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International calling cards for public pay phones working in Poland?

businessmaninpl 6 | 26
16 Nov 2010 #1
I need to make a couple of calls to canada/usa. Does anyone know where i can buy some calling cards that can be used in those public pay phones??

Wroclaw Boy
16 Nov 2010 #2
Does anyone know where i can buy some calling cards that can be used in those public pay phones??

Virtually any convenience store, Zabka sell them for sure - you now the frog shop.

What's wrong with Skype?
OP businessmaninpl 6 | 26
16 Nov 2010 #3
you now the frog shop

hahaha yeah.

What's wrong with Skype?

Not appropriate this time.

ven der 5 | 8
16 Nov 2010 #4
skype ist the cheapest
Tommywarsaw - | 5
16 Nov 2010 #5
I also got a laugh from the

you now the frog shop.

I also would recommend Skype. However, if Skype is not appropriate for this call, as you said, there is a calling card at ┼╗abka that has the US flag on it and I believe is valid for Canada as well. Good luck.
johnsonrik - | 1
20 Nov 2010 #6
use the CALL ATT® Calling Card in the U.S. or Canada
Simply dial 1 800 CALL ATT (1 800 225-5288), then:

Press [1] for calling card calls
Dial the area code and number you wish to reach
Enter your calling card number and PIN
Justice25 2 | 1
1 Dec 2011 #7
Are phones sold with chips together in poland?which network is the best for africa calls?plz help me out.thanks!can somebody tell me the cost of laptops and mobile phones?thanks!
rosedasan - | 1
3 Feb 2012 #8
The things you have to look at before signing up for a service online.
1. Better to avoid hidden charges. Certainly, you do not want to pay extra fees after the initial payment. In these hidden charges, it includes connection and maintenance fees. So it is really wiser to know all these charges before purchasing any prepaid phone card.

2. You have to make sure that you'll be having the best service; you have to look for company that can provide not just good customer service but a company that can provide outstanding service. You have to see to it that you can easily contact the company by phone and by email.

3. You also have to look for a company that can provide you security and can protect your account information, if you are joining online.
4. You see, when purchasing for prepaid phone card, you have to make sure that you have the necessary information about the card before you use it, make sure that it will meet your needs. There are a lot of prepaid phone card companies, so you want to you can compare each until you come up to the best one that can provide you the outstanding service.

5 Feb 2012 #9
Online phone cards have become very easy way to switch off high mobile bills. And international prepaid phone card made calling overseas cheaper. They are very popular among people who live far from home and need to regularly keep in touch with their families by phone. International phone cards have made overseas calling inexpensive.
22 Jul 2013 #10
Phone cards is the best way to save on international calls, you can purchase phone cards online at EpinCall just google it i just dont know if people are allowed to put links on this forum .
sobieski 107 | 2,128
22 Jul 2013 #11
I remember a few years ago in my local post office they were selling a whole range of phone cards but all seem to have disappeared.

You had to phone a local Warsaw number and afterwards enter endless rows of digits in your phone

On a sidetrack now - in the past there were numerous sites from which you could send free sms messages around the world...They also seem to have vanished.

or do they still exist?
5 Sep 2013 #12
I know international phone cards that work almost everywhere you can buy phone cards on, it sells international phone cards and if you want you can refill your cell phone. It's got low calling rates from Poland, USA, China, many other countries, I see that most people buy phone cards online, and no wonder why, because it's much easier.
20 Sep 2013 #13
For calling cards online you can use phone cards, low rates to make international calls.
12 Mar 2015 #14
There are many service provider which allow you to make international calls any where in the world i am using 's services since 5 months it is amazing experience to having service providers like utteru.

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