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Thoughts on Music in Poland

OP Wroclaw  
7 Oct 2006 /  #61
I've just got back from Maanam in concert. They were on Piaskowa island here in Wroclaw. The guitar work was good but I found the vocals a little rough [but that's just the Polish style] You couldn't miss anything because they had a large screen to the right of the stage. As usual with these open-air events it poured with rain, it was cold and it was windy. But I didn't pay, so for me it was worth it. One last note. At certain moments I felt that I was at a 70s rock concert.

If you haven't seen them, they are good.
7 Oct 2006 /  #62
Yes, I know them -- great Polish band (for "oldies" I should say). But they are doing very good.
7 Oct 2006 /  #63
I've just got back from Maanam in concert.

Mixed emotions for having missed it... While staying with rain fear seems like a wise thing to have done, missing a 70's feel rock show is more of a crime.. So net net, I believe I am at a loss for having missed it.. :(

One of my fav polish groups are Akurat. Here is their site, if you would like to sample.
20 Oct 2006 /  #64
Polish pop from 80s group and 90s

Piotr Cugowski
20 Oct 2006 /  #65
Polish pop from 80s group and 90s

Well, it may look funny now, but when you compare this band (Papa Dance) with their American or British peers at that time (let's say Duran Duran or Depeche Mode) - I can see no difference at all between them.
20 Oct 2006 /  #66
I wasn't insulting the groups...I think they sound good.

and Piot Cugowski is from good Polish rock group "Bracia". I think they started in 2000 or later.
20 Oct 2006 /  #67
Speaking of Papa Dance - this Polish band would have been the STAR if they were born 20 years later. When I listed to the Polish music now I rarely hear a better or more talented band - 20 years later. Another Papa Dance song:

Speaking of Polish classic hits - THAT was something (Bajm - Nie ma wody na pustyni). The video was made possibly on a public dump site, but the song for the early 80ties - WOW).
20 Oct 2006 /  #68
I'm glad I"m not "Jozek" - wondering what happened to him.. :) Classic... Why do'nt they do such great music videos and songs any more..? :)
21 Oct 2006 /  #69
I'm glad I"m not "Jozek" - wondering what happened to him..
21 Oct 2006 /  #70
That guy could give Richard Simmons a run for his money.
21 Oct 2006 /  #71
Back to clasics:
21 Nov 2006 /  #72
What do you think about these clips:
Edyta Góraniak:
Blog 27:

I forget to add Doda
22 Nov 2006 /  #73
I'm native Polish who is listening to croatian music at the moment (Severina etc.) why? cuz its' very similar to polish (the words are almost the same sounding)
24 Nov 2006 /  #74
I was walking around rynek@ wroclaw last saturday and saw a concert happening.. There was an interesting rock group playing but did not manage to get their name.

Later Gosia Andrzejewicz came and started singing. Was really impressed by her talent and singing. Infact I used to hear her in Viva, but never really used to watch the video (for I play that channel only when I need some background music in the house).

It was one of the most enjoyable concerts in Poland so far, though that aint my fav style of music.

Wroclaw... it was to end by 8 pm and hence, did not bother to message you in..
24 Nov 2006 /  #75
Does anyone enjoy Fisz?
OP Wroclaw  
24 Nov 2006 /  #76

Is that Fisz or Fish ?
24 Nov 2006 /  #77
Fisz...sort of alternative hip hopish type of stuff.
OP Wroclaw  
24 Nov 2006 /  #78
Ah !

There are lots of posters for Fiszemade. But I know nothing about him/them.
24 Nov 2006 /  #79
He used to be hip hop, but has recently become a little more alternative. Not sure what you're into though. I also appreciate other PL hip hop..mostly Grammatik though.
OP Wroclaw  
24 Nov 2006 /  #80

I listen to most things, so I might give this guy a listen at the weekend. I'll let you know what I think.
7 Dec 2006 /  #81
oes anyone enjoy Fisz?

excelent - saw them play live this summer and again a month or so ago

saw abradab (?) this summer as well - one of the best live hip hop bands i have ever seen... anywhere... worldwide...
7 Dec 2006 /  #82
Nice...haven't caught a live show yet...or Abradab
7 Dec 2006 /  #83
haven't caught a live show yet...

worth making the effort for... especially abradab :)
8 Dec 2006 /  #84
Do you have polish-ukrainian legen song "Hej Sokoły"? It was recorded by many polish artists, and i'm also lookin for it in ukrainian
8 Dec 2006 /  #85
i'm also lookin for it in ukrainian

there a lots of Ukrainians in Poland, so I am sure you will find that version. If not , I can sing it to you:)
10 Dec 2006 /  #86
My favourite music in Poland is Electro, A lot of it is either in English or has no lyrics at all. Polish electro is different to the Electro House that we have in England
10 Dec 2006 /  #87
I like Electro too.
13 Dec 2006 /  #88
My favorite music in Poland is Electro

I wonder what Chopin and Paderewski would have made of it?

I'm pleased that my musical repertoire includes the music of Jan of Lublin (16th century)on the one hand, and the music of Marian Sawa (20th/21st century) on the other.
13 Dec 2006 /  #89
I reckon O.S.T.R is awesome. He freestyles like no other and also raps about rugby, so he's got my vote! The only problem is that it is impossible to get a hold of any of his records in australia. I have had to send away to pl to get them sent over here......well worth it though.


Does anyone here like Liroy? i think he is a major pisda and his music is rather chujowa, but a lot of people seem to like him
19 Dec 2006 /  #90
Does anyone here like Liroy?

piotr is my tri city home boy... original polish hip hop from the days of way...

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