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Polish maid very flirtatious?

14 Aug 2015 #31
Hello I am a pretty Poland cleaner who will be relocating back to poland home soon. I spend six years in UK and the country and the people are nice and happy and calm faces, not angry resting faces like most polish people. I would like to make a contribute on this topic because this happens to me when I work I will describe it. In life, if I smile, flirt, be caring and nice person I can get what ever I like from men. I don't need to do anything sexual with them but I make them believe I fancy them and they give me better wages and let me have time off, pick my children from school and other things. All I have to do is be very nice and caring friendly to them and I seem to get a nice employer in return providing he is a male. Yes I make them think I fancy them but why not if I get better tips? I am not a ho because I don't do a sexual things with them. I hope this can explain a other side to the story because my advice to op will be ...she is "acting" you know "Oscar time" to get you on don't genuinelly believe she fancies you, do you?!
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
15 Aug 2015 #32
To both mafekitis and Polish cleaner.

Sorry that you both don't get it. The OP was on a wind-up, and is now behaving himself:) It was English/French farce - I suggest you get yourselves a sense of humour.

Thanks for the honesty Polishcleaner. Sensible post and sheds some light on the subject. Actually I can survive without the smile and the flannel, but a clean home would be nice. Sadly, Gdynia cleaners don't seem to understand the concept.
15 Aug 2015 #33
You are most than welcome Doug glad I can help with the other points of view. My cleaning standard is just "ok" I would think, my mothers standard is very much higher than mine but She is overweight and not easy on the eye though so perhaps it evens the score. ha ha ha ha. Yes we polish have a good sense of humour. As I said most men you can be nice to and they give you more wages and things. I don't like to use the word walk-over but they mostly are.
beaumont2015 3 | 6
22 Aug 2015 #34
hi, if you love your wife and marriage suck her now before any regrets
mafketis 23 | 8,144
23 Aug 2015 #35
suck her now

Best. Freudian. Slip. Ever. (at least on this site in the last few years)
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
23 Aug 2015 #36
Freudian. Slip

No. Look at your keyboard.

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