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Winter in Poland?

pip 10 | 1,659
4 Dec 2011 #151
good grief. it doesn't even get that cold here in Poland. Maybe the odd week but that is it.
scottie1113 7 | 898
4 Dec 2011 #152
I usually don't reply to people who haven't registered, but I'll answer this one.

I'm from San Diego although I've lived in a lolt of places where there was real winter. I wear waterproof boots, long underwear, sweaters, a waterproof parka with a hood, a muffler (scarf), a watch cap (wooly for you folks from the UK) and gloves. This year I'm going to buy a pair of Gore-Tex ski gloves.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.
Wrongname - | 14
16 Nov 2012 #153
I have read all the posts above and I'm so excited for my winter trip next month! At here, the average degree is 31 plus whole year summer, can't imagine the -15 degree coldness! :D

Thankyou for the advice on clothings by the way :)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
16 Nov 2012 #154
Pack clothes made of wool, wool thermals, decent gloves (and a spare set in case they get wet), a warm hat or two, a thick scarf, quality footwear that grips on ice and keeps your feet warm.

Polish winters that I have experienced have been colder than anything I knew of in the UK, the cold really gets into your bones, really chills your body. It's not to be taken lightly!
Wrongname - | 14
16 Nov 2012 #155
InWroclaw: Thankyou for sharing! I will take note of it :) Any recomadations on what to do during winter? Other than skating, skiing, snow war..
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
16 Nov 2012 #156
There's a lot to do if someone doesn't mind getting cold! It's a great country, so many places to go that it's a wonder Poles take holidays/vacations abroad. They have it all here. The opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation are significant and you'll have a great time.

For a bit of culture in Wroc it's usually the Panorama paintings
the indoor Aqua Park
shopping malls that are more modern and better appointed than most in the UK,
fantastic nights at the Opera
atmospheric churches and cathedrals (I'm not religious in the least but even I appreciate them),
visiting big name rock bands, er and 5602 guitarists in Wroclaw, actors in Krakow, and...

How many Britons does it take to convince you to come to Poland? ;o)

Feel invited!(And change your money in the city centre or Kantors around the city and not the airport, for the best rates.)
Wrongname - | 14
17 Nov 2012 #157
Awesome informations you have, Thankyou again :)
5 Jul 2015 #158
Merged: Poland winters

what is it like during winter in Poland?
Water Princess - | 2
5 Jul 2015 #159
Lately Polish winters have been mild. Global warming I guess.
7 Jul 2015 #160
Living as I do on a farm on a hill in Eastern of the best things we (wife and I) bought was a 'fat suit' Seriously though we call them fat suits because they make you look fat.......but they are a life saver, when the weather gets into the minus's we always keep them in the car....kind of safety net. The Fat suit is a windproof, waterproof, insulated coverall. I did read that they were originally made for people working in tunnels or digging tunnels. They came from Machine Mart in UK designation: Dickies Black Padded Waterproof overall.....sounds not much eh!! but a few years ago it was down in the minus 30,s C around here for a couple of weeks.....we could go out walking in the snow in these, wearing very little underneath...anything more than underwear was too hot!!!! Way over the top for you city types Yes agree! but as a safety measure, caught in your whilst visiting relatives at the end of nowhere by car in freak weather??? you in the fat suit, survived, the guy without, died a slow painful death. Even one kept in the car for the guy who has to go for help!!! believe me these things are expensive but worth their weight in gold in the countryside, in the snow, in a bad situation...totally can lie down in the snow and go to sleep and be perfectly comfortable. We get too used to being coddled in our nice warm cars with A/C and good modern an emergency this suit is your lifesaver.
8 Jul 2015 #161
2012 was quite cold for me but most Poles will say not that much for Poland.

2012 Warsaw, Poland - February 3 a low temperature of -23°C. For reference, on that day the average low temperature is -4°C and the low temperature drops below -13°C only one day in ten. The coldest month of 2012 was February with an average daily low temperature of -10°C.
Relative to the average, the coldest day was February 3. The low temperature that day was -23°C, compared to the average of -4°C, a difference of 18°C. In relative terms the coldest month was February, with an average low temperature of -10°C, compared to an typical value of -4°C.

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