Citroen 2CV and Abp Marcel Lefebvre)

Czech: funny, they make great beer, bautiful women,
not excessively brave

Russian: drink a lot, kind hearted, a little bit barbaric,
need to accept the fact that vodka is a POLISH invention :-)

Swedish: godless, make good cars, honest and very organized
OP Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,103
13 Apr 2009 #87
YES! This is doing good, southern has done a VERY GOOD job! Gratz!
Much funny stuff here :D
kitty_the_kat - | 30
15 Jul 2009 #88
well I live in America and people here are too hypocritical and materialized.

AWESOME Stereotype! Just I have heard it before... Im starting to wonder if it is true

It is :)

there is a saying 'jak w czeskim filmie' 'czeski film - nikt nic nie wie' - noone knows what's going on and what it is all about

I saw a Czech film once... I understood it, but wasn't sure if I liked it or not. =P

Wow, that's interesting! I have to look into that...
15 Jul 2009 #90
Is he? Ah, well - nobody's perfect ;)

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