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Civil Register Office in Krakow, Poland; trying to contact a relative - bank account payment

21 Jan 2012 #1

Can anyone help? I have been trying to contact a relative in Krakow who I believe is still alive. I have been given a website address for the civil register office and a link for a form for me to fill in (in Polish) to send to them to ask them to contact my relative on my behalf. I have been given their bank account number as for this service i need to pay 31PLN which isn't a problem. I have filled in the form and a message (in Polish) to inform them that I am trying to seek my relative (have given her name, parents name and date of birth). I have come across a stumbling block as for me to make the payment as well as the civil register office bank account number which I have I also apparently need the address of their bank ? and the BIC (bank identifier code) ? both of which I have no idea of. Is there another way round it. I have no way of finding this out, thank you x
Tuckles - | 1
20 May 2013 #2
[Moved from]: Zameldowanie Where in Krakow

Just off to sort out my zameldowanie and before I get sent from building to building where in krakow do I go exactly ?
jon357 72 | 21,196
20 May 2013 #3
Do you own the place you live in? If not, the person who does will take you there (they need to go at the same time, with proof they're the owner and to give their consent). You will need to remind him/her.
Looker - | 1,139
30 Nov 2014 #4
Stamp duty payment in cross-border settlements (of the City of Krakow) should be made to the following account:

PL 80 1240 4722 1111 0000 4857 6905 (IBAN)
BIC code: PKOPPLPW (every Bank has his own BIC number)

Note: in the transfer title you should type:
1) what charge it applies, for example. "issuing peronal information about... The name..."
2) the name of the department of the City of Krakow, where the case will be dealt, that is "Civil Register Office in Krakow".

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