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Polish men mostly have short hair, why?

king polkakamon - | 544
31 Aug 2010 #31
Polish men mostly have short hair, why?

They have short hair because the hairdresser cuts it.
4 Jun 2015 #32
Polish peoples are very big fan of Bruce Willis hairstyle so they just adopted his hairstyle.
4 Jun 2015 #33
Polish guys and people in general don't give a d... about Bruce Willis. If so many of them shave their hair, it is simply because they find it easier to deal with. There are also tons of guys with shaved hair in Eastern countries (Russia...).

I now know that most PF users have never set a foot in Poland and therefore they imagine things which of course are millions of miles away from the reality ;)
gumishu 13 | 6,144
4 Jun 2015 #34
I have my hair cut short (but never shave the head) because when my hair grow longer they start to become disorderly - so in my case this is a practical measure
4 Jun 2015 #35
Shave heads are very popular in the East! Easy to deal with! No need to buy shampoo, no need to waste time and money to go to hairdresser's. A mere razor (a few ZL) and that's it.... Most probably it started to avoid ... lice.
jon357 72 | 21,023
4 Jun 2015 #36
Basically the bone-headed look of lumps wanting to look tougher than they are. That and the fact that 30zl for a haircut every couple of weeks is an extravagance for some that they can't (or just don't want to) pay.
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Jun 2015 #37
That means your Polish bf has a trandy haircut, good for you. I used to follow the haircut trends as well back in the days, now I can't be bothered.

Polish peoples are very big fan of Bruce Willis hairstyle

or Jason Statham style :-)
jon357 72 | 21,023
4 Jun 2015 #38
In what sense are shaved heads 'trandy'?
jon357 72 | 21,023
4 Jun 2015 #40
Perhaps where you live - certainly not in Poland. Though a shaved head with a beard is sometimes seen.
18 Jan 2017 #41
The irregularly curly (wavy) hair gene is my guess. Me and my brother both have it. He shaves his head, I just keep mine at a #2 Wahl clip (with flat top). During the 70's trying to get our longish hair to look half decent was a chore. My hair had to be precision razor cut to keep from having a halo. Maybe some trait the Jews introduced? Many Jews I know have that kind of hair.
31 Jul 2018 #42
i know a bald polish warrior and he is self conscious about his short and receded hairline, why?

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