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Door-to-door charity appeals in Poland

InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
18 Jul 2013 #1
Are these appeals usually genuine? How does someone eliminate the ones that are not?

I had someone knock, they asked for a relatively small sum for a child who is ill, they had a binder of documents.

But there didn't seem to be a charity reg number when I enquired. They did however have a slip of paper with the bank account number if I wanted to pay in to them. No website apparently.

A Google search does not bring up the name of the ill child nor any charity for them.

Any advice on this?

Am I being overly cautious? In the UK, charities have numbers, donation campaigns are usually Google-able to verify what's what. (I should add, there are some registered charities in the UK which are questionable, even with the reg number.)
smurf 39 | 1,981
18 Jul 2013 #2
Any advice on this?

My advice would be not to open the door to anyone.

If someone's coming to me they'll call on the way over, or tell me a few days before.

This used to annoy the gas meter dude, but he's got my number now, so he texts me when he's due over.
OP InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
18 Jul 2013 #3
Thanks Smurf

I thought it was the Administration, because she had a big binder book with her.

But I would still open the door to a genuine charity collector, to give a modest amount. I know some of the poor here are quite desperate. A few months ago, a well-dressed woman knocked here and the whole estate asking for food or toiletries. I gave some food and shampoo. She took a bus away from the estate, and I have a feeling she really was in need. How humiliating it must be for these people, honestly, I feel for them. Of course, every few mins here men also go through the bins, if you leave something near the bins (bread or a CD or book) it's usually gone in 15 mins.

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