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English family in Wroclaw!

jon357 63 | 14,254
7 Jan 2018 #61
There are over 100 thousand Ukrainians alone in Wroclaw.

As I thought. The number of Brits is growing quite healthily now - a lot of families, plus there are burgeoning communities of people from other places.


Have a look at the thread title. Always a good idea before feeling the need to post.
Wulkan - | 3,251
7 Jan 2018 #62
Have a look at the thread title

It was about the post below not the thread title.

Huh ? The current number of expats over there is at +100 thousand people.

The number of Brits is growing quite healthily now

And Swedes and Germans, so called white flight.
jon357 63 | 14,254
7 Jan 2018 #63
Always good to pay attention to the thread title, Wulky...

so called white flight.

No evidence of so-called 'white flight' in Wroclaw.
G (undercover)
7 Jan 2018 #64
Always good to pay attention to the thread title

You were the one bringing up the total number of expats. I've just corrected your ridiculously low figures. That's how it started.
Wulkan - | 3,251
8 Jan 2018 #65
Always good to pay attention to the thread title

Too bad you don't pay attention to the posts

No evidence of so-called 'white flight' in Wroclaw.

You said it yourself that there are many British families in Wroclaw :-)

flying whites

That is your nightmare, you go to Saudi Arabia, kiss your bf in public, then they take you to the tallest building and yeah... flying whites, unfortunately I can't recommend you anything for the bad dreams.
jon357 63 | 14,254
8 Jan 2018 #66
Too bad y

Too bad you're not actually contributing to the thread, rather than just whinging about nothing as usual...
MarleA - | 1
25 Mar 2018 #67
Hi Dan. My husband and I with our 2 year old daughter are planning a move to Wroclaw middle of this year and we would love to meet up with you guys. Not sure how sharing contact info works on this site but feel free to reply to this message :) Hope you guys are settling in well.
16 Mar 2019 #68
Hello Everyone,

My name is Emma, I am British, my husband is Polish (has lived in England for the last 20 years), we have 2 daughters and will be moving to Wroclaw in the near future, are there any English speaking families around? I would love to hear your settling in Wroclaw stories...

Thanks very much,

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,471
16 Mar 2019 #69
Oh God another British expat coming to Poland because they're not too keen of the 'multicultural utopia' their home country has become... how novel... At this rate there'll be no British people left in the UK by the time I'm a senior citizen...

Now that that's out of the way, the vast majority of English speakers are going to be younger Poles, then to a lesser extent young Ukrainians, then the Indians who work in IT or corporate jobs, followed by Western EU/UK expats who's own nations have been destroyed by multiculturalism and want to raise a family in a place where they don't have to worry about paki rape squads, regular stabbings and be in a wholesome environment. I don't know what the exact figure of English Brits living in Wroclaw is as that's actually where I'm originally from but I'd estimate it to a few hundred.

Also, one recent estimate stated that 1/3 of Polish urban youth speaks English. Most the English speakers you run into in Poland will be local students/youth, Polonia from UK, US, etc. that returned etc. There isn't a large English community by any means in Warsaw. If anything it's larger in Warsaw.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,771
16 Mar 2019 #70
we have 2 daughters

How old are your daughters / what are your plans for school for them?

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