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Cellphone plan with Data, with contract in Poland

22 Nov 2011 #1
Hey everyone. Im moving to Poland for a couple years, and Im wondering how much I should expect to pay to start a new contract for a cell phone. What should I expect as far as the cost of start up? (Buying a phone, activation, contract fee, monthly payment). I would like data, but maybe I should get a card phone? Ill be making a few international calls and I like mobile internet. Opinions?
ReservoirDog - | 132
22 Nov 2011 #2
I would chose the Internet at home because is much cheaper and infinitely faster (I would choose the UPC internet, but there are others like: Netia, Neostrada). Mobile operators/companies: Orange, Era, Play, Plus (they all have also mobile internet).

Orange (examples of cellphones with new contract):

monthly peyment from 30 zł - 150 zł
Wroclaw Boy
22 Nov 2011 #3
Im moving to Poland for a couple years, and Im wondering how much I should expect to pay to start a new contract for a cell phone.

You wont be able to get a phone on contract unless you have an employment contract.
22 Nov 2011 #4
First of all, contracts suck.

Just by the phone outright, and do a prepay plan.

You will need a PESEL number, credit card, proof of residency, &/or zameldowanie as an individual.

Or if you start your own company, you will need to provide your NIP, REGON, KRS documents (if applicable).

I was with Orange and had a good prepay plan, with data.

There are so many plans available with so many carriers, it is pointless to ask here which one is the best.

look into these carriers:
Sami Swoi
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
22 Nov 2011 #5


Era is no more. it is TMobile
28 Nov 2011 #6
Merged: Mobile internet options?


I will be in Poland over the summer for the Euros and will be staying in Wroclaw. I *should* have internet available where I'm staying but I'm just looking for alternative back-up options (as internet is pretty much a necessity for me due to having to work during the tournament!) I've had a search of these forums but I just wanted to double check with a new thread since obviously I can't read Polish on any of the linked websites + some of the posts seem to be now out-of-date.

I'll be there for about 20 days, will probably be using up quite a lot of data during the period. Given I'll be staying in Wroclaw Market Sq I assume coverage won't be an issue with any of the major providers? Ideally looking for a Pay as you Go plan (for obvious reasons!) or just a 1-month contract would do too. What are my options here?

ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Nov 2011 #7
some of the posts seem to be now out-of-date.

Something is telling me you didn't even check one post. Sorry mate, but the same thread was already made just few days ago.

But I will give you my hand lol :)
Cellphone plan with Data, with contract
croggers 7 | 109
28 Nov 2011 #8
I've come on here to actually give you a reply to your question, which is quite rare on this forum...............
I have an orange pay and go sim with the option called "internet free". You can get just over 1gig of internet when you top up 25zl (more if you top up more less if less etc) This should be more than enough unless you plan on downloading stuff, but just for searching the net,emails,skype, facebook etc it will be fine and of course you'll have the 25zl for calls or texts.

Hope this helped
28 Nov 2011 #9
Missed it first time as a search for 'mobile internet' brings up one thread from 2008 tbf and that thread is about cellphone data rather than a computer dongle! Thanks though.

I'm aware that Orange/Play/Plus are the major providers but I'm not sure which is best for PAYG since I don't speak Polish/don't know much about their respective speeds etc. From my look at Play, they don't seem to have PAYG (although some older posts here suggest they do?)

Orange do seem to but I'm not sure about their prices.

Plus, I have no idea! I think it is PAYG but it also makes mention of 24 month contracts I think.
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
28 Nov 2011 #10
I use Play Online. When you buy the sim card (most kiosks have them) make sure you ask for an internet one. They work with any (unlocked) dongle and there are instructions and details of the tariff (if I remember 3 GB for 30zl, 8GB for 50 if you go for the special offer, but still the cheapest even if you don't) on the packet. It works out cheaper if you get their own dongle, but you'll have to go to the Play shop for that.
ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Nov 2011 #11
I've come on here to actually give you a reply to your question, which is quite rare on this forum

Oh really, that's great you informed us why you came here, otherwise we would not know.
28 Nov 2011 #12
obviously posted that a bit late given croggers' reply.

Is that Orange option for a mobile phone or a dongle for a computer? Are you referring to this? 2

Dongles seem to be here: 2056716 but only for contract as far as I can see.


Thanks for the help. Finally found PAYG on Play (tucked away in a corner somewhere...) - looks like that's prob the best option for me.
ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Nov 2011 #13 NGE_FREE

check the table at the bottom.
28 Nov 2011 #14
Cheers, was looking at the 'Internet' tab rather than there.
croggers 7 | 109
28 Nov 2011 #15
For a mobile mate and if needed you can always use your mobiles internet on your laptop :)
rt3d 10 | 46
28 Nov 2011 #16
i would not advice to use a mobile internet during next years summer EU games, especially where
there will be huge crowed or media folks,
as mobile network will be clogged up.. the user experience would not compare to what you have at home EG, O2
better find some fix internet access
but it may depend on the use..

good luck

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