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Hairdressers prices and salons in Warsaw?

29 Aug 2014 #1
Hello! I would like to know the prices in a hairdresser' in Warsaw.. For example, if I need to dye my hair?
Looker - | 1,121
3 Sep 2014 #2
Women hair (price depends mostly from the length) - cut & finish 30-60 PLN, hair dye roughly 150-240.
4 Sep 2014 #3
Thanks!!!! My hair is not long, but I guess it is better if I dont dye it there!
TH1234 - | 1
4 Oct 2014 #4
Merged: Hairdressers in Warsaw


So I was thinking of doing a hair makeover( cut+ dye), some modern hairstyle, but nothing too crazy. Is there a hairdresser in Warszawa you would recommend ?

Thanks in advance :)

And someone who speaks at least some English :)
Looker - | 1,121
5 Oct 2014 #5
Hest Salon - they claim that they speak English:
Some opinions:

Once a cult place, frequented by celebrities - today it is a place where time stood still. The decor like communism. Fortunately slowly begins to see the change for better.
You can wait for the barber on comfortable large sofas and read magazines (unfortunately these are often old numbers). In the meantime, a young girl proposing us something to eat / drink.
Salon is clean - almost immediately after cutting hair, they are cleaned. Affordable prices. Hest should start with the passage of time, because despite the passage of years, it still has potential.

Each time I leave happy, Ms. Diana is the mistress of hairdressing

I was there twice and two times I went over the moon! The effect was even better than I expected. It was enough to show the picture, what you want to achieve. The service and professional advice. Mrs. Dorothy explained to me how to care for the hair as it lay, what preparations to use, and what not to do in order not to harm the hair. If you want to have beautiful, perfect curls would definitely recommend Hest!

Their website: (you may select English to change the language)
czech_canadian 8 | 32
18 Jul 2016 #6
Merged: Any recommmendations for great women's hairsalon in Warsaw?


I went to a great professional hair salon - U Fryzjerów Andersa - for a haircut, like 2 weeks ago, but at that that time I wasn't sure about doing colour. Anyway great result as this is a truly top notch hair salon (beautiful too with high ceilings and wooden floors). Anyway now that I need the colour - I don't feel like paying the price there, as it obviously would have made sense price wise to do both cut + haircolour at the same time.

Can anyone recommend from experience any similar professional hair salons, which also use top notch products but are priced around the 200 - 250 mark for hair colour instead the 300+ mark?


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