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Romanian graphic designer needs help about Poland's culture and symbols

GabrielRO 1 | -
7 Jan 2013 #1
I am a graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania and I have just discovered your forums.
I need some help regarding a logo design to express The Polish-Romanian Friendship for the "Instytut Polski Bukareszt".

My questions are: What symbol, image or sign would you consider to be most suitable to represent Poland? Should it be modern or traditional? What is the most representative pattern/sign/drawing for your traditional folklore? But the best image/symbol for your modern/contemporary culture? Can you link me to an example or inspiration source for my issue?

The best example so far is the facade of Polish Pavillion for the Shanghai 2010 exibition. Your architects used a traditional pattern on a very contemporary shape. My interpretation is that your country wanted to show it's unique identity in a globalised world, but keeping up with the latest trends and technologies as well. It was a very apeciatted statement, translated in a clean architectural and symbolic language.

So, I hope you can help me know your country better!

Best regards from Romania!
Thank you.
kcharlie 2 | 165
7 Jan 2013 #2
I think the most universal and recognisable symbols are the crowned white eagle and the white and red colours.
Bieganski 17 | 901
7 Jan 2013 #3
When it comes to traditional folk styles there are regional variations around Poland. However, a consistent theme is for floral designs vice geometric patterns (which you tend to find more in neighboring Belarus).

Examples of this can be found throughout Poland in paper cuttings (wycinanki); on decorative eggs used during the Easter celebrations (pisanki); and used in embroidery on ethnic garments (haft ludowy):

  • wycinanki

  • pisanka

  • haft ludowy
7 Jan 2013 #4
Can you link me to an example or inspiration source for my issue?

Try to look for some historical link between Poland and Romania. I wasn't good at history thus I can't give you any but there are many historicans on this forum, maybe they can help you out.

Of course you can go for the soft option and embroil the obvious: Polish national colours, Polish Emblem etc.
As for the folk culture you must know that:
1. it's a regional thing (Polish regions have their unique motives which not always pertain to whole Poland)
2. you might have difficulties to convey a folk motive in your graphic logo, unless you have a broad knowledge about Polish folk motives. For example I consider logo for Euro as not very good folk inspiration, it's barely recognizable what it is.

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