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What is going on in Polish Music

Louis001 6 | 14
28 Jan 2010 #91
Jan 29, 10, 01:37 - Thread attached on merging:
What music do Polish people like?

What music do Polish people like, just a thought and hope everyone will respond, thanks :)
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
28 Jan 2010 #92
Hello Louis001.

And welcome to the Polish forums.

You can use the search box at the top right hand corner of this page to find out the things you are looking for.

There are learning resources and lots about music for example:
What (Polish) song are u listening? - Polish Music Thread

But as you may have guessed Polish people like all different kinds of music.
Perhaps it is better if you look for the music that you like in Poland.

Good luck.
Louis001 6 | 14
28 Jan 2010 #93
Thanks, but I just wanted to get a general idea of the people who have registered on this and what they listen to, that's all, but thanks again
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
28 Jan 2010 #94
That thread I posted above then is the best example. Everyone who posted there is a member. If I understand you correctly.

Here is a thread I like Poliż dżez.
28 Jan 2010 #95
a lot of teenagers listen to techno(also hh)...unfortunately:/ there are very few good radio stations.the most popular ones play the same songs 20x a day. a lot of stupid romanian hits that sound the same.

older Poles are more varied with music ..rock pop metal jazz etc
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
28 Jan 2010 #96
Is that what the youngsters are listening to these days? ;)

Nice Cello.
Ironside 52 | 11,774
28 Jan 2010 #97
thread is about Polish people not youngsters :P

Nice Cello.

well, thank you :D
mafketis 36 | 10,390
28 Jan 2010 #98
A song Polish people should like more than they do:

bonus: pre-fame Kayah, a backing vocalist at the time.
Dziedzic 3 | 43
29 Jan 2010 #99
What music do Polish people like, just a thought and hope everyone will respond, thanks :)

We like a little of everything, well atleast I do. Rock, R&B, Techno, some country etc etc
mafketis 36 | 10,390
29 Jan 2010 #100
Another Polish song I like a lot more than I probably should:

with lyrics:
Ironside 52 | 11,774
29 Jan 2010 #101
Another Polish song
monica - | 4
21 Feb 2010 #104
Help identify a song
21 Feb 2010 #105
michał gasz - zdumienie
21 Feb 2010 #106
Polish music? Is there such a thing?

After living here for over 3 years, I can honestly say that Poland simply is not a musically inclined country. When do you ever turn on the radio and hear a song written by Poles, performed by Poles, that's actually any good.

And no, giving me an example of one decent song written over the past 10 years doesn't make any difference in anyone's minds.

I can't speak for symphony/orchestra type music scenes in Poland, I have no exposure to it, but as far as Rock/Pop goes.....not a chance.

I do wish they'd give up on the Rap scene though. Every time I hear a Polish rap song it makes me blush just a little bit.
monica - | 4
21 Feb 2010 #107
Thank you very much
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
16 Sep 2010 #108
Thread attached on merging:
Share any Polish music that you like from any time period.

I will start of with this little number, even though a little ancient by Mirska-its one of those songs you listen to when reminiscing, or you can easily dance to this with a partner as it does not require a lot of skill. It is quite good with a drink or two as well, and very apt for the change in season in Poland at the moment i guess.
convex 20 | 3,973
16 Sep 2010 #109
Poland produces some of the finest metal out today.

Their drummer is amazing.
Vader has been around for quite a while and are considered the god fathers of death metal.

And of course, always topical. Skiba is a BAMF. I like the stunt he pulled with JKM.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
16 Sep 2010 #110
Interesting, though i must admit it's not my style. Here is something a bit more contemporary Budka Suflera-Martwe Morze

convex 20 | 3,973
16 Sep 2010 #111
btw, if you click the youtube button and paste the url, the video will show up in the thread.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
16 Sep 2010 #112
I get you, much simpler(: Above-more on the same theme.

Now that I've familiarized myself with the system, here it goes again-Pierwszy siwy wlos by Mirska.
grubas 12 | 1,390
16 Sep 2010 #113
T Love forever
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
16 Sep 2010 #114
A bit of a humorous twist i see(:

Well I am about to get even more ancient and nostalgic and....

Well further down the path of nostalgia, this one really speaks to since I lived on the continent and the words seem meaningful+ I use to love the book when a small kid as well.

matski_v - | 2
29 Sep 2010 #116
Oszibarack, Smolik, June, Novika & Beats Friendly, and LocoStar are some of my favourite Polish musical acts.

For lovers of jazzier vibes, check out Aga Zaryan, Mika Urbaniak and Sofa.

Also look out for new and upcoming bands Lullapop and Plus Plus.... :)
fluteboy - | 8
19 Nov 2010 #117
Though I am an English person living in the UK, I do occasionally listen to Polish radio online. Naturally, I hear Polish music and then end up seeking out the songs later.

Can anyone identify the artist and title of this song?

Dziekuje! :)
mafketis 36 | 10,390
19 Nov 2010 #118
Natalia Kukulska - Wierność jest nudna (Faithfullness/Fidelity is boring)

Didn't recognize the song but I fed some of the lyrics into google and that's what came up

full lyrics:,natalia_kukulska,wiernosc_jest_nudna.html
recoil - | 26
19 Nov 2010 #119
Can anyone identify the artist and title of this song?

It's Natalia Kukulska - 'Wierność Jest Nudna'.

Edit: If you like good pop then you might want to give a listen to:

Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz -
Kasia Stankiewicz -
fluteboy - | 8
19 Nov 2010 #120
Wonderful, thank you! I already had one of her songs in my collection too - although one of her English songs.

Being a mobile DJ, I do tend to get asked for Polish music from time to time. Any suggestions like the above are welcome :) The one song that never fails me is "Jak Się Masz Kochanie"! Every Polish person seems to know and love it!

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