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Is Eletronic Music in Poland popular?

Levi 12 | 442
29 May 2011 #1
Hello People!

I Am a Brazilian Guy and i will stay in Lodz for 1 month and a half (July and August) doing volunteer work with poor kids.

I Wanna Know if people there like eletronic music (House, Trance and Techno)? I Love that =), and if there are nice clubs with Eletronic Music in Lodz or Warsaw, and the prices there (are they very expensive?).

Thank you all for the answers!
16 Jun 2011 #2
yes, very popular. Poles are very much into music. dont consider them any less. My girlfriend is polish and she just love electronic.
about clubs, you can see your travel book, if you have an iphone/ipod touch, there are many travel guides with updated rates and reviews.

about prices, they are good. not overpriced.
pawian 222 | 23,674
16 Jun 2011 #3
I Wanna Know if people there like electronic music made in Poland

Yes, I love it. Listen to some:

EdWilczynski 3 | 98
16 Jun 2011 #4

I thought you meant Jean-Michel Jarre .............

I mean i've done the whole Ibiza thing a few times (without the drugs) and it was enjoyable but nothing better than laying down with the speakers of the stereo either side of your head and pumping some classic jarre out.
OP Levi 12 | 442
20 Jun 2011 #5
I Love Jean Michell Jarre!

But i Like Clubbing music like Above and Beyond too =)

Unfortunately i never met another polish here in Brazil that likes electronic music =(

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