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Can I find Prozac in Warsaw?

14 Aug 2014 #1
Hello everyone, I'll be in Warsaw in next month and I'll stay there for a year. I'm using Prozac and I'm wondering if I can find it in Warsaw. One of my friend told me that Poland produce its own medicine so there's a chance that I can't find international brand in the pharmacy.

In additionally, if I can't find Prozac in Warsaw, what should I do? I can't stop using, my treatment is still going.

I'll be grateful if you answer my questions.

Have a nice and lovely day!
14 Aug 2014 #2
You most certainly can find it; however, you will need a prescription (a consultation at a private clinic to get a prescription should cost about 150zl).
OP CheersPoland!
14 Aug 2014 #3
Thanks mate! 150zl is quite cheap so it's totally fine for me.
14 Aug 2014 #4
From memory (i.e. before I had insurance), Enel-Med on Jana Pawla is one of the cheaper private clinics (and pretty good too).

Thanks mate!

Happy to help. Do post more questions if you have them.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
14 Aug 2014 #5
I'd advise you to bring evidence from your doctor that your meds are properly prescribed and that you need to keep taking them. That way the Polish doctor will know you haven't just been buying them online, and it'll make things easier for both of you.
14 Aug 2014 #6
There's absolutely zero recreational value in Prozac, but I suppose a bit of proof of previous prescriptions wouldn't hurt.
AdamKadmon 2 | 508
14 Aug 2014 #7
The Prozac of Life in absolutely zero value gives no fever of excitement; however, Poemac may be better.

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