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Looking for gift ideas for Camp Counselors in Poland

Tamara 9 | 202
8 Jul 2015 #1

My son will be attending a Polish language camp. I would like for him to have some small gifts for the counselors/teachers but don't have any idea what would be a nice gift. We live in the US but I don't think that anything "flag/red/white/blue" would be a good idea". Any help would be appreciated.

9 Jul 2015 #2
How about a confederate flag (kidding ;). I'd think practically, ie. if he takes a flight to Poland you need to consider the luggage weight and not buy anything heavy. Hm, maybe some computer part like a memory stick that is both light and useful.
OP Tamara 9 | 202
9 Jul 2015 #3
Thanks, in general, from what I've seen, Poles don't "wear" their flag like we Americans do anyway :). But it might be a nice collectors item and catch a good price a few years down the road ;).

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