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Indian Stores In Warsaw

Mufasa 19 | 357
4 Apr 2008 #61
The Asian House has branches in ul. Poznańska and in Galeria Mokotów. I know that they have two other branches, just can't remember the addresses, but they have leaflets in the store with all the addresses of the four branches.

Hope you enjoy it here. We're from South Africa and we really have so far.
OP iman 15 | 39
4 Apr 2008 #62
Hey Zara,
Lol@ your indian-store-in-poland-looking-up person! It was much easier to ask here than perhaps wear a sign of it on the streets, although desperation might have resorted me to doing just that ;)

-Have to say, the people here on this forum are great and very helpful!A big shout out of "thank you" to all of you!

Regarding your other question, my religion is the religion I formerly call "Islam". As in, i'm muslim, but do not recognize what this religion has been made into today, a complete mockery, in the hands of some ppl that have truly disgraced it!

I actually respect the religion of every nation, as the basics of all relgion has the common traits of tolerance, respect, morality and acceptance.

Presently I'm in Warsaw and find it to be wonderfully historic with some beautiful churches and parks. So if ever you're, here do come visit, maybe we will start a venture together :)

Dear laydeezee92 doesn't matter which religion iman should be honest etc...
Any one knows what's religion???

Poly, I agree with you. Also, I think, religion should always be a private thing whether someone believes in it or not. I also agree that for each individual, religion means different things. It is much more important to be a good person, whether those values are inculcated from one's family, friends, school, other cultures or religion, is secondary.
laydeezee92 1 | 16
4 Apr 2008 #63
Dear laydeezee92 doesn't matter which religion iman should be honest etc...

lol,the reson I asked
When you greet a person in south asia, your greeting depends on ther eligion I think?
(Ok,now I'm about to embarrass myself with bad spellings)
In hindu districts o with hindu's,you use Namaste, in Pakistan or Muslim districts of India you use Salaam and in the punjab and other Sikh reigeons you use Saasriakal (Bad spelling,i warned you.)

So if I was to greet iman speaking in either one of the three languages, I would use one of the above greetings depending on Religious background (I THINK, It's what mum always told me.)

OMG Have you found any halal stores in Warsaw?! :O
We found NONE in Krakow!!!!
And my brother only eats halal meat,so it was difficult finding places to eat. :/
He LIVED off Pretzels!!! :P
OP iman 15 | 39
4 Apr 2008 #64
OMG Have you found any halal stores in Warsaw?! :O
We found NONE in Krakow!!!!

Don't eat Halal, so not a problem there :)
Btw, Polish food is GREAT though, simple yet flavorful ...I already have a favourite which is Barszcz Czerwony with dumplings, *YUMALICIOUS* and i dont even like vegatables! Ive heard a lot about Krakow, we will be making a trip one of these weekends..
laydeezee92 1 | 16
4 Apr 2008 #65
Krakow is beautifull!
Now we DEFINATELY will have to make a venture together! Seeing as it dosn't seem that you have been to Krakow
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
4 Apr 2008 #66
OMG Have you found any halal stores in Warsaw?! :O

What's this ?
4 Apr 2008 #67
muslim kosher - you wouldn't like it;)
4 Apr 2008 #69
how do I know what?
OP iman 15 | 39
4 Apr 2008 #70
Hey Zara, so do you come to Poland often?? What what brings you to these forums??
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
4 Apr 2008 #71
how do I know what?

That I wouldn't like It.
4 Apr 2008 #72
am I right?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
4 Apr 2008 #73
How should I know If I don't even know what the thing is ?
poly - | 17
4 Apr 2008 #74
what you want tell me baby
laydeezee92 1 | 16
4 Apr 2008 #75
Hey Zara, so do you come to Poland often?? What what brings you to these forums??

Ehe,I've only been once,and I loved it! Then I found something on google from this forum and wahey,I joined!
And you?
What brought you here? :O
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
7 Apr 2008 #76
What's this ?

Normal meat G (but as M said its killed in the same way has Kosha meat), Im surprised they have it in Poland since they would need their own slaughter house....unless its imported.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
7 Apr 2008 #77
We have Kosher slaughters in Poland
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
7 Apr 2008 #78
Yes I know, but I would imagine a jew and muslim using the same slaughter house
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
7 Apr 2008 #79
as I know most of production goes for export to Israel, only part of it goes for Jews in Poland. So I think it is possible that they buy meat in the same places.

From the other hand I know what you mean ;-)
laydeezee92 1 | 16
8 Apr 2008 #80
muslim kosher

LMAO what a description!
That's the best one I've heard!
8 Apr 2008 #81
well, I was speaking to Grzegorz and he isn't the brightst kid on the block, so I had to make it simple, especially for somebody who hates other cultures but his own.

There is no excuse for not using google or being lazy.

Pretty sad really.
19 May 2008 #82
If someone is still looking for Indian stores, there is one called "Little India" on Domanisca St ( I have probably spelled it wrong, as i am not from Poland), it is Mokotow.

You will get almost everything from there. and there some other Oriental Shops else where.
Best of Luck
mash1969 - | 17
25 May 2008 #83
Hello Iman,

Namaste India and little India are already mentioned here. Little India is run by Chandu and Namaste India by Ashok ji. There is also Himalaya food store near the embassy. The Indian Embassy is on Ul.Rejtana 15. Himalaya food store is just near it. Address is Ul. Rejtana 4. Contact person is Raju. His phone is 607.308.329.

Hope this helps.

dcchris 8 | 432
12 Jun 2008 #84
there is another shop in the maximus shopping center as well
nourjahan - | 1
26 Aug 2008 #85
May be anyone know any Indian shop in Wroclaw?
davidpeake 14 | 451
26 Aug 2008 #86
I do not think there is one, but if you find out let me know.
11 Dec 2008 #87

Can anyone tell me if I will get any Indian cloth in Warsaw?say Kurta or Sherwani or anything like that?
asmaani - | 28
11 Dec 2008 #88
no such option, try to google radha shop; they sell online, there is also but their prices are sky high. so better order in India or just visit London ;)

it is relatively easier to buy a saree or salwar qameez, even on Polish Allegro.
best of luck :)
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
11 Dec 2008 #89
Soon there will be Indian Resturants in in Lodz :) ... and a chain around Poland. And guess who will be the owner :D ... part owner atleast...
20 Oct 2009 #90
Things are also available in Piotr! I feel the best quality food is still in India Curry...classy high end but food is amazing.....the owners are gr8 ppl!

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