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Picking up BBC television in Poland

smurf 39 | 1,982
20 Nov 2010  #31
This is what ye want

An IP address dodger/changer

It's all explained on the site, mean I get to watch all the games on rte and the english tele that's on bbc player and 4od
kondzior 8 | 944
20 Nov 2010  #32
The question is with out installing some mega dish can i still receive any British TV, we are now in Bielsko Biala.

You can receive British BBC in Bielsko-B. Without any viewing cards, just on the analog tuner. Or you could about 2 years ago, I dismantled my dish about that time, so I don't know if is is still possible.
smurf 39 | 1,982
20 Nov 2010  #33
Yea you get some BBC channels, BBC Entertainment...which is full of old crap like My Family, Allo Allo and other dirt series from 10 years ago..then there's BBc Lifestlye wish is basically every cooking show/home decorating/weight lose show ever shown on BBc or Channel 4 and then there's BBc Knowledge which is a documentary channel, which is actually ok, but only if you're into get none of the decent comedy like HIGNFY or Buzzcocks (Is that still any good?) QI etc and none of the music shows that you'd get on BBC 4 back in UK
Wayman 3 | 36
26 Nov 2010  #34
Let u no how i get on ' will be setting up my dish when i get to krakow '

Think a 180 dish should do the trick spoke to a guy in poland to fit it he laughed an asked if i wanted to pic up nassa ' said i wanted Eastenders for the mrs :)
g60edition 6 | 175
14 Dec 2010  #35
Have you installed the dish yet?what can you pick up?
milky 13 | 1,657
14 Dec 2010  #36
After watching this, maybe you should throw your TV and its BBC, out the window.
10 Feb 2019  #37
Please can anyone give any update about getting uk tv in poland, I'm just about to move to Zywiec and can't do without my uk tv ........ HELP
Luke84 7 | 113
10 Feb 2019  #38
These days you have many choices and it all depends on what device you choose to pick it on, are you looking to watch it on TV, tablet, PC? You can contact me on priv and I can point you into the right direction.
11 Feb 2019  #39
Hi Luke thanks for that I'm only looking to get bbc on me tv I was thinking of buying a freesat box before I come over
Kevster22 - | 2
11 Feb 2019  #40
Also sorry I can't private message you as I have only just joined here
Dougpol1 28 | 2,670
11 Feb 2019  #41
uk tv

VPN. 6 dollars a month.The 5 UK terrestrial TV platforms until your eyes pop-out. Google......
Nobody watches via a television anymore; my satellite system was decommissioned 5 years ago when they concentrated the Astra 2D beam on the UK.

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