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Cost of living in Mragowo, Poland

Vishal210386 1 | 3
23 Feb 2013 #1
Hi Everyone,

This is Vishal from India.
I have got a job offer from Mragowo, Poland.
I am getting a Monthly take home salary after all taxes and housing of Rs. 5000 per month.
So please suggest how can i save in a month as I am bachelour and will be staying alone.
Also tell me Average daily expenses including food Veg ), fuits & drinks( non alcoholic) .

Your response is precious.
Please reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishal Singh
vincent smyd
23 Feb 2013 #2
Buddy,they giving u less then 93$ a month as per todays exchange rate?I doubt you can survive barely on that money even if your housing is free.I mean seriously with 93$ a month you could barely survive with bread and water and other basic hygiene costs.Be carefull when you sign anything.
OP Vishal210386 1 | 3
23 Feb 2013 #3
Thanks Vincent,.
Sorry but its 5000 PLN per month i.e $1575 per month.
Kindly reply.
terri 1 | 1,664
23 Feb 2013 #4
I would seriously question any company who is promising you 5,000 PLN take-home pay.
OP Vishal210386 1 | 3
23 Feb 2013 #5
@ Terry :- They are giving. How much I can save ?
terri 1 | 1,664
23 Feb 2013 #6
There are numerous posts here relating the cost of food, accommodation and other costs. The short answer is - it all depends. Make sure you have a 'proper, official contract' which you can understand and which will not leave you stranded after a few months, when you realize that a) you don't like the work, and b) you cannot fit in - or don't like the area, surroundings, people that you have to come across.

Money should not be your driving force - if there are no prospects after 3 months - what will you do?

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