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Tell me more about Poland's culture

ukangel 8 | 56
1 Feb 2013 #1
I'm married to my polish husband and we have a baby.we still very much in love.I am not polish.I want to know what are the polish culture, what can daughter in law expect from in laws and vice versa. Someone told me drinking beers is a polish culture,hahaha....I don't drink but yes,love to hear more from others....
Kevvy 2 | 37
1 Feb 2013 #2
I am sort of in the same position as you I am pregnant by my polish partner and I am moving to Poland to live with his family after the baby is born, all I know of the polish culture is drinking bear, vodka parties, bowling and eating lol also his family do not speak English and my polish is very basic
Kevvy 2 | 37
1 Feb 2013 #4
Er thanks. Very helpfull :)
Lenka 5 | 3,447
1 Feb 2013 #5
Kevvy-read PF.
OP ukangel 8 | 56
2 Feb 2013 #6
Congratulations kevvy.well,I must say good luck to u.have been to Poland before?well,let me share my experience about my husband and I,we travel to Poland 2-3 times a year since we have been together (last 6 years) and they come to visit us 2-3 times in the year for easter,summer and christmas.but after an argument with my bossy sister in law and as I am outspoken,I found out that my in laws hates me... I like them a lot but they are bloody hypocrite to me.I do everything to please them,never visited them empty hands but I sincerely think coz I'm not polish,they never accepted me.I am learning polish,I learn how to make polish foods,every festival is done in polish way.but my husband and I,we r the bad sheeps in the family.

Now for my baby,they want him to speak only polish.for me,its rubbish.we live in uk,he can speak both English n polish.but,my sis in law who has big control over my husband is always know since I discovered how my in laws are with me,I don't want to go and live in Poland.I like Poland but I can only compromise for short visit.

I love my husband and I know he loves his family but I really wish he could stick up for me.
I hope you are doing the right move to Poland and you have a lovely husband and in laws who will support u.

This is why I want to know the polish culture,I want to make an effort to understand the culture
Kevvy 2 | 37
2 Feb 2013 #7
That's really horrible that you have such an unwelcoming family, I spent a month in Poland last year and went a few weeks ago, my partners family were so welcoming towards me and even before we found out I was pregnant they told me to stay and not go home now they are over joyed that we are having a baby. My partner and I only met last July too. I'm moving to live with his family in October and they have been nothing but welcoming to me and his mum goes out of her way to cook me food that I'll eat as I'm very fussy and have food allergies.
OP ukangel 8 | 56
2 Feb 2013 #8
So nice of your mother in law.I'm glad you have a lovely in law and a supportive husband.good luck.are you looking forward to move in there?
Kevvy 2 | 37
2 Feb 2013 #9
I can't wait to move :) I think it will be a much better life for my child :) I would move now but it is better to have my child here as the healthcare is free and better for me
AndrewPilski - | 8
2 Feb 2013 #10
it also depends where do you really go to Poland. in Warsaw people are not nice they are very seriously and all they want is earn money.

Polish people which one's have a family dont drink as much as you think. of course they are orginising a family parties and they are sdrinking there but it's not like Russia. :)
OP ukangel 8 | 56
2 Feb 2013 #11
Wen r u due,if u don't mind me asking? Yes,healthcare is better here
Kevvy 2 | 37
2 Feb 2013 #12
Due in July. I'm moving to eastern Poland abut 120km from warsaw into a small village where everyone is very nice, his family are social drinkers and are very family orientated which I really like :)
OP ukangel 8 | 56
2 Feb 2013 #13
Aww,my baby will b one year old in July.I really wish you all the very best and let me know how it goes,will b nice to hear from u.

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