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What is going on in Polish Music

23 Jan 2006 #31
They say "Goya" is very popular now, but I haven't heard any song of her...
24 Jan 2006 #32
Gee.. I've heard some of her music and I'm not sure why she's popular at all. I prefer Brathanki, especially the last song "U nas cieplo wiosen". I love the video clip for that song, it's so beautiful and original - that's the way to go! :)
24 Jan 2006 #33
I like Brathanki - but the older ones (with the Czech vocal :). Maybe because I haven't heard the new album yet hehe. Time to go to Poland to get up-to-date...
30 Mar 2006 #34
24 Apr 2006 #35
Hi, can you help. I have been watching viva polska and have seen a great song. I do not know the name of the band, but the video is like this.

The mother brings soup to the family at the table. The teenage daugter is hurting her hand under the table, by twisting something around it to stop the blood. The girl then throws her soup across the room and all the family start to smash up the house.

Thanks for your help.
24 Apr 2006 #36
It actually happens every day in my family :)). Seriously, I don't know the clip since I live outside Poland but I'm sure other members watched it..?
25 Apr 2006 #37
any polish people like rock music
glowa 1 | 291
27 Apr 2006 #38
of course!!!
I can advise something from this kind, good old stuff mostly.

T. Love - old albums are fantastic
Perfect - it's a classic, they played in Brussels a couple of months ago,
From a little heavier kind there's Acid Drinkers - but this is metal, you've got to like this kind, to enjoy this music

Elektryczne Gitary - fun music, not heavy, plenty of low quality mp3's on their web-site
Kult, Kazik - I think someone has already mentioned it,
from punk I'd advise KSU (this is old stuff) and of course Big Cyc

well, that's it for now
4 Jun 2006 #39
hi how are you if u see my e maill can u send me back a masseg
andala - | 23
4 Jun 2006 #40
To see some Polish (but not only) videoclips, you may want to visit:
19 Jun 2006 #41
I need more polish techno music but new kind not like disco polo or anything like that i just want sum good polish techno.................and the thing that sucks is that i cant find any so if anyone can help me i wood be very happy thx :)
Kowalski 7 | 621
6 Oct 2006 #42
Blog 27 made it to the top on Japan chart list!:)
FISZ 24 | 2,116
6 Oct 2006 #43
djtiddey from poznan or Kalwi & Remi are also popular

Why don't you like disco polo? :) lol
bolo 2 | 304
6 Oct 2006 #44
Blog 27 made it to the top on Japan chart list!

Wow, I'm impressed! Very good songs, and in English.
krysia 23 | 3,058
6 Oct 2006 #45
It's not easy to impress a chicken nowadays.....
Kowalski 7 | 621
6 Oct 2006 #46
How about those girls? Aren't they impresive?

Sistars live

Jan kyks Skrzek :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
6 Oct 2006 #47
What are they saying?
krysia 23 | 3,058
6 Oct 2006 #49
So the whole song is about needing air? Cool!
Kowalski 7 | 621
6 Oct 2006 #50
They are pretty cool.

i need, i need, need some air
i need, i need, need some water
o-ho o! got-ta be free
listen what i say
i need, i need, need some air
i need, i need, need some water, fresh wa-ter
o-ho o! got-ta be free
20 Oct 2006 #51
I really love Goya, this band is one of the best in recent times in Poland. I was so fed up with plastic "stars" created by media, their music and voice is so disappointing but Goya makes beautiful, gentle music and singer has voice of an angel, moving text and all, fantastic band.

Here is one of their songs:
28 Oct 2006 #52
I recommend Warsaw Village Band - very good polish band, they are mixing polish folk with modern, electronic club music. It sounds interesting, but you can't dance when this music is playng ;-). .

I like also jazz duet called Skalpel or old rock bands like Republika, SBB (probably the best polish progressive rock band), Dżem, TSA, KAT (doom/heavy metal band), Pidżama Porno, KSU (orginal, polish melodious punk), Lady Pank, Hey, Kult, Kobong, Farben Lehre, etc.

People, who prefer electronic music should listen to Pati Yang (trip-hop), Maria Peszek, Agressiva 69 (industrial rock, little similar to Depeche Mode), Wszystkie wschody słońca (electronic reggae or dub). In Poland we haven't got much good techno music (that is why I don't like techno).

And remember - beware of listening disco polo! That is shit, no music ;-)

I forgot - good polish rock band with incomprehensible songs is Coma :)
3 Nov 2006 #53
Nice to find this forum...I'm searching for the first HEY album on CD or old KULT (frm the 80s w/ the white cover).....I bought these in Warsaw when I was living in Lithuania, and really like them...need to update my material. iTunes is of no help. Best of luck, all!
Bogler - | 12
18 Mar 2007 #54
Bought their CD when last in Poland, are they still going?...really great sound (well for someone of my age that is, even if I don't understand a word!)
25 Apr 2007 #55
i als need to know different polish music for a project you can email me at ms.chrisb_melanie@yahoo
14 May 2007 #56

The first album was a good one, until emcee died. Not just like nowadays hip-hop. 21st century hip-hop in Poland is just swearing between the lines and chicks on every video (usually damned awful).

Asylum, Kat, dunno...
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
14 May 2007 #57
Do any of you know Paktofonika? It's Magik's side proj.
sayno 2 | 9
16 May 2007 #58
Where is a good place to get Polish music - MP3 etc.
I am into bands like, Maamam, Lady Pank, Republika, Kombi, Piersi.
I just discovered Rebublika just a few weeks ago, the lead singer lived in Australia for a while. I like their song Smierc w bikini.

is "ZChN sie zbliza" a beer hall song? It sure sounds like it. What does it mean in English?
Can anyone suggest similar bands?
Is there a Polish website like They offer mainly Russian and American music.
TripTic 3 | 95
16 May 2007 #59
is "ZChN sie zbliza" a beer hall song?

No. It's not about beer.
ZChN - it was a extreme right winged political party. They wanted to give more power to priests and clergy in poland in early '90. Some of the priests had a real power in that time, especially in a small towns and villages.

Song is about priest visit to someone's home. He's pissed as a bastard, eating whole night, drinking even more, taking money for "the holy church" and going home.
16 May 2007 #60
Sorry guys, Polish music sucks. Especially "disco polo", techno etc. but it's a matter of taste so peace all.

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