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I constantly think about sex all day walking in Warsaw

8 Nov 2017 #1
Anyone feel the same or is this transition from coming out of a prison? Everywhere I go I want to fuk all these women and girls. I think to myself how sexy even some of the middle aged women are esp if they're dressed in high heels. But its not even regular sex I just feel like pounding them hard or putting it deep in their mouths. I never was in love, Ive been through dungeons and torture chambers in the cali justice system from u.s. and this thinking and acting if I find one who would want it.

For me sex is not love or anything it is pure emotion, it is getting out all the frustration od my life and being cuped up in cages for basically defending myself by crooked lawyers, people who discriminated against me for being a sex offender and polak, and cowards who lie and call cops in that land. sex is forgetting that and feeling power, feeling dominance, being like in a porn movie for me where I am no longer someone society dominates (like in u.s. where I was almost my whole life on various probations) but where I can just get off and feel alive. By seeing a woman say old enough to be my mom be i to me so bad shell do what I ask or tfor ll her just turns me on. like calling ehr a ***** while i go back and forth in her mouth just makes me feel alive. Anyone feel the same after doing jail or prison time?

I actually felt this way before but not like now, nw even ugly women I see as useful for this purpose.

Maybe I should open up a branch of that American based facial abuse website in Poland and hit up lonely single moms or newly divorced middle aged women who want a young big cock and be dominated nated by a guy who is almost old enough to be their son. What do you guys think? Or just like that website go for girls just above the aoc (28 in their case 15 in mine but when it comes to shooting I guess 18). but if those fuys get to do that in U.S. with super strict sex and porn laws why shouldn't I in Poland?

The thing is that so many of these firls and women do talk to me and I have conversations with them around warsaw as i walk or ride by or whatever but I never ask or get their numbers or sex. I am constantly sex starved and I realIed it is onlythrough porn I can live the life ai wantand get what I want because ai dont have the personality for it to make it happen on my own without money being offered or other people like producers recruiting them, etc. for me.
SigSauer 4 | 413
8 Nov 2017 #2
In the event you're not trolling and being dead serious, you are a danger to the public(US or Polish), and based on your posts you are not fit to live among civilized people. The sooner that you are incarcerated for the remainder of your natural life the better.
OP Massa33
8 Nov 2017 #3
Do you even watch porn? most of it is filled with people just like me or worse. mostly older men thsn me many times fst like ron jeremy cumming on these ******* faces and manhandking them. trust me the whole industyr is filled with porn just like Id esxribed so why would you care about me? Im just a small fry among millions like me or worse.
8 Nov 2017 #4
The sooner that you are incarcerated for the remainder of your natural life the better.

It would be good if he could get help for his issues, but realistically prison is what is waiting for him. It's a real pity that until then he's allowed to post here all of his sick fantasies.
OP Massa33
8 Nov 2017 #5
Again, go to any porn site and you'll see girls rimjobbing old men, youll see girls being fisted, youll see duke university students like that a,anda belle or whatever her name is being choked on dick, its almost nor al or common or the most popular porn. how am I worse than any of those people (both male and females who take part or in amanda's case who like being dominated)? please show me porn where a girl or woman doesnt at least get pisse don or cumshot on her mouth. How are those people (most of the whole industry) better than me?

Why do you people hate people like this who enjoy being dominated by such men like me?

proof is in the pudding. I am no diff than the men who dominated her and she enjoys. I mean she was on freaking facial abuse, even I never pissed on a woman or girl or spat on one. so how are they better than me and her wrong?

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