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Flat Rental Price - Do you think its really expensive?

giro 2 | 3
23 Feb 2014 #1
Hello dear forum. I am seeking a opinion regarding my situation. Im currently living in Rzeszów for some months, and I always felt that what im paying for my flat, is a bit expensive. Now, I dont know if my land lord is ripping me off, because im a foreigner, but 2 or 3 opinions I asked to locals, they told me my rent was a bit expensive. I want to say, im living in a "flat", well, it seems more like a garage annex, for one person, very very small. It was a small bathroom, a really small kitchen, (not like kitchen) its more like a really small place to cook, next to my entrance door, and one room. This flat or studio is very small, I have the fridge in my room because there is no other space to put it. Normally my landlord asked me around 1030 / 1050 zlotys for the rental ( the bills for water, gas etc, are included here) but this month, he asked me for 1128 zlotys. Im barely at home, since im working all the time. and I dont use so much water etc. I have to pay also for internet (cable, not wifi). Considering these information, Do you think its really expensive? Because I was thinking about searching for something more cheap or a room.

PS: Also, i remember when we made deal, he asked me if I could sign the contract, which said I was only paying around 800 zlotys if im not mistaken, but in really im paying 1000 or more. Thank you.
23 Feb 2014 #2
If you have a contract, stick to it. Now, otherwise 1000 is peanuts, I'd think, although in Rzeszów it may be a lot?. Shop around and try to find other locations. You could luck out!
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
23 Feb 2014 #3
If you're sure you can do better for the rent, and if your contract allows you to give notice and go before 6 months or 1 year is up, tell the landlord you intend to give notice because you're finding the rent excessive. If he doesn't then lower the rent to keep your business, look for something else and give notice on the business day before the next rent is due or the end of the month (depends on the contract - get advice from a legal advice service if in doubt). Make sure you get a signature for the notice document.

My old landlord took 4 months to find a new tenant, and they're students anyway and might be less than careful with things.

Both here and in the UK, landlords that refused to reduce my rent have found themselves with a void of many months after I left. (Despite me leaving places immaculate each time.) If he accepts your notice, ask him, "Do you feel lucky, well do you?" From what I can see round here, after many landlords asking silly & high prices, I now see flat after flat at some of the lowest rents I've ever seen here -- and they're still hanging around for months (or at least weeks). This could all change come the spring and summer, but right now it seems to be a tenants' market.
OP giro 2 | 3
23 Feb 2014 #4
Thats the problem, you see, Ive been searching some things, and even rooms to rent and I see they are less expensive. In my contract, I can just tell him one month before, that im going to leave.
Patrick bateman
23 Feb 2014 #5
Very very expensive in central Katowice my wife rents out a flat 55sq meters for 900 plus bills shop around sounds like your paying his bills
Monitor 14 | 1,820
23 Feb 2014 #6
What do you want from this forum? If you see cheaper offers then change apartment.
OP giro 2 | 3
23 Feb 2014 #7
Just opinion. Is it wrong to ask for it or somehting?
nedlock - | 2
23 Feb 2014 #8

You can compare prices in Rzeszow via websites like,, etc.
Most given prices are without bills so You have to add from 250 up to 500 zlotys to that price. In my opinion 1100 zl is quite normal price for that kind of studio.
23 Feb 2014 #9
Very very expensive in central Katowice my wife rents out a flat 55sq meters for 900 plus bills

LOL. that's the lowest price I've heard.
nedlock - | 2
23 Feb 2014 #10
It's possible :D Plus bills about 500 zl gives 1400 zl
Patrick bateman
24 Feb 2014 #11
Its a ****** flat in a ****** part of town I hate even going there to pick up the rent but the tenants have been there 3 years and have no plans to leave once the do the rent will go up a bit
MIPK - | 69
24 Feb 2014 #12
3 years ago i rented a place on Marszalkowska, 19sqm for 850 a month plus bills. I have friends that rent a similar size place within a stones throw of the rynek for 1000, rooms in a decent place shared seem to be about 500 a month if bills included, look on and it will give you an idea of average rates, try to go through private and not through an agent, and lastly I found values can vary depending on time of year and whether students are looking at the same time, you tend to be able to negotiate a better price the closer to the summer holidays it gets, as landlords can find it hard to get tenants then as most of the students return home for summer. It's also not that bad a time to look now as the students tend to not be looking as they've found their place for the year by now. I'd say it's prob a little on the high side but not by much, if you're not happy look for something else as there seems to be plenty on offer, or put an advert up saying your searching for something in the price range you want and see if anyone contacts you.
24 Feb 2014 #13
For 1000 you could rent a house from me, plus bills. But it is near Gniezno.5 bedrooms.

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