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Thoughts on Music in Poland

Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
13 May 2006 #1
I'd like to know your thoughts on music. Who should I be listening to ? Were are the best places to see bands etc ? How good is Polish music ?

My top band at the moment is 'Ocean'. If German bands like Rammstein can sing in their mother tongue and be popular around the world why can't Polish bands make it on the international scene. It seems to me that the rest of the world is missing out on some good music......
13 May 2006 #2
Polish music is generally good - but the problem is - it's hard to understand the words ;) especially for a foreigner. Also, I think some Polish songs are very similar to each other - it's not hard to determine they were composed by either the same composer or musician (ie. mr Cygan for example).

Either way, music is a subjective topic - just like politics or "poles in GB" :)
13 May 2006 #3
i am british and i love rammstein i dont understand a bloomin word but their music is great.
13 May 2006 #4
i guess that the most internationally famous Polish band at the moment is Myslovitz, which is basically Oasis-like Brit pop. I like them too.
27 Jul 2006 #5
I'm American-Polish here in FL. I grew up on Rock n Roll. Then Jazz. Then Classical. I now like bluegrass and American Folk music. This new music (if you can call it music) really is awful and very non-creative. Give me progressive bluegrass anyday.
27 Jul 2006 #6
Jazz is the music (someone said it's the last creative creature of the human being). And the Polish jazz rocks! :).
28 Jul 2006 #7
You really haven't lived or treated your ears until you heard good, progessive acoustic bluegrass. It beats Flora Purim, Weather Report, Michal Urbaniak, and on and on. They're all wonderful until you go to the likes of Merlefest, NC or Suwannee Springfest , FL. There you'll experience live, quality music unlike anywhere else. It's a community affair. See you there.

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31 Jul 2006 #8
I thought Live was also a Polish band? at least the lead singer is. anyway, I listen to everything.. and Polish hiphop too, it really helps me to learn the language.
31 Jul 2006 #9
when i visited Poland i saw a jazz band called "pink freud" play. They were brilliant.
23 Aug 2006 #10
Polish music is wonderful, it has unique sensibility... But I’m sorry to say that especially those who speak Polish get the pleasure – Polish sung poetry is amazing. Well, keep trying :)
25 Aug 2006 #11
The best polish album imo is Siekiera - Moja Aleksandria. It's a great Cold Wave music ( inpired by Joy Division) with dadaistic, polish lyrics.
sudheer 1 | 32
15 Sep 2006 #12
I have heard a few Polish bands live and I am full of respesct for their talent...

So far the ones that have impressed me most are akurat, lao che, fisz, hurt, vava muffin, pustki and so on.. Not too sure if all of them are Polish as any european language other than english and french are alien to my ears.

Then afcourse a fair deal of performers that I enjoy in Viva, but not too sure of the names. I am yet to be fully in sync with all the names. Also I have not really listened to any records as such as when I finally get some time over weekends, I am listening to my rather huge english collection from yesteryears...
17 Sep 2006 #13
I find that there are quite a good lot of Musicians in Poland, unfortunately very few good vocalists/singers. Any time I hear a band on the radio the intro is good until the singer utters a word, then it's a race to change the channel.

I don't know what it is however I suppose it will keep the very few good ones famous in Poland for longer.
polaca 1 | 76
17 Sep 2006 #14
Have u ever heard o.n.a. band?
The vocalist has a pretty good voice:)
19 Sep 2006 #15
I've gotten these songs from a girl.. pocałuj noc, zycie.. a bit old. ballad/ rocksongs. anyone know them?

quality. :)
19 Sep 2006 #16
How do i find some polish mucic - i have never heard it ?? x
19 Sep 2006 #17
sarah - sarah there was a music festival in Poland (bit of a talent show thing with kids up to the age of about 16) and I decided that polish music was not for me.....I cant say I have ever heard any of the mainstream stuff but I like music for the lyrics, what's the point if you cant understand....unless it's an Opera...of course
19 Sep 2006 #18
Oh right - see i like alot of spanish and italian music and i have no idea what they say either. I like certain songs for the lyrics and also other music just for the beat and sound if that makes sense x
19 Sep 2006 #19
I like music for the lyrics, what's the point if you cant understand

true, but I've learned english from listening to music and watching movies also. same with polish music, helps me alot because reading my boring studybooks sometimes just doesn't work for me..

and I could mail you a few mp3's sarah. maybe some people here know of links to sites too?

I can't seem to find much polish music myself neither..
19 Sep 2006 #20
Arien that would be fab - i think my e-mail adress is on my member thing - if not let me no and i will send it to you.

Let me no if you find anything else :) x
19 Sep 2006 #21
I like jazz less complicated....
iwona 12 | 542
19 Sep 2006 #22
I think that polish music is not so bad but language..... this is barrier for polish singers to be noticed abroad.

I was surprised but on amazon website there are few polish Cd- have you heard about group( very,very Krakow one) Pod Buda- Andrzej Sikorowski ?
20 Sep 2006 #23
oi! e's a bit of an ol' grumpy lad innit?

''pocałuj noc''


20 Sep 2006 #24
Polish music... you said :P Hm... I don't like, I don't know why.

Hm... I like Doda- polish singer, she has beautiful voice... And nice songs :)

Doda and Virgin Band- 2 bajki :)
21 Sep 2006 #25
back to topic... :)

went to various festivals in poland this summer and heard some great music - hip hop, funk, jazz, blues and improweirdafrolatinjassfunkhiphopstuffhatjustkicked... but also went to a type of karaoke festival in sopot and heard some real crap...

if you can get into the groove then the fact that you dont understand the lyrics is just a pity...
OP Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
21 Sep 2006 #26

Did you see Lech Janerka ? He was on top form this year.
21 Sep 2006 #27
Okay Polish music, I have very eclectic taste but have never really been compelled to listen to Polish music, I like jazz, blues, dance, opera, classical...some britpop and some rap but nope Polish music doesnt really apeal, but it's all down to choice....I dont know maybe I'll change my mind on my next visit...
22 Sep 2006 #28
Shelley u r a filthy nazi bitch.

jij uit een kankergezwel gevingerde schurfterige kuthond die de tyfus kan genieten!

you lose. :)

@ wroclaw: rammstein isn't polish music? :( your thread was about polish music so therefore you've just made your own thread irrelevant.

and yes you can do as you please. me too :) hehe

oh.. polish music.


(anything to keep wroclaw happy!)
22 Sep 2006 #29
Wroclaw is cool he doesn't mind going off topic of convo as long as you bring it back x
22 Sep 2006 #30
music is on it's way. :) just have to convert something.

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