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Day Care/Kindergarten in Katowice

Indian_Poland 1 | 6
6 Jun 2019  #1
Hi Can someone give me an idea on Day Care/ Kindergarten, my daughter is like 1.3 years old and my wife and me have both got jobs in some MNC's in Poland katowice, Some folks have told me that leave public there's scarcity of Place in Private kindergartens also is it true?, what is the cost and do they keep babies so small and feed them well?
pawian 159 | 9,452
6 Jun 2019  #2
Private kindergartens should have free places, it is state ones which are sieged.

This is a state creche with a dozen branches all over the city. Only in Polish, so you need to do your own translation,,i1.html

They accept kids from 4 months. Monthly basic payment is 150 PLN plus food. But as I said, I suppose it is difficult to get there as state facilities are much cheaper than private ones.
OP Indian_Poland 1 | 6
6 Jun 2019  #3
ok I am trying to speak to private ones but two have already turned down any new kids.....
pawian 159 | 9,452
7 Jun 2019  #4
I can`t help you, there are several articles about free places in kindergartens, e.g,,1867328,art,t,id,tm.html

but nothing abour creches for youngest kids. Sorry.
OP Indian_Poland 1 | 6
10 Jun 2019  #5
There are subscriptions for residing and non residing parents in Katowice, I have a national type d visa, will I be treated as a residing or non residing parent, will it change once I get TRC/BLUE card, I have been trying to reach these kindergartens like mad but no on picks up or replies to emails.
pawian 159 | 9,452
10 Jun 2019  #6
Residing means you live in the city of Katowice, work there and pay taxes. Such parents are priority during enrolment. As for reaching the kindergartens, I believe they don`t reply by email but not replying to phone calls is strange.
11 Jun 2019  #7
I guess OP is asking about "Dziecko na stałe zamieszkałe na terenie miasta Katowice", which is the criteria that brings 50 points:
Permanent residence permit is needed in order to register permanent ("na stałe") address in Poland. So, your child will not get those 50 points, I am afraid, and TRC/BLUE card will not change that.
OP Indian_Poland 1 | 6
12 Jun 2019  #8
pawian they start speaking in Polish and I don't speak Polish, yes they are picking my calls.
pawian 159 | 9,452
12 Jun 2019  #9
Yes, when you phoned them before and they didn`t answer, you were unlucky. However, I can`t help you with Polish English translation. You must find a local guy.

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