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What is the reason for POLISH jokes ?

Lyzko 37 | 8,579
11 Dec 2017 #481
Polish jokes in Germany have replaced the infamous "Ostfriesenwitze" or "East Frisian jokes" now for some time. Poles, like Swedes in the US during the 19th cent., were often the butt of jokes for being allegedly technologically backward, way back when.

Interesting how people often associate intelligence with the ability to fluently master technology.
13 Dec 2017 #482
I think I understand why Poles view Polish jokes in a different way than Polish Americans. I am 3rd generation Polish American. Yes, I grew up with the dumb Polish jokes when they were intended to insult. It didn't matter where the kids came from. Italians, German, Irish and on and on.

Recently I saw a video saying NBC, Hollywood and the Jews were behind the Polish jokes in the 60's and 70's. Sorry, I can't take that seriously. There are comedians who have been around for decades who laughed at their own. As long as it's not intended as a insult I can laugh at myself. God knows I have had my "Polish" moments. Now tell me you don't find this funny. A few years ago I was helping my grandson construct a model airplane. I spilled the glue and ended up with the airplane glued in my hand and my elbow glued to my work bench. My grandson still laughs.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
13 Dec 2017 #483
I have no probs with Polish jokes in America hehe. I find it hilarious that stupids try to make fun of anyone at all lol
mafketis 35 | 11,230
13 Dec 2017 #484
I saw a video saying NBC, Hollywood and the Jews were behind the Polish jokes in the 60's and 70's

The theory is that Jewish comedians playing at tourist hotels in upstate New York state began them, transferring the old East European Jewish idea of Slavs as dumb horndogs with Poles standing in for any Slav.

Another is that these were old pan-ethnic jokes that had passed to different nationalities over the years and stuck with Poles after the 1920s immigration slowdown.

In communist times police jokes in Poland were very much like Polish jokes (some of them were identical) - IIRC in the USSR there were police and Armenian jokes but that might be mixed up with Radio Yerevan jokes.
Lyzko 37 | 8,579
13 Dec 2017 #485
I still love Ted Knight's response on TV when a fellow guest on the Carson Show remarked, "I heard a great Polish joke the other day! Wanna hear it?", to which Knight (Kaczynski) quipped, "Sure, would you tell it in Polish?"

Dead silence on the other end. The guy ended up not telling the joke:-)
moe kyaw
29 Aug 2018 #486
if this that Poles are lack of intelligence, where do we have to place that Copernicus and Thaddeus Kosciuszko who helped American dream zzz? Everywhere, there's got good and bad, as a single day has lighted and dark time. Forget, who is what race. We all are human, try to help and kind to those who in need, he likes to eat like you and wear like you. I love dark or fair, blue eyed or brown eyed, fair haired or bald haired:) we all shall die one day .. try making yrself .... before that day .. think about next 50 years, will ya still be here .. that's it ..

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